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Drawing of James Hope's Book Store, 22 Sparks Street at Elgin Street in 1879 Drawing Source: McGill University Digital Atlas Project James Hope, Booksellers, 1879
First Nations History in the Ottawa Area Since Time Immemorial: "Our Story", by Stephen McGregor, The Story of the Kitigan Zibi Anishinàbeg, Kitigan Zibi Education Council, 2004, ISBN 0-9734910-1-9, Research Team: Sandra Diabo Decontie and James Odjick, 344 pages. This is an amazing book describing the history of the Algonquin Nation in the Ottawa River Valley and it's watershed, mainly in the River Desert region at Maniwaki. Algonquin Traditional Culture: The Algonquins of the Kitchissippi Valley: Traditional Culture at the Earliest Contact Period, by Kirby J. Whiteduck, 2002, ISBN 0-9733543-0-5. The Algonkin Tribe: The Algonkins of the Ottawa Valley, An Historical Outline, by Peter Hessel, Kichesippi Books, Arnprior, ISBN 0-921082-01-0 Canada's First Nations: A History of Founding Peoples from Earliest Times, by Olive Patricia Dickason, Third Edition, Oxford University Press, 2002, ISBN 0-19-541652-X Sagard's Long Journey to the Country of the Hurons, a Digital Reproduction of Garbiel Sagard's Journey up the Ottawa River to the Huron territory in 1823-24. Sagard was a lay Recollet brother. This is a terrific book by the Champlain Society, 1939 translation, edited by George M. Wrong Natives and Newcomers: Canada's "Heroic Age" Rediscovered, by Bruce G. Trigger, Kingston and Montreal, McGill-Queen's University Press, 1985, ISBN 0-7735-0595-4 Aboriginal Peoples in the Archives, A Guide to Sources in the Archives of Ontario, by James Morrison, 1992, Queen's Printer for Ontario, ISBN 0-7729-9838-8 The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents 1610 to 1791. The entire 73 volume collection is online (click above) at the Creighton University web site. A very good summary is available in the book Black Gown and Redskins, by Edna Kenton, Longmans, Green and Company, London, New York, Toronto, 1954, no ISBN, 527 pages. "Give Us Good Measure": An Economic Analysis of Relations Between the Indians and the Hudson's Bay Company before 1763, by Arthur J. Ray and Donald Freeman, University of Toronto Press, 1978, ISBN 0-8020-5418-8. More indigenous history books on our Native Canadian History Web Page Conversations with a Dead Man, The Legacy of Duncan Campbell Scott, by Mark Abley, Douglas and McIntyre, 2013, ISBN 978-1-55365-609-8 The Romance of Canadian History, edited from the writings of Francis Parkman by Pelham Edgar, Ph. D., 1902, Toronto, George N. Morang & Company Limited, 416 pages United Empire Loyalists' History in the Ottawa Area The Loyalists and Nepean, by Norman Crowder, 1985, Crowder Enterprises, Ottawa, ISBN 0969 176 619 General Migration to Canada / Ontario / Quebec The Great Migration: The Atlantic Crossing by Sailing-Ship, 1770-1860, by Edwin C. Guillet, University of Toronto Press, 1972, ISBN 0-8020-6016-1 Immigration in Canada, Historical Perspectives, Edited by Gerald Tulchinsky, Copp Clark Longman, Toronto, 1994, ISBN 0-7730-5400-6. Seeking a Better Future: The English Pioneers of Ontario and Quebec, Lucille Campey, from the University of Aberdeen, Dundurn Press, Toronto, 2012, ISBN 978-1-4597-0351-3 Canadian Migration Patterns from Britain and North America, Edited by Barbara J. Messamore, University of Ottawa Press, 2004, ISBN 0-7766-0543-7 Across the Waters: Ontario Immigrants' Experiences, 1820-1850, by Frances Hoffman and Ryan Taylor, Global Heritage Press, 1999, ISBN 1-894378-01-6 Philemon Wright - First White Settler in the Ottawa / Gatineau Area White Chief of the Ottawa, by Bertha