Michael BERRIGAN and Catherine KELLY

	1  	Michael Berrigan	1831 -
..		+ Catherine Kelly	1835 -
.......	2  	John Berrigan	1859 -
...........		+ Annie Kenny	1866 - 1913
................	3  	Ida Catherine Berrigan	
................	3  	Michael Berrigan	1893 -
................	3  	John James Berrigan	1895 -
.......	2  	Jeremiah Berrigan	1860 - 1945
...........		+ Julia Brophy	
................	3  	Kathleen Berrigan	
................	3  	James Berrigan	
................	3  	Julia Agatha Berrigan	
................	3  	Gerald Edward Berrigan	
................	3  	Matthew Michael Berrigan	
.......	2  	Ann Berrigan	1862 -
...........		+ Michael Murray	
.......	2  	Edward Berrigan	1864 -
.......	2  	James Berrigan	1868 -
...........		+ Catherine Madden	1871 -

At St. Patrick's Church in Fallowfield, my ancestors were sometimes listed as Bergin and sometimes listed as Berrigan therefore this is one-in-the-same, in certain cases, although Bergin is the correct name ... Mitchell LaFrance
Surname: Gavan Berrigan Bergin I was given a Mr. Bergin of Tipperary married to a Ms. Hunt as the earliest link to the Berrigans of Sheenboro Township in Pontiac County. I have 2 descendents listed.. as well as Martin Berrigan 1812-1902 spouse is Johanna Gavan or Gavin ... his sib's listed are Jerry Berrigan who passed over in Wisconsin, USA and Patrick Berrigan who passed over in Nepean Ontario. Let me know if this info helps and I can pass you on to my contact. Tim Houlihan ------------------------------------------------- Surname: Berrigan, Gavin, Hunt, McGoldrick Jeremiah Berrigan - Margaret Hunt Children 1 - Martin Berrigan -m.- Johanna Gavin Children 1 - Thomas Berrigan -m.- Theresa McGolderick 2 - Johanna Berrigan -m.- John McGolderick Some descendants still in Sheenboro, Pontiac area. ... Tim Doyle
From Mitchell Lafrance on April 6, 2001: Al, I'm not sure if yoou received this message or not as I am having email problems. Please note my new address, although I have been having some minor problems with it. People responding to me are apparently having their message rejected by our email system. It should apparently be fixed today. You could probably also use my old address (mitchell_lafrance@hunter-group.com) as it is supposed to still work for a short period of time. ---------------- Hello Al, I'm not sure if you'll remember any of our exchanges a while back since you probably do this with a lot of people. I have been continuing my research on several of my family lines (O'Brien, Redmond, Boulger / Bolger, Bergin, Kealey, Byers, etc.) in the Gloucester, Nepean, Osgoode areas and have some additional information that you may want to use to update your website. I have attached an updated GEDCOM for your information. I use Family Tree Maker therefore if this is easier let me know since it would provide certain information not in the GEDCOM. I attached a complete GEDCOM which includes all my research as well as a partial one which only contains my direct ascendants, including some off-shoots for their siblings and descendants, for the relevant geographic areas. Note that in the complete one there will be other relevant information for the geographic areas for several of my cousins. With reference to your website's entries, some of the specific updates/entries in my file to note are: Thomas Boulger (Bulger/Bolger); miscellaneous updates James O'Brien; miscellaneous updates Michael Redmond; miscellaneous updates, including confirmation that his wife's name was Ann Burke (not Wilson or Birt) Denis Bergin; miscellaneous updates including parents names are now listed James Kealey; miscellaneous updates Hugh Byers; miscellaneous updates; note that he was married very early in 1829 at Notre Dame Cathedral. In addition to the above, I have several questions that have arisen during my research that I wonder if you might be able to help with because your website contains certain relates information: 1. In Hello Nepean by Sara Craig there is reference to 3 Kealey relatives at Black Rapids but it does not state the exact relationship. The book is quoting Lett (the poet) who wrote about early Bytown families. The relatives were Darby Kealey (aka Jeremiah), Martin Kealey and James Kealey. I have found references to the 3 in census records and burial records (for James and Martin) but I cannot seem to find information that identifies their relationship. James Kealey was my GG-Grandfather and I thought that finding a link might open-up into other areas. Darby was apparently born around 1792, Martin around 1806 and James around 1818 therefore it seems doubtful they could be brothers. You reference all 3 in your website. Any information? 2. My G-Grandfather, Denis Bergin came to Canada in the early 1840's as an orphan. Through discussions with my family and research in the census records it appears that he initially lived with Denis Bergin (married to Catherine Nash). There is also information in Hello Nepean by a Charlie Bergin that refers to his G-Grandfather bringing an orphan relative to Canada after the death of his parents. The orphan was my G-Grandfather. The question that I haven't been able to resolve is to confirm the exact relationship between the two and also validate some of my assumptions in the census records. I am also hypothesizing that all the Bergins in Nepean might be related. In an earlier note to me you indicated that Joseph Quinlan married Maggie Bergin and came to Canada with his brothers-in-law Dennis and John Bergin. I also found references in a Nepean book by Elliott that spoke of Quinlan coming to Canada and then later his brothers-in-law and parents followed (the parents were Michael Bergin and Mary Quigley). Where did you get your information from to make this initial statement? Is the Dennis you refer to the one who married Catherine Nash? Who is the John you refer to (husband of Ann Cummings?)