MOORE family
Early settlers in Gatineau / Hull, Quebec

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

March 5, 2003:

Dear Ms Meech, 
Your are no doubt aware of the story of David Moore, who made a fortune in lumber 
in the mid-19th century and whose mansion, Riverview, is the site of the present 
Quebec Conservatory of Music in Hull QC. I'm sure you also know of David Moore's 
sister Ellen, who married Charles Meech, son of Rev. Asa Meech. A less well-known 
story is that of the three Moore brothers, John, Job and Benjamin, who were cousins 
of  David Moore. 
Job Moore Sr. and David Moore Sr. married Prentice sisters, Sarah and Deborah, in a 
twin ceremony in Nepean in 1815. Job and David were partners in a sawmill and lumber 
company in the 1820s. Job died in 1831, and when David died in the 1840s, his son 
David and the three sons of Job inherited the business. By the late 1840s, David 
was the sole owner of the company and the three other Moores--John, Job and Benjamin 
--had set out upriver with their families to settle at Rapides des Joachims. They 
are among the handful of pioneers of that area.
John Moore is my maternal great-great-great-grandfather and I have done a lot of 
research on him and his line. He was born in Hull in 1819, married Elmire Romain / Romaine in Hull 
in 1844 and died at Des Joachims in 1890. I am hoping against hope that somewhere among 
the papers and memorabilia of some branch of the Moore family, photographs of John and 
Elmire survive. Would you happen to have any photopraphs or any information on John Moore 
and his brothers? If not, perhaps you know of some descendants who might. If so, they 
can e-mail me at
Thank you.
John Levesque
October 9, 2003: hi my name is Stephanie Prentice and i found your article on the ottawa web page. do you have any more info on the marriages of Job Moore and David Moore to the Prentice sisters. i am tracking the Prentice line. Anything would help thank you stephanie
January 13, 2004: Mr. Levesque I am sorry I have no photos such as you seek, and I am not a descendant of these people, however my interest lies in searching for the reason and place and date and anything else (if available - I can't find it so far) on Maria Moore one of the daughters of Sarah Prentice and Job Moore. Maria was born 1827 and married my great-grandfather John Hollinger, Ontario schoolteacher, in Eardley, Hull, Quebec. They had eight children together. John then remarried Sarah Sutherland my great grandmother and had six more. Thank you for reading this. Michele Hollinger __________________ To Al Lewis, No. I do not mind at all if you put that stuff out there. I also have the names of the eight children of John and Maria, as I have found them anyway, as follows: Charles b. 1847 m. Mary Ann O'Brien, Benjamin b. 1849, John b. 1850 m. Mary McDonald, Jerome,Isaac (resided 1913 Chicago, Joseph, resided 1913 Kansas City, Thomas m. Eleanor McDermott, ( resided 1913 Honolulu ), Sarah m. Payette, Penetanguishene Ontario. The 1913 information is from John Hollinger's obituary. John Hollinger started his second family in 1877 with my grandfather (another Charles). Thanks for putting this stuff up. Michele Hollinger
February 24, 2005: I'm working on an overhaul of my website which featured my Guertin genealogy and a brief Flatters genealogy. I will be adding my Moores which is almost 1,000 individuals. These are the Moores of the Dudley, and Dudley, Jr., Roger, Martin, David, Job, etc from around this area. (see also coxford.htm . Hopefully, I can also dispel certain other ideas such as the common belief that they were "late" Loyalists, etc. I'll let you know when and the url of the site when it's up and running. Dennis Guertin
August 31, 2005: Hello Al: I am just starting to do a bit of research again and of course one of the first places I would check out is your site Bytown or Bust. I noticed your email from Johni and Stephanie regarding the Prentice and Moore families. My husband is related to both these families. Ron's great, great grandmother was Lydia Prentice and my sister-in-law is a Moore (Her grandmother was also related to Ron). I have quite a bit of information on Lydia and George Routliffe's family and I know Sue had a family history of the Moore family. Please let me know is you are interested in this information and would Johni and Stephanie be willing to share information on the Prentice side. There is a Routliffe Family Reunion held at my brother-in-laws in Luskville, Quebec every July. I am also enclosing a picture of Lydia Prentice and of her six sons, Back Row: Richard, Edward Albert "Ab", Vallentine "Bud", James and in the front row there is William and George. ... Maureen Jamieson
October 10, 2006: Hi I was Touring Hull this afternoon and found this Tomb Stone , did a search and found that it would be David Moore son of David Moore and Deborah Mary Prentice. I have no other Pictures just this one but how interesting to see a Mother and a Father stone on the right side of this Stone. The other Marker was for an Augustus Moore who died in Jan 28 1892. ... Cheryl Thomas (Note: Cheryl has a larger, full-colour, legible version of this picture ... Al)