Wright Carr-Harris, Archive CD Books, Manotick, Ontario 2007, ISBN 978-1-897405-13-0. (Philomen Wright -- first settler in the Ottawa area) - This CD can be found in the OGS, Ottawa Branch, Library. French Canadian History in the Ottawa Area Bytown et ses pionniers canadiens-francais, 1826-1855, by Georgette Lamoureux, 1978 Recensements des familles de Buckingham au XIXe siècle, compiled by M. André Joyce. It is Publication de la S.G.O.; 26 of the Société de généalogie de l'Outaouais, published in 1991 at Hull (now Gatineau), Québec. (Thanks to Mr. Mark Cullen for this book). Le vert et le bleu: identité québécoise et identité irlandaise au tournant du XXe siècle, by Simon Jolivet, Les Presses de l'Université de Montréal, available from Ottawa Old and New, Dr. Lucien Brault, 1946 (2nd edition), published by The Ottawa Historical Information Institute. Available in both French and English editions. L'Institut canadien-français d'Ottawa (1852 à 2002) : survol historique et biographies des patrons, des présidents d'honneur et des présidents, suivi d'une liste alphabétique des membres, by Jean Yves Pelletier, Ottawa, J.Y. Pelletier, 2006. Ottawa. Notre Dame Cemetery: an historic cemetery of national importance established in 1872, Jean Yves Pelletier, Québec, Les éditions GID, 2009. Le cimetière Notre-Dame d'Ottawa : cimetière historique d'importance nationale créé en 1872, Jean Yves Pelletier, Québec, Les éditions GID, 2009. History of the Outaouais, by Chad Gaffield, Institut quebecois de recherche sur la culture, Published by Institut quebecois de recherche sur la culture, 1997, ISBN 9782892242713 (book is available in English) Language, Schooling and Cultural Conflict: The Origins of the French-Language Controversy in Ontario by Professor Chad Gaffield, University of Ottawa, McGill-Queens University Press, 1987, ISBN 0-7735-0602-0 Au coeur de la Basse-Lievre, la ville de Buckingham de ses origines a nos jours, 1824-1990, by Pierre Louis Lapointe, Love Printing Services, 1990, ISBN 2-921282-06-2, 374 pages "Of Poverty and Helplessness in Petite Nation", an article in the Canadian Historical Review of 1952-01-03, by Cole Harris, available online from The University of Toronto Press. "The Rural Economic Crisis in Lower Canada", by Fernand Ouellet, in Pre-Industrial Canada, 1760-1849, Volume 2, edited by Michael S. Cross and Gregory S. Kealey, pages 40-58, McClelland and Stewart Limited, ISBN 0-7710-2461-4, 1991. Women's History Looking Into My Sister's Eyes: An Exploration in Women's History, edited by Jean Burnet, The Multicultural History Society of Ontario, Toronto, 1986, ISBN 0-919045-27-8. (A very good collection of works by writers of Women's History), HIST 3507. A Diversity of Women, Ontario 1945-1980, edited by Joy Parr, University of Toronto Press, 1995, ISBN 0-8020-7695-5, HIST 3507. Working Class / Labour History Labour and Capital in Canada, 1650-1860 by H. Clare Pentland, James Lorimer and Company Publishers, 1981, ISBN 0-88862-379-8, 280 pages Essays in Canadian Working Class History, edited by Gregory S. Kealey and Peter Warrian, McClelland and Stewart, Toronto, 1976, ISBN 0-7710-447-1 Canada Investigates Industrialism: The Royal Commission on the Ralations of Labour and Capital, 1889, edited by Greg Kealey, University of Toronto Press, 1973, ISBN 0-8020-1957-9 The Poor Law Report of 1834, edited by S.G. Checkland (born in Ottawa) and E.O.A. Checkland, Penguin Classics, Middlesex, England, 1974, no ISBN. Ireland / Canada The Story of Ireland, by Standish James O'Grady, Digitized by Google Scholar, original book written in 1894. One of the most important books on Irish History. Printed copy in Blue Binder. Medieval