BELFORD / BELFOUR Surname in early Bytown
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
Belford ML# on the McCabe List

November 7, 2002:

I'm looking for any information on the Belford or Belfour families of Bytown (Ottawa,Canada)
Thank you, Joan

November 7, 2002: Joan: In 1829 there are three Belfords - Henry, John and William, as well as a James Belfour, all mentioned on the McCabe List. Henry is ML# 296 and came from County Longford. He lived near Perth, in Upper Canada. John is ML# 375. He came from County Cavan. His widowed mother and several brothers and sisters were also here in Canada. William is ML# 313. He does not state his place of origin but is "an industrious person". James is a brother-in-law to a Henry Bromlee / BROMLEY (ML# 626)from County Fermanagh. Maybe someone will send more info. ... Al
November 8, 2002: Hi Al, The information on the Belford/Belfour family was researched by Gail Martin of Canada. Below you will see Eleanor Belford, she was my g-grandmother. James Belford-No know dates for birth or death. Married: Mary Heney - Born: 1813 Ireland Feb.25, 1833 - Christ Church Anglican,(Bytown) Ottawa, Ontario Children: 1. Charles Belford - Born: June 7, 1834-Ottawa 2. James Belford - Born: 3. Robert James Belford - Born: June 4, 1836 - Ottawa 4. Sarah Jane Belford - Born: 1840 5. Ann Belford - Born: 1841 6. Mary Belford - Born: 1844 7. John Belford - Born: 1846 8. Eleanor Belford - Born July 24, 1852-Ottawa,Ontario Married: Washington James Pattison in Buffalo NY, USA May 24, 1869 Died: Sept.10,1912 - Buffalo, New York, USA Thank you for setting up a Belford information page. Hopefully someone out there will have more information to share. I have a picture of John Belford and Elenor Belford Pattison. Have a great day! Joan
January 9, 2003: My great grandfather, Charles Belford, who had been a publisher (with his brothers Alexander and Robert) in Toronto, an editor of conservative newspapers in that city and John A. MacDonald's "political lieutenant" for the Irish vote in Ontario arrived in Ottawa around 1881 to take up his appointment as Dominion Secretary. He died shortly thereafter. His son, Charles A. Belford, was the manager of the Grand Trunk Railway in Ottawa and his son, Charles H. (for Heron) Belford ran Colonial Coach (now Voyageur Bus Lines) before becoming Chairman of the Board of Provincial Transport Enterprises. ... Chuck Belford
September 16, 2003: Hello, My name is Jacqueline Houston, maiden name, Belford. I am doing Research on the Belford name. What information do you have on the Belford"s. I am willing to share what I have. Regards Jackie
July 13, 2005: Hi everyone. I'm having a very hard time finding my Belfords in the Ottawa area and thought you might have come across them. I'm looking for James Belford 1875-1960 and wife Mary Elizabeth Melford 1879-1957. I have James' parents as James Robert Belford 1839-? and Mary Jane Sharpe 1842-?. My grandmother gave me that information, but I can't find them on the census and haven't been able to get up to Ottawa yet to check anything. Thank you, and good luck with your research! Dawn Mole _________________ Hi Dawn: Thanks for your e-mail regarding your Belford ancestors. Hopefully you have heard or will hear from the other Belford researchers. I run the web site at which includes a page on the Belfords. Do you mind if I add your e-mail to it as a contact for other researchers? Please let me know. ... Al Lewis ___________________ Thank you Al. Please add my name to the list. The other surnames I am interested in for the Ottawa area at this time are Leslie and Mole if you have someplace to put those too. Thanks very much. Dawn
July 13, 2009: Henry Belford first came to Ottawa where his oldest boy died of diptheria. He then tried Northumberland County and finally settled north of Brighton. His surviving son Henry bought land from his brother-in-law and in 1847 built a house on 100 acres near Codrington, which still stands -- in an abbreviated version -- today. That Henry, his grandsons and various other Belfords are buried across the road from the farm in a tiny cemetery known as Mount Olivet. Henry's son James eloped with Johanna Orser, split for a time with the family and rented a nearby farm. In the early 1890s he and all his brood took advantage of free CP Rail land in Winnipeg and founded Eden, Manitoba. Their oldest boy James went on to graduate from the University of Manitoba with a divinity degree and had a remarkable career as a church administrator in London, a soldier and an MLA in Ontario. You can see his picture on the staircase to the second floor. Another son Joe worked for the Winnipeg Free Press and eventually wound up as editor of the Fort William Times. Fort William is now called Thunder Bay, Ontario. The youngest Hulbert became an Anglican canon in the Eastern Townships. I am James great grandson and have had a long career in newspapers and magazines. Google Terrence Belford and you will see a bit of what I do. My brother Tim is host of CBC Radio's Quebec morning talk show. Another great grandson Mark Wilson is an actor and the voice for the moose on those Montana steakhouse commercials. Hope some of this helps Terrence Belford
August 28, 2009: Hi All, Came across your postings regarding the Belford surname. I am not sure if what I know can help but hopefully it will help a bit. The Belfords at Pakenham are connected with the Needham family of the same area. I am descended through David Story of Fitzroy( son of John Story and Margaret Latimer). David's wife was Jane nee Needham ( daughter of Thomas Needham and Jane nee Belford of County Longford, Ireland). This couple are my 4th greatgrandparents. In doing some research I found a William Belford ( born abt 1818 in Ireland ) and at Pakenham with his wife Elizabeth nee Crum/ known children were Celina who married Samuel James Anderson - as per their marriage record he was residing at the time in Manitoba although they married in her area/ George who married Elizabeth nee Lotan / Margaret Ann -spouse unknown. I have not confirmed a connection yet with William Belford but strongly suspect he was related to the Needhams. Other Needhams who were at Pakenham and were the children of Thomas Needham and Jane nee Belford are Samuel Needham( born1794 at Longford County Ireland and married a Rebecca Unknown / had two known children Rebecca and Thomas ) and 2nd marriage at Pakenham was to Catherine nee Cranston Dark born abt 1804 at Ireland- her parents were James Cranston and Jane nee Ruttle of Ireland ( one known son of the Dark marriage was Thomas Dark who married Elizabeth nee Moorcroft and remained in the area to raise his family). There was also a daughter , Ann Needham born abt 1804 at Longford Co. Ireland who married an Unknown Drew and then at Pakenham married Thomas Ellis born in Longford as well in 1872 at age 68. On much of the census material for the area you will find both Needhams and Belfords (William) living near one another. Anyway I hope others can use this info to help further their connections. ... Kim :) Alberta _______________________ more from Kim: Hi Al, I hope all is well since we last communicated. Yes- please go ahead and post my email to the page ( one of the Belford researchers already has contacted me yesterday so it seems I may have helped add to something for someone). An add on the email I sent was - my Story line of David who married Jane nee Needham ( dau of Thomas and Jane nee Belford) continues down through David and Jane's daughter Elizabeth nee Story who married Thomas Granger . In turn Thomas and Elizabeth's daughter Linda/Lynda nee Granger married Michael( called Mick ) James Barber who was the son of Richard William Barber and Eliza nee Cavanagh . I have lots on all the lines along with some pics if anyone wants to contact me. Michael and Linda were my greatgrandparents and I remember spending time as a little girl at their farm in Arnprior, Ontario Kim:)
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