February 10, 2007:
Hello Mr. Lewis, I stumbled across your site Bytown or Bust this morning as I was looking for information about my Moore relatives -- It's a very informative site, by the way, and easy to navigate. I may have information re: the Moore family that may interest other seekers. My grandmother was Edna Grace Moore Hogg daughter of Albert Augustus Moore - (Grace Adelia Adams); son of James Moore-(Marie Cecile Pelletier); son of David Moore- (Deborah Prentice); son of Dudley Moore, Sr. -(Sarah Milk) etc.,.. (The chain goes back to Andrew Moore in Connecticut in 1671, and includes dates of birth, death, siblings. etc.). If you or anyone else is interested, please let me know and I would be happy to pass on my information. Feel free as well to send this e-mail to anyone whom you think may be interested. I would love to know more about Marie Cecile Pelletier aka Ceceila Pelletier, Cecilia Pelletier. (New see link to photographs of Cecilia Pelletier below, dated May 15, 2015). I've tried to track her through the Pelletier Family sites, but have had no luck whatsoever. I have begun to wonder if perhaps she was of native ancestry. Any ideas? Thanks, Cheers, Grace Hogg
February 14, 2007: Added e-mail address for Dennis Moore to the list below. ... Al
March 7, 2007: Hi, You should include the Dudley Moore families on your list of founding families. Dudley and his families went from Bennington county, Vermont to The Ottawa Area. They were considered late U.E.L's and Dudley Sr. is on the UEL list and is in the book about the U.E.L's. His first grant was in Augusta, Upper Canada (now Ontario) where he is on the census for that area in 1796. Then he went to Eardley, Que. He and his father, Jedediah, and sons are on the militia list They married into the McConnel, the Meech, Prentice, Bebee, Ingles, Waller, and Moulton families. Dudley Jr. and Jedediah Jr married in in Vermont, USA before coming to Canada. They came later in 1800.. Sylvianne Forsythe-Penner
June 18, 2007: I have a great deal of information on the Moore family as well. I am another descendent of Jedidiah, Dudley, Sr, Roger, Calvin David, Archibald. I discovered something that is confusing me at the moment. I was under the opinion that Jedidiah Moore, father of Dudley Moore Sr (married Sarah Milk) was one of the original UEL. They came across to Canada and resided in Nepean, Hull area. Reading the descendents of Andrew Moore they make the statement that Jedidiah Moore died in Duchess, New York and not Eardley Township where he lived. Dudley was only one of 7 children that he had. Maybe he decided to return to the rest of his family before he died. Anybody got any information about this? I have read in a number of areas that Dudley Sr. was given a land claim in Ontario after arriving as an UEL but I can’t substantiate this. Anybody able to help me to prove this? I know that Roger was given 200 acres of land. This may have been given as a son of a UEL or because he was also a UEL because I believe they all came across to Canada together and all of them were adults at the time. For the information of any of you that are writing about the Prentiss side I do know that David and Job married the two Prentiss girls in a double ceremony at the home of my ancestor Roger Moore. I don’t have any further information on this. There were too many of the Moore family to trace that were not direct ancestors. Would you happen to know if there is a picture of the original Moore family in existence? I would love to see a picture of my great, great grandfather Roger Moore. David and another brother got married in his home in Nepean to the two Prentiss girls so there could be a picture of this happy occasion which might include big brother and his wife. If this picture exists I would guess it might end up in your website. Thank you for your assistance. Mel Smith
February 5, 2008: Thanks to Maureen Jamieson for sending the following link:
January 12, 2012: Cecilia PELLETIER I am also trying to get further information on Cecelila Pelletier. I have photos of her and was also told she is of native background but I have been unable to get any more information. I see Grace Hogg was trying to get information a while ago and was wondering if she found any. I would also be interested in getting any more of the Moore family history that is out there and photos if possible. ... Wayne Phillips ______________________________________