Ireland - Some good books are listed on our Medieval Ireland web page. Irish Migrants in the Canadas: A New Approach, by Dr. Bruce Elliott (Carleton University), McGill/Queen's Press, 1988, ISBN 0-7735-0607-I (HIST 3500) Searchable Digital Version Emigrants and Exiles: Ireland and the Irish Exodus to North America, Kerby A. Miller, Oxford University Press, 1985, ISBN 0-19-503594-1. Read it here at Google Books The Untold Story: The Irish in Canada, edited by Robert O'Driscoll and Lorna Reynolds, Celtic Arts of Canada, Toronto, 1988, ISBN 0-921745-00-1 Irish Settlements in Eastern Canada - A Study of Cultural Transfer and Adaptation, by John J. Mannion, a University of Toronto, Department of Geography and Research Publication, 1974, ISBN 0-8020-5303-3. A New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland, 2nd Edition, by Brian Mitchell, 2002, ISBN 0-8063-1684-5, Genealogical Pubishing Co. Inc, Baltimore, Maryland. This Atlas contains all of the counties of Ireland PLUS all of the townlands. The Irish in the Province of Canada in the Decade Leading up to Confederation, by Daniel Colman Lyne, a McGill University PhD. Thesis, 1960. Thanks to Pauline Johns from the OBOGS Irish Research Group for this heads up. The Rebellion in Wicklow, 1798, by Ruan O'Donnell, Irish Academic Press, 1998, ISBN 0-7165-2694-8 Forkhill Protestants and Forkhill Catholics, 1787-1858, by Kyla Madden, McGill Queen's University Press, 2005, ISBN 1-84631-015-5, Hardcover. (Forkhill Civil Parish is in County Armagh, Ireland). Peep O'Day Boys and Defenders - Selected Documents for the County Armagh Disturbances, 1784-1796 David W. Miller, Editor, 1990, Public Record Office, Northern Ireland, ISBN 0905691-26-1 Memoirs of the Irish Rebellion of 1798, Sir Richard Musgraves, 1802, Fourth Edition, Duffry Press, Enniscorthy, County Wexford, Ireland, ISBN 0-9643925-0-X (borrowed from David Nolan) Eyewitness to Irish History, Peter Berresford Ellis, John Wiley and Sons, 2004, Hoboken, New Jersey, ISBN 0-471-26633-7 History of the Irish Rebellion in 1798: With Memoirs of the Union and Emmett's Insurrection in 1803, by W.H. Maxwell and George Cruikshank, London, England, Bell and Daldy, 1866. Small Differences: Irish Catholics and Irish Protestants, 1815-1922, by Donald H. Akenson, McGill - Queen's University Press, Kingston and Montreal, 1988, ISBN 0-7735-0636-5 Kanata (Beaverbrook) Library Call # 941.508 Ake Being Had - Historians, Evidence and the Irish in North America, by Donald H. Akenson, (HIST 3500) P.D. Meany Publishers, 1985, ISBN 0-88835-014-7, Carleton Library Call Number FC106 I6 A39, Fifth Floor The Irish in Ontario: A Study in Rural History, by Donald H. Akenson, (HIST 3500) McGill - Queen's University Press, Kingston and Montreal, 1984 and 1999, ISBN 0-7735-2029-5 The Sash Canada Wore, An Historical Geography of the Orange Order in Canada, by Cecil J. Houston and William J. Smyth,University of Toronto Press, Toronto, 1980, ISBN 0-8020-5493-5 The Orangeman: The Life and Times of Ogle Gowan, by Donald Akenson, James Lorimer and Company, Toronto, 1986, ISBN 0-88862-963-X The Waning of the Green: Catholics, the Irish, and Identity in Toronto, 1887-1922, by Mark McGowan, McGill-Queen's University Press, 1999, ISBN 0-7735-1789-8 Bluebloods and Rednecks: Discord and Rebellion in the 1830's, by Charles D. Anderson, ISBN 1-896182-45-3, General Store Publishing House, First Printing July 1996. Emigration from South Leinster to Eastern Upper Canada, Bruce Elliott, in Kevin Whelan, ed. Wexford: History and Society (Dublin: Geography Publications, 1987) pp. 422-446 (Carleton University Library DA990.W5W49 - 5th Floor) ISBN 0 906602 0 68 (HIST 3500) The