Jean-Baptiste Bernard and Angelique SIMON
Buckingham, Quebec, area (Lac Simon) and Pembroke, Ontario

New October 20, 2007: (updated August 25, 2013)

I hope someone has information to share with me. I am trying to find my ancestors 
from " La Petite Nation". My Great Great Grand Father was Jean-Baptiste Bernard (Algonquin) 
and was married to Angelique Simon. I think that her brothers name was Antoine Simon. 
Jean-Baptiste and Angelique lived also in Pembroke in 1888 but in 1881 they were 
living in Petite Nation North.

His Native Name was J. Bapt. Sakanowekamotch. Originally a Nipissing Algonquin. 
Jean-Baptiste Bernard was the brother in law of Amable Whiteduck (Canard Blanc). 
Jean Baptiste was married to Angelique Simon, daughter of Simon Kanawato (The one 
who gave his name to Lac Simon).
I know my grand father told me that his father's sister use to live around Maniwaki, 
her name was Alma Bernard? 
Maybe someone heard of Jean-Baptiste Bernard as he was apparently a well known 
canoe builder. (see picture below of the Big Canoe, made of birch bark, by the Bernard family from Pikwakanagan / Golden Lake):

Photograph of thirty-six foot long Birch Bark Canoe built by the Algonquin Nation at Pikwanagan, Ontario, Canada
I would greatly appreciate your help .... Daniel Bernard
July 9, 2009: I was searching on the internet and came across some info which I never did see before on the bytown or bust website. I too am looking for the connection to the Bernard family on the Desert River as it was known back then (reservation) . I did see the name Jean Baptiste Bernard on one of the censuses with an elderly female in the same household. I am trying to find Bernard Jomokwat and Elisabeth Wobonokwe. ( great great grandparents ) sorry about the name spelling it is just hard to read the penmanship from back then. If you know of any history or link I would be very grateful to know. I will also forward any info I might find onto you too. ... Natalie _______________________________ Hi, This is Daniel Bernard, Thank you for the request, I will do a bit of research and reply soon. thanks, Migwetch, Daniel
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