Thanks to Dennis Guertin for the following: I may have other information buried but off the top here's what I have. Some of this was obtained as far back as 2000 so others' research may have discovered more, or different information. Cecelia Pelletier (also found as Cecilia, Celia Pelkay.) was born in 1848 to Jean-Octave Peltier-dit-Antaya married to Henriette Lafont (Dupont) - St-François-de-Sale, Pointe-Gatineau, QC on 1848 Jul 26. I have her as one of 8 children. Jean-Octave came from Pierre Peltier-dit-Anataya (1779-??) and Marie-Louise Cécile married in Nicolet, QC 1814 Sep 26. Pierre was from Pierre Peltier-dit-Antaya (1747-1838) and Thérèse (Therese) Manseau-dit-Robidas. Pierre was from Hyacinthe Pelletier (1716-1780) - 5/3/1744 and Catherine Lefebvre married Baie-du-Febvre, QC 1744 May 3. Hyacinthe was from Michel Pelletier (1674-??) and Françoise (Francoise) Meneux-dit-Chateauneuf married Ste-Famille, Ile d'Orleans, QC 1697 Jul 9. Michel from François Pelletier (1635-??) and Marguerite-Madeleine Moriceau or (Morrisseau) married Notre-Dame, Quebec City, QC 1661 Sep 26. (Note: the above Michel also married Dorothée Dorothee) La Sauvagesse at Tadoussac, QC a year earlier so maybe this is where the "native" suspicion creeps in...) Michel was from Nicolas Pelletier (abt 1590-1679) and Jeanne de Voissy (abt 1611-1689) - St-Pierre, Gallardon, Beauce, France married about 1632. ------ As you've probably found out Nicholas was one of the three Pelletier brothers who came to Canada and are probably the ancestors of all North American Peletiers, Pelletiers, etc... I've forgotten what the "Antaya" was...I have it somewhere well out of reach, but you'd certainly have better luck with folks with better memories by checking out the Pelletier genealogies and websites... ------ So Cecilia would have been 18 years old when she married 36 year old James Moore on 1866 November 3 in Ottawa. The probable reason they got married in Ottawa was that Cecilia gave birth to her first son three months later on 1867 Jan 31st! She went on to have nine more sons and seven daughters. Child number 9 was my grandfather who died in 1966. Cecilia died 1924 Jan 16 and is buried with the Moores in Bellevue Cemetery in the Aylmer sector of Gatineau. My mother remembers her. I know I still have photos of her to scan (also somewhere well out of reach at the moment...) Hope this helps. Dennis Guertin (new e-mail addres for Dennis Guertin is incorporated in the list below ... Al) ______________________ From Wayne: Hello, No problem, go right ahead and add my e-mail to your web site. Once I added this information to the tree on Geni, I hooked up with over three thousand other names going way back. Now I just need to get the branch with Robert Phillips, born 1827, died 1884, married to Melissa Phillips, children include Uri Seth Phillips, born 1857, died 1896, also Robert, Carrie, Hattie, George and William. I don't know Melissa Phillips' maiden name and I can't get any further back than Robert. It seems to be such a common name. If anyone has any information on that branch that would be appreciated as well. Thanks for your help, Wayne Phillips
May 15, 2015: More from Dennis Guertin. Here are two photographs of Cecelia Pelletier:
New October 21, 2020: There are some photographs of the Moore family on our prominentpersonspics.htm.
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