Irishman in Canada, by Nicholas Flood Davin, 1843-1901, Carleton Library, FC106 I6 D38 (Fifth Floor) See some nice images from this rare book. From Ireland They Came, By Neil Patterson A Summary of Irish Immigration and the Rideau Canal Workers. Common Labour: Workers and the Digging of North American Canals, 1780-1860, by Peter Way, Cambridge University Press, 1993, ISBN 0-521-44033-5 Irish Emigration and Canadian Settlement: Patterns, Links and Letters, Cecil Houston and William J. Smyth, Toronto - University of Toronto Press, 1991 ISBN 080206910X (paperback) or 0802058299 (hard cover) HIST 3500 (note: this classic book contains a case study and emigrant letters concerning a Nathaniel Carruthers who was connected to our Noble Carruthers) The Making of Nations: The Irish Question in Canada, 1830-1925, by Dr. David Shanahan, Historical Consultant, formerly of Carleton University The Great Hunger: Ireland 1845-49, by Cecil Woodham-Smith, 1962 Hardcover Hamish Hamilton edition, also in Paperback from Penguin Books Old World Colony: Cork and South Munster, 1630-1830, Dr. David Dickson, Published by Cork University Press, Ireland, 2005, ISBN 10: 1859184030 / ISBN 13: 9781859184035 (This book provides tremendous background material for the 1823 Peter Robinson Settlers from Ireland to Canada) The McCabe List: Early Irish in the Ottawa Valley, by Dr. Bruce Elliott, Ontario Genealogical Society, ISBN 1-55075-048-8 Valley Irish, by Carol Bennett and D.W. McCuaig, Juniper Books, 1983, ISBN 0-919137-07-5 "Regionalized Migration and Settlement Patterns of the Irish in Upper Canada", by Bruce Elliott in The Untold Story: The Irish in Canada, edited by Robert O'Driscoll and Lorna Reynolds, Celtic Arts of Canada, Toronto, 1988, pages 309-318 THE EMIGRANT'S DIRECTORY AND GUIDE TO OBTAIN LANDS AND EFFECT A SETTLEMENT IN THE CANADAS. by FRANCIS A. EVANS, ESQ., late agent for the Eastern Townships to the Legislature of Lower Canada, 1833 Flight From Famine - The Coming of the Irish to Canada, by Donald MacKay, McClelland and Stewart, 1990, ISBN 0-7710-5445-9 The Famine Ships: The Irish Exodus to America, 1846-1851, by Edward Laxton, Bloomsbury Publishing, London, ISBN 0-7475-2535-8 Surplus People: The Fitzwilliam Clearances, 1847-1856 (County Wicklow) by Jim Rees, Collins Press, Cork, 2000, ISBN 1-898256-93-4 (see The Famine Clearance in Toomevara, County Tipperary, (Maynooth Studies in Local History), by Helen O'Brien, Four Courts Press Ltd., 2010, ISBN 9781846822605 An Irish Heart - How a Small Immigrant Community Shaped Canada, by Sharon Doyle Driedger, published by Harper Collins, 2010, Toronto, ISBN 978-0-00-200784-9 ... This book documents the Griffintown neighbourhood in Montreal, Canada. Great Britain and the Colonies, 1815-1865, edited by A.G.L. Shaw, Published 1970 by Methuen Company of Adventurers, by Peter C. Newman, 1985, Viking Press, ISBN 0-670-80379-0 Canadian Economic History, by W.T. Easterbrook and Hugh G.J. Aitken, 1956, Macmillan Company of Canada History of the Canadian Peoples, by Margaret Conrad, Alvin Finkel and Cornelius Jaenen, Copp Clark Pitman Ltd., 1993, ISBN 0-7730-4843-X Approaches to Canadian Economic History, Edited by W.T. Easterbrook and M.H. Watkins, 1967, McClelland and Stewart, Carleton Library Series Number 31 A History of Transportation in Canada, by G.P. deT. Glazebrook, 2 Volumes, 1938, McClelland and Stewart 1970, Carleton Library Series Numbers 11 and 12 1881 Canadian Census, CD ROM Family History Resource File, produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) also searchable online. Northern Ireland The Birth of Ulster, by Cyril Falls, 1936, ISBN 0-09-478400-0 Constable and Company (1996 