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Some death Records from Huntley Township: (St. Michael's Parish, Corkery)

Behan, Mrs Patrick,	nee Catherine _______	4/28/1916,Behan, Patrick (dec) age 84	Witnesses:Brown, John & Kennedy, Edward & Hanley, Michael
Behan, Mrs Edward			nee Anne McMahon/buried in Fitz. H.
9/8/1896	Behan, Edward (dec)		Behan, Edw.,Jeremiah, Patk & John (