Caleb BELLOWS, a pioneer settler from Vermont, USA

New July 24, 2012:

I am sorry to bother you but I was looking for Bellows of Canada genealogy on the web and stumbled upon your article about Bytown.
You have an 1809 reference to Caleb Bellows from Bellows Falls, Vermont, as an assistant in the store of Jehiel Collins and 
marrying his daughter. Do you know any more of this Caleb Bellows; when he arrived, when he married the Collin's daughter, & what her name was?
This is a most intriguing story to me because my 3x great-grandfather was a Celeb Bellows (29 Jul 1769 - 17 Apr 1822) of Walpole New Hampshire, USA, 
(just downstream on The Connecticut river from Bellows Falls VT). The Bellows Family History makes no reference to any of the Caleb Bellows marrying 
a Collins. None of the other known Caleb Bellows have birth dates that could make them a possible candidate.
My Grandfather had 2 sons named Caleb Strong Bellows. The first son died at age 8 in 1802 and the second Caleb Strong Bellows was born 01 Sep 1806, 
Walpole NH and died 21 Apr 1863 in Westmeath, (Renfrew County), Ontario, Canada. Between 18271834 he was Postmaster at Carleton Place, 
Lanark County, about 46 kilometers west Ottawa. On 26 Feb 1827 he married Ester Mansell (of Yorkshire England) in 
Ramsay Township, Ontario, Canada. Between 18531863 Caleb Strong Bellows served as a Lt-Col in the 2nd Battalion of the 
Renfrew Militia and died on 21 Apr 1863 in Westmeath, Canada.
My 2x great-grandfather, Moses Brown Bellows (1808 in Walpole NH - 05 Apr 1885 Newcastle, Dixon County NE), was the brother of Caleb Strong Bellows 
and lived in Canada between 1827-1861. On 10 Jan 1841 he married Fanny Maria Pierce in Westmeath. My g-grandmother was born in Westmeath in either 
1854 or 1855 and the family moved to Nebraska in 1861.
Thank you for any help you can provide.
Ken Whitehorn

Good afternoon, Ken:

Thanks for your e-mail. 

Caleb Bellows had a store almost next door to Jehiel Collins in 1824 at Chaudiere Falls in downtown Ottawa, Canada.
The orginal settlers to the Ottawa area in the year 1800 came from Massachussetts and neighbouring states. The first to settle here was Philomen Wright
who came from Woburn, Massachusetts.

Map Source: The City Beyond, A History of Nepean, Birthplace of Canada's Capital, 1792-1990,
              By Bruce S. Elliott, ISBN 1-55036-258-5, page 83

Map Showing the stores of Caleb Bellows and Jehiel Collins
By 1861, Caleb Bellows was in Renfrew County. The following is an excerpt from the 1861 Census for Westmeath Township. Source: There is a Bellows Bay, next to Constance Bay, about 15 miles west of downtown Ottawa, on the Ottawa River.
Caleb Bellows and family in the 1861 census
I'll keep an eye out for this well-known early family. ... Al Lewis Ottawa, Canada

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