reprint) A History of Northern Ireland, by Thomas Hennessey, 1997, St. Martin's Press, ISBN 0-312-21112-0 Scotland / Canada The Highland Clearances, by John Prebble, Penguin Books, 1963, ISBN 0 14 00.2837 4 Culloden, by John Prebble, Penguin Books, 1967, ISBN 0-14-00.2576 6 (See our John Brown web page) How the Scots Invented the Modern World, by Arthur Herman, Three Rivers Press, New York, 2001, ISBN 0-609-80999-7 The Invention of Tradition: The Highland Tradition of Scotland, by Hugh Trevor-Roper, in Eric Hobsbawm and Terence Ranger, The Invention of Tradition, (Cambridge, 1983) 15-42. (History 3500) Crofting Years, by Francis Thompson, Luath Press, First Edition, 1984 The Scottish Tradition in Canada, edited by W. Stanford Reid, McClelland and Stewart, 1976, ISBN 0-7710-7443-3 The Lochaber Emigrants to Glengarry, by Rae Fleming, Editor, ISBN 0-920474-96-9 "Peopling Glengarry County: The Scottish Origins of a Canadian County" by Marianne McLean in D.H. Akenson, ed., Canadian Historical Association Historical Papers (1982): pages 156-71, (see next) The People of Glengarry, Highlanders in Transition, 1745-1820, by Marianne McLean, Mcgill - Queen's University Press, ISBN 0-7735-0814-7 (see above article) Emigration to Canada: Narrative of a Voyage to Quebec, and a Journey Thence to New Lanark in Upper Canada, Detailing the Hardships and Difficulties which an Emigrant has to Encounter, by John M'Donald, 1823, reproduced June 2002, by Canadian Heritage Publications, ISBN 0-920648-00-2, purchased from the Lanark County Genealogical Society. Imperial Immigrants - Scottish Settlers in the Upper Ottawa Valley, 1815-1840 by Michael E. Vance, Dundurn Press, 2012, ISBN 978-1-55488-756-9 An Unstoppable Force: The Scottish Exodus to Canada, by Lucille H. Campey, National Heritage Books (Dundurn Press), 2012, ISBN 978-1-55002-811-9 A Narrative of the Rise and Progress of Emigration from the Counties of Lanark and Renfrew to the New Settlements in Upper Canada on Government Grant, by Robert Lamond, (Proceedings of the Glasgow Committee of 1821), Canadian Heritage Productions, 1978, ISBN 0-920648-0-1 The Last Laird of MacNab, An Episode in the Settlement of MacNab Township, Upper Canada, by Alexander Fraser, 1899, Reprinted by Renfrew Printing, 1982, 218 pages, no ISBN. This book is in the OGS Ottawa Branch Library. Countryside Musings, A Publication of the Writings of Margaret Hamilton, McNab Township Parks and Museum Committee, 1977, no ISBN. This book is in the OGS Ottawa Branch Library. The Scottish Pioneers of Upper Canada, 1784-1855 - Glengarry and Beyond>, by Lucille Campey, National Heritage Books, Toronto, 2005, ISBN 1-897045-01-8 Maxville: Its Centennial Story, 1991, 909 pages of the history and settlement of Glengarry County, an impressive book, published by the Centennial Book Committee of the Village of Maxville, no ISBN History of Maxville and the Community, Maxville Women's Institute, 2011, ISBN 978-0-9868480-0-1, (A Tweedsmuir Community History Book, originally published in 1967) The Man from Glengarry, Ralph Connor, first published in 1901 by The Westminster Company, Toronto. Latest version printed 1993 by McClelland and Stewart, ISBN 0-7710-9890-1 The Lanark Society Settlers, 1820-21, by Carol Bennett, Juniper Books, 1991, ISBN 0-919137-24-5, available from Global Genealogy, now located in Lanark County! A Famine Link -- The Hannah - South Armagh to Ontario, by Kevin Murphy and Una Walsh, Mullaghbane Community Centre, 2006, hard cover, 112 pages, ISBN 0-9546163-8-3 Ramsay Reflections, 1836-1979, Ramsay Township Council, no ISBN "The Role of Shipping from Scottish Ports in Emigration to the Canadas, 1815-1855" by James