? Was William also a brother-in-law? If I look in the 1852 census there is a listing for William Bergin (38) and his wife Anora (34) and their children (3, 2 and 0). The listing also contains a much older Michael (66) and Mary (64), who I assume might be his parents. There is also a listing for Dennis (29) who I thought might be Dennis Bergin (who later married Catherine Nash). There is also 3 additional children Margaret (10), William (5) and Dennis (3) with a code 361 which means they were orphans. If I then try to trace the same people to the 1861 census, the parents appear to be gone (dead?) and Dennis appears to now be living with his wife Catherine (Nash?)and William (14) and Denis (12). If I trace to 1871 the information is similar but now it also shows the lot/concession 9/2 for both the older Dennis and William, which leads me to believe that they were in fact brothers and my initial assumptions about the 1852 census are correct. QUESTIONS: - What information do you have from Joseph Quinlan's wife's family? Where you mention brother-in-law Dennis, is this Dennis Bergin who married Catherine Nash? - Have you seen the 1852 census? Is household 89 as described above, the house of Dennis Bergin (Catherine Nash), his brother William and their parents? If yes, there is a good chance the younger Denis orphan is my G-Grandfather. - Is John Bergin married to Ann Cummings also related to the other Bergins? You mentioned John being a brother-in-law of Quinlan therefore is this the right John? Thanks for any help you might be able to provide. If you cannot add anything I hope the updated GEDCOM's are of value. Also, please note my new email address. You have me as a link on several of your pages therefore I would appreciate if you would update my address appropriately. Thanks.
Absolutely, go ahead. The Hamill family are actually not even my relatives, but rather cousins of mine. Since the information was easily available I started piecing it together at the same time more out of curiousity than anything else. Note that I also added information for a few other families of cousins, including Nolan's, John O'Brien, John Redmond, and Catherine Muldoon. Also, as noted in an ealier note, the mystery regarding Michael Redmond's wife's name is now solved and it is Ann Burke, not Ann Wilson. As indicated in my original note, the area with the most questions is for the Byers, Bergins and Kealey's therefore anything you might be able to provide in the way of information would be helpful. Included in my questions are: - I am trying to understand the relationship between my G-Grandfather (Denis Bergin) and the other Bergin families. You have some information on this re. an earlier note about Joseph Quinlan and Margaret Bergin. I would appreciate anything and everything you might know about Bergin's. - The relationship between Darby (Jeremiah), Martin and James Kealey. - Anything you might know about the Byer's family. I was amazed when I found the newspaper clipping and also found out he was married in 1829 at Notre Dame. He was one of the first people married there. Go ahead and use anything you like and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks. ------------------- Hi Mitchell: Holy Cow! I just had a look at your .GEDCOM file - it's amazing. You have a lot of information on NEW families to the web site, such as Hugh Byers, complete with a terrific newspaper clipping from 1866, and the Hammill family. Do you mind if I set up new, separate pages for some of these people, based on your .gedcom file, and add your e-mail address as a contact for these families? Thanks very much, you've done a tremendous amount of work on this. ... Al
November 17, 2001 I have information and believe we are related. My name is Barry Berrigan and have read info posted by Mitchell. My family connection starts with Michael who married Mary Ann O'Hurley / Hurley who then had a child William along with others and William married Norah who had Denis who married Mary Houlahan who then had William and Patrick (who is my great grandfather) . Patrick married Gertrude Rooney (my grandparents) who had William and Patrick (my father) who married Jean Derraugh (from Pembroke). They had me Barry (only child) and I now have Micheal Patrick (6mos old) to carry on the family name. A friend of my mom's is a Berrigan from Sheenboro - she now lives just outside of Chapeau. Anyways I have a hand written letter from a Houlahan on our family tree - I just have to find it. Feel free to contact me. My uncle also knows a lot about the family tree and dug up a lot of stuff when they named the street in Barrhaven after us. ... Barry Berrigan
January 25, 2003: One of my cousins was doing the Bytown or Bust site and asked if I was the Tim Houlihan that kept showing up... and I see someone was trying to contact me.... Here's my new address... timhrp@hrpbc.ca Tim
February 14, 2003: New e-mail address for Barry Berrigan is bberrigan@rogers.com
December 12, 2014: Taylor Kennedy has sent along a very interesting file in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, it is available, for free, at http://get.adobe.com/reader/ . Taylor has transcriber a story of the William Berrigan family of Nepean Township (Barrhaven). The story appeared in 1930 and was written for the Old Tyme Stuff series in the Ottawa Citizen. The story was written by Mrs. Tim Carrigan. Here is Taylor's file: http://www.bytown.net/berriganstory.pdf . Thanks Taylor! ... Al
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