Bell's Corners Neighbourhood
Nepean Township, Ottawa, Canada

February 28, 2005:

An early family at Bell's Corners were John Johnston and his wife,
Maria Junkin. Many of them went to the frontier in North Dakota, USA.

Other names in Bell's Corners for search engine: John Robertson (Robertson Road), O'Grady, Hammill, 
Sparks, Morrison, Byrne, Malcolmson, Bell, Browne, Moodie, Acres
March 18, 2008: Can you identify any of the students in the class photo of Bell's Corners School, c. 1920?
March 30, 2008:
Map of Bell's Corners, Ontario in 1879 Source: McGill University Digital Maps Bell's Corners in 1879
Landowners are named Hartin, Eaton, Spittall. The "Road to Ottawa" on the map is now called Robertson Road, named after the Honourable John Robertson. There was a Toll Gate on Robertson Road.
August 2, 2009: Hello Mr. Lewis, I do believe I may have some information about a family that used to live at Bells Corner at least I think I have the information correct. First of all I have been doing some research on my fathers family Graham Hopper ( who recently passed away this year ) - son of Lloyd & Mildred Margaret Hopper / Graham. I do believe that Margaret's mother was not only born but buried at Bells Corners, Canada. Her name is Elizabeth Graham ~ John Graham wife and daughter of Thomas Graham & Frances Davidson (see map below). She also had a sister by the name of Mary Helena Graham who married Elmer Lowrey Henry - son of Bower Henry. ( I do hope I have this information correct and I would be happy if you could e-mail me back with any kind of research you may find on the above names or if you recall the names at all. One last thing I also know that Weldon James Graham was a well known Ottawa businessman who I believe may have lived at Bells Corner. ( Not real sure on that information though ) I do believe the Grahams or Henrys were landowners at Bells Corner. I think!! Sincerly, ... Valerie
Bell's Corners Farms, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, in 1879
Valerie: The map above shows the farm of Thomas Graham in 1879. I believe that the farm of Bower Henry was located on the eastern side of what is now Woodroffe Avenue, just south of Baseline. This farm is now called the Henry Farm subdivision. ____________________________ Hello Allan, So happy to see that you wrote back and that you were able to recall my ancestors names. I would be more then happy if you added my e-mail and any other information about my ancestors on your web site or contact info. I will be sure to check out your site and do some googling there on more information of my relatives/ancestors. Thank you so much for responding back. Valerie Frailing.
P.S. A big Hello to Ottawa from The Hopper / Frailing Family! By the way I have a high flag pole in my front yard where I fly the American and Canadian Flag. :-) I feel I am very much a part of Canada seeing that I have visited there and have ancestors there and the the fact my father was born and raised there. I live In Upper Michigan, USA only 3 hours away from Canada. ___________________________________ Note: Near the top of the map is Stillwater Creek / Still Water Creek. This creek runs mostly parallel to the Queensway (High 417) north and west of Acres Road, from Kanata. Other names on the map are Beaman, Bearman, Watson, Stapledon / Stapleton, John Stinson and Graham.
August 4, 2009: Hello Valerie and Al, I know a little about the Graham family. My 96 year old mother was a good friend of Mary Henry. I believe Mary Henry (nee Graham) and her husband Elmer owned the farm to the west of Acres Road (now Holly Acres Road). Their farm was behind Silver Spring Farm. Their farm was taken over by the NCC (National Capital Commission) as part of Ottawa’s “greenbelt” around the city and the Henry’s continued to farm it for some time. The Graham farm may have been parallel to or very close to the Henry property and may have run down to the Ottawa River near the Acres Road. I think Mary Henry (nee Graham) was born across the Richmond Road from Acres Road in a lovely grey stone house that is still there and is beside a large funeral home. (See e-mail from Judy Scott, dated November 6, 2012, below ... Al). There is still a Grahams Creek which runs into the Ottawa River at or near Andrew Haydon Park but is unmarked on the old map and I believe Graham Park subdivision was named after this Graham. Thank you ... Cathy Cummings
August 21, 2009:
Hugh Bell, from County Monaghan, Ireland to Nepean Township
An anonymous writer (Victoria ?) asks if we have a photo of Hugh Bell, after whom Bell's Corners was named. Here's the reply: Hi: Attached is a photo of Hugh Bell, taken from the book The City Beyond, A History of Nepean, Birthplace of Canada's Capital,1792-1990 by Dr. Bruce S. Elliott, ISBN # 1-55036-258-5, Page 53. Picture of Hugh Bell Surname for search engine: Malcomson / Malcolmson, John Robertson

January 8, 2010:
Bells Corners Rifles Company of the Carleton Blazers, 1866 Photo Source and Text: Our Times: A Pictorial Memoir of Ottawa's Past, page 36 Bell's Corners Rifles, Carleton Blazers at time of the Fenian RaidsBell's Corners Rifles, Carleton Blazers at time of the Fenian Raids
Names in Photograph: Hugh Falls, Adam Abbott, John Nesbitt, James Corbett, Robert Shore, Harry Harmer, John Sparks, F.C. Clemow (Clemow Avenue in the Glebe), Alexander Mowat, Ambrose Bishop, Lieut. Colonel William F. Powell (Powell Avenue in the Glebe), Major William Corbett. Keywords: Fenians, Fenian Brotherhood Note: Some of the young Irish Catholic men from Osgoode Township went to Ogdensburg to fight for the Fenians. One of their mothers wrote to her son in Odgensburg with the following words: "Stop all this tomfoolery and get back to the farm". ... Al
November 6, 2012: FAIRFIELDS Heritage Property Hi Al, I was attempting to clarify your comment above to my research of the Bell home (picture p. 91 Carleton Saga) and just couldn't see a resemblance to each so I thought I would write (once again) to you. I notice that you do not have a page for the BELL family but perhaps it may interest you. See here for an internet link that I found for Fairfields with current pictures (compare to CS) and a bit of its history: I also found this very informative: ..and here: You will notice that FAIRFIELDS is located at 3080 Richmond while Tubman's is at 3440 Richmond. Hope this makes sense to you! Incidentally the original settler William BELL's son William Nicholson married Margaret Elizabeth HARE, granddaughter of Henry HARE (my connection), daughter of Robert Hare and Barbara nee Shillington. (See Hare 2 lots from Bell, Belden Map). Trust that you do not mind me sending this on to you. Best, Judy Scott __________________________ Hi Judy: Thanks very much for pointing out my previously incorrect information regarding "Fairfields". I see that this early home can be toured by making an appointment through the Nepean Museum. ... Al
April 10, 2019: Photo and text source next: National Capital Region Heritage, page 176. Keywords: Bearman, Richmond Village, Charles Bryson, Moffatt. Bell's Corners, Silver Springs Farm Text Bell's Corners, Silver Springs Farm Pic
May 1, 2020:
Source for the following text block is the book Carleton Saga by Harry and Olive Walker, page 132. Bell's CornersDirectory Listing 1864 and 1865

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