M. Cameron in D.H. Akenson, ed., Canadian Papers in Rural History II (1980): 135-54 Mayors and Local Politicians and City of Ottawa Directories Chain of Office: Biographical Sketches of the Early Mayors of Ottawa, by Dave Mullington, Charlotte: The Last Suffragette, a biography of Charlotte Whitton, by Dave Mullington, General Store Publishing House, 2010, ISBN 978-1-897508-77-0, 390 pages Spirit of Nepean, by D. Aubrey Moodie, with Andrea A. McCormick, ISBN 0-9733355-0-5, 2003, 116 pages Canadian City Directories, Including Ottawa Wales / Canada In Search of the Red Dragon: The Welsh in Canada, by Carol Bennett, Juniper Books, 1985, ISBN 0-919137-13-X German Immigration Destination: Ottawa Valley, by Peter Hessel, Runge Press Limited, Ottawa, 1984. Olden Days: A History of the German Settlement in the Township of Mulgrave - Derry, Quebec, 1850-1890, by Alice Biehler Burich, Chesley House Publications, 1990, IBSN 0-9693580-2-4 Archival Sources for the Study of German Language Groups in Canada, National Archives of Canada (Now Library and Archives Canada), by Arthur Grenke, 1989, ISBN 0-662-56365-4 Ottawa Germania - A History of the 19th Century Immigration and Settlement of Ottawa's German Community, by Thomas W. Carkner, c. 2012, no ISBN, Book on CD. Ottawa Germania - Founding Families, by Thomas W. Carkner, c. 2012, no ISBN, Book on CD. Upper Canada The Backwoods of Canada, Catherine Parr Traill, Hard Cover Reprint by Prospero, ISBN 1-55267-143-7 Roughing It In The Bush, Susanna Moodie, Hard Cover Reprint by Prospero, ISBN 1-55267-140-2 Sisters in the Wilderness: The Lives of Susanna Moodie and Catherine Parr Traill, Charlotte Gray, Penguin Books, 1999, ISBN 0-14-027674-2 Early Life in Upper Canada, Edwin C. Guillet, 1933, University of Toronto Press Men of Upper Canada, Nominal Militia Rolls 1828-29, Bruce S. Elliott, Carleton University Library, Call # FC 3055 M45, ISBN 0777901889, also at Centrepointe Library in Reference Room The Settlement of Upper Canada, by William Canniff, originally published in 1869, c. 700 pages, Re-printed 1971 by Mika Press, Belleville, ON. Online Version. The Clergy Reserves of Upper Canada: A Canadian Mortmain, by Alan Wilson, University of Toronto Press, 1968, no ISBN. Three years in Canada: an account of the actual state of the country in 1826-7-8, Comprehending its resources, productions, improvements and capabilities, and including sketches of the state of society, advice to emigrants, &c. MacTaggart, John, 1791-1830. (McTaggart) 362 pages, (London : H. Colburn, 1829.) Political Unrest in Upper Canada - 1815-1836, by Aileen Dunham, 1927, McLelland & Stewart, Carleton Library #10 Statistical Account of Upper Canada, by Robert Gourlay, 1822, Carleton Library #75, c. 400 pages Upper Canada: The Formative Years, 1784-1841, by Gerald M. Craig McClelland and Stewart, ISBN 0-7710-2311-1 Country Tales by Stittsville Women’s Institute, Tweedsmuir History Committee at Stittsville Library Farms and Families: reflections from the changing countryside by Stittsville Women’s Institute, Tweedsmuir History Committee

Bytown and Ottawa area, including western Quebec Ottawa In Maps, 1825-1974, by Library and Archives, Canada, 1974, No ISBN. Bytown .. The Early Days of Ottawa, by Nick and Helma Mika, Mika Publishing Company, Belleville, 1982, ISBN 0-919302-60-9 A History of Old Bytown and vicinity, now the city of Ottawa *EBOOK*, 1875, by Andrew Wilson The Hub and the Spokes, 1904, by Anson A. Gard, (We now have a hard copy of this book ... Al) Pioneers of the Upper Ottawa and Humors of the Valley, by Anson A. Gard, 1906, Re-printed by Global Genealogy in 1999, ISBN 1-894378-28-8. Ottawa Past and Present, by