Bell's Corners, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada SS #4,
Class Photo, c. 1920

January 21, 2007:

Hi Al. 
I had been planning on writing to you for some time to share the attached 
photo with the people who visit your web site. The photo was taken around 1920, 
at the SS 4 school in Bells Corners. With the help of my aunt (Margaret O'Connell (Byrne) 
and the former Reeve, Mr. Aubrey Moodie, they were able to identify most 
of the people in the photo and for those they could not identify, they indicated 
the names of the people who should be in the photo. The name of the photographer 
is unknown.

I have delayed doing research on the Byrne family as I am writing a book on the 
History of St. Joseph's Parish in Sandy Hill. I expect the book to be out in 
May 2007. 

... Terry Byrne

S S #4 - Bell's Corners
Bell's Corners School, c. 1920
Photo - Left to right
Top Row
Rita ByrneErnie WilsonMillie Rae Theresa O'MaraLeonard Belford ? ? Gertrude O'Mara
6th Row
Leo HamelGordon ThomasMargaret Hamel
Teacher Miss Miller
Millie Roy ? Bill MooreClarence Cowick------
5th Row
Mervin BelfordFrank HamelEdmond Hamel? Scharf Clifford Moodie ? Eddie RockAubrey Moodie
4th Row
? RockMable YorkJenny DriscolEileen Boucher ? ScharfEmers Williams------------
3rd Row
Paul CornfordAnna MooreJenny WilliamsJean Boucher Margaret MooreMonica HamelEddie Wilson------
2nd Row
Irene mooreDelilah HamelHelen Bompas ?Isabelle Belford Nellie DriscollKathleen DriscollMaggie ByrneJean Rae
Front Row
Leo DriscollGordon Thomas ?Walter ThomasEdgar Daly ? ? Clarke Hamel ? ------
Note 1: Miss Miller married John Davidson Note 2: School relied on outside toilets Note 3: People who should be in photo but not yet identified: Aloma Stinson Margaret Stinson Irene Stinson Brian Ardel Percy Belford Russell Williams Eddie Boucher Natalie Driscol Isabelle Hamel Emers? Bill Bompass Frank Bompass Drover? Scharf girls Viola and Edna?
October 20, 2007: Good Evening Gents, I'm writing to you with a bit of further info on names for the SS#4 photo, so kindly posted on the site. A picture of the names is attached. Could you please forward it to anyone else whom you know to be interested? My father and mother built in 1957 in Arbeatha Park, and still being there, my father is very interested in local history. I took the liberty of sending the photo to several old timers in the neighborhood, and Margaret Moore (nee Williams, sister and future husband Bill Moore in the photo). She kindly made a few suggestions for updates, which I have edited into the picture boxes in italics. I remember the schoolhouse, which by my time in the early 60's was the Community Center and hockey rink, as well as the Moodie farm, and the Blue Bonnet Truck Stop just west toward the railway overpass . The park in Bell's Corner's next to the Roman Catholic Church was named for Margaret, Jenny, Gordon and Russell William's parents, I am told. I hope this helps! Best Regards, Gordon MacKenzie and father, Donald. BellsCornersNamesUpdate 1
March 17, 2008 Saw the picture. Individual identified as Edgar Daly in correction, 5th from left does not appear to be him based on other school pictures I have of him at same age. My son Frederick and nephew Patrick who have done the genealogy of Daly family from Bells Corners will start string to gather additional info. Much connection to McBride, Kennedy, Muldoons. Ken Daly, (son Edgar Daly)
New October 14, 2011: Good morning Al. I was looking at photo of Bells Corners school which has my father Clarence in it. Someone was trying to find out one of the Rock boys name. James Rock (Roche) was one of the pallbearers for one of my later than late relatives. I would imagine it is one of his sons. So if someone would go to the censusrecords, he would be on there and it would name his children. Also one of the Rock 's have headstone and is married to a Kelly, who is part of the Brennan family Headstone is in St. Isidores parish at South March on. Have a good day. ... Doris Cowick ______________________ Thanks for this, Doris: I'd bet that the Rock pallbearer was one of the descendants of the Roche families who came to this area in 1823 with the Peter Robinson Settlers. Remember, we speculated that the Cowick family likely came to Canada already knowing some earlier arrivals? Most of the Roche's came from County Cork. ... Al
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