A.H.D. Ross, 1927, Musson Book Company, 1927, reprinted by Global Heritage Press in 2007, ISBN 978-1-897446-00-3 A History of Old Bytown and its Vicinity by Andrew Wilson of the Daily News, 1875 The Ottawa Sports Book, by Jim McAuley, General Store Publishing House Inc. December 1987, ISBN 0-919431-22-4 The Upper Ottawa Valley to 1855, Edited by Richard Reid, Carleton University Press, 1990, ISBN 0-88629-100-3 The Last of the Wild Rivers: The Past, Present and Future of the Rivière Du Moine Watershed, by Wallace A. Schaber, Burnstown Publishing House, ISBN 978-1-77257-063-2, 2015 How Quyon Came to Be: A History of Quyon and Onslow in the Ottawa Valley, by James Robinson, March 2006 From Conroy's Inn to the British Hotel, More than 150 Years of History in Aylmer, by Richard M. Bégin, for the Aylmer Heritage Association, 1993, ISBN 0-929114-21-3 (English) and 0-929144-19-1 (French) Pioneer Sketches in the District of Bathurst, by Andrew Haydon, Centrepointe Library, Reference area, Call # 971.38 Hay In Search of the K & P: The Story of the Kingston and Pembroke Railway, by Carol Bennett and D.W. McCuaig, ISBN 0-919137-04-0, Juniper Books, 1981 Cities and Urbanization, Edited by Gilbert A. Stelter, Copp Clark Pitman Ltd, 1990, ISBN 0-7730-4764-6, Carleton University Library HT 127 C56 Capital Walks, by Kathryn Fletcher, McClelland and Stewart, 1993, ISBN 0-7710-3151-3, Ottawa Public Library 917.13 FLE (Manotick Branch) Exploring Ottawa, An Architectural Guide to the Nations Capital, by Harold Kalman and John Roaf, University of Toronto Press, 1983, ISBN 0-8020-6395-0 Daniel O'Connor - Papers, (His diaries), National Archives of Canada, RG ?? (wait for it, on the third floor) The Bytown Gazette, (Weekly Newspaper), June 1836 to November 1845, National Library of Canada, Microfilm Reel Number NJ.FM.1144 (on the second floor) Illustrated Historical Atlas of the County of Carleton, Including Ottawa, 1879, H. Belden and Company, Toronto Recollections of Old Bytown, by W.P. Lett, Historical Society of Ottawa, 1979 Introducing William Pittman Lett, Ottawa's First City Clerk and Bard, 1819-1892 by Bryan D. Cook of the Historical Society of Ottawa, 2015, ISBN 978-1-77136-342-6 (see our William Pittman Lett web page) The Transition of Bytown to Ottawa, 1827-1877: A short Panoramic View of Ottawa's History as written by William Pittman Lett, City Clerk from 1855-1891, Historical Society of Ottawa The Private Capital: Ambition and Love in the Age of Macdonald and Laurier, by Sandra Gwyn, McClelland and Stewart, Toronto, 1984, ISBN 0-00-215679-2 National Capital Region Heritage, undated booklet published by the National Capital Commission A History of Ottawa East, Old Ottawa East Community Association, 2004, Rick Wallace and David Walker, ISBN 0-9735110-0-1. (This is a CD) Pioneer Sketches in the District of Bathurst, by Andrew Haydon, Reference Section of CentrePointe Library, Call number 971.38 Hay An Acre of Time, by Phil Jenkins, 1996, Published by Macfarlane Walter and Ross, ISBN 1-55199-002-4. A History of LeBreton Flats, 243 pages The Mile of History / Le mille historique, Dr. Lucien Brault, 1981 (2nd edition), published by The National Capital Commission, bilingual. (The history of the route from Barrack's Hill, along Sussex Drive to Government House) Ottawa Old and New, Dr. Lucien Brault, 1946 (2nd edition), published by The Ottawa Historical Information Institute. From Ottawa With Love: Glimpses of Canada's Capital through Early Picture Postcards by Peter Hessel, published by the National Capital Commission, 1979, ISBN 0-660-50412-X The Hill: Past, Present, Future, Parliamentary Buildings Advisory Council Report, 2001 Being Poor in Ottawa in the Winter of 1891, by James McCrostie, Historical Society of Ottawa, Carleton University Library, 5th Floor, Call # FC 3096.35.B96 N.57 Elizabeth Bruyere's Great Legacy: Health Care and Education in Bytown, Historical Society of Ottawa, Carleton University Library, 5th Floor, Call # FC 3096.35.B96 N.27 The Welfare of Irish Catholics in Ottawa, 1820-1900 by Allan W. Lewis, Ottawa, An Illustrated History, John H. Taylor, 1986, James Lorimer and Company, Publishers, ISBN 0-88862-981-8 (Thanks to Mary Cox for this link): Records Of The Rise And Progress Of The City Of Ottawa, From The Foundation Of The Rideau Canal To The Present Time by Gertrude Van Cortlandt, printed at the office of The Ottawa Citizen, Rideau Street, 1858. Engineering, Audit and Fire: Government and Modernity in Depression Ottawa, by John Taylor in Keshen and St. Onge, eds, Ottawa: Making a Capital, Ottawa, University of Ottawa Press, 2001, pp 333-347 City on the Ottawa, by Courtney C. J. Bond, National Capital Commission, c. 1964 Ottawa: The Capital of Canada, Shirley E. Woods Jr., Doubleday, 1980, ISBN 0-385-14722-8 Construire une capitale - OTTAWA - Making a Capital, edited by Jeff Keshen and Nicole St-Onge, University of Ottawa Press, 2001, ISBN 0-7766-0521-6, 502 pages. (This is a very good book, bilingual, 24 scholarly articles). 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Krieger Publishing Company, Huntington, New York, ISBN 0-88275-347-9, Carleton University Call Number E179.5 T956 1926 (Floor 5) Index to Upper Canada Land Grants (Gaelynn Wall's site) The Pioneer Years, by Dave Broadfoot, T.H. Best Printing Company Limited, ISBN 0-385-09983-5, 1979 Terra Nostra, 1550-1950, The Stories Behind Canada's Maps, by Jeffrey S. Murray, McGill-Queen's University Press, ISBN 0-660-19496-1. Beautiful maps from the Library and Archives, Canada, Collection The Frontier and Canadian Letters, by Wilfrid Eggleston, Director of the Department of Journalism at Carleton University, Ryerson Press, Toronto, 1957 (no ISBN) Alligators of the North - The Story of the West and Peachey Steam Warping Tugs, by Clarence Coons and Harry Barrett. See picture of an amphibious Alligator Steam Tug in Arnprior in 1907. Colonial Identities - Canada from 1760 to 1815, by Bruce G. Wilson, National Archives of Canada, 1988, ISBN 0-660-12666-4 Digitized Rare and Antiquarian Books Relevant to Bytown or Bust Web Site
The Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society has hundreds of publications related to history and genealogy in the Ottawa area. View their catalogue of publications.
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The Federal Civil Service in Ottawa -- "Town and Crown" Public Administration in Canada: Selected Readings, edited by A.M. Willms and W.D. Kernaghan, Methuen Publications, Toronto, 1968, 473 pages The Government of Canada, R. MacGregor Dawson, University of Toronto Press, 1947 reprinted in 1968, no ISBN, 612 pages The Ottawa Men: The Civil Service Mandarins, 1935-1957, Jack L. Granatstein, Oxford University Press, Totonto, 1982, 333 pages
Added a new web page with links to some interesting academic papers. July 19, 2018: Digital Bibliography for The Great Famine in Ireland -- Migration to Canada, 1845-1854 - also known now as "The Great Hunger" or 'An Gorta Mr
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The following classic economic history book The North American Assault on the Canadian Forest, was written by A.R.M.Lower in 1938. Also added to our Lumbering web page. Lumbering Book by ARM Lower, 1938

Books about Medieval Ireland and Celtic Britain, 400-1200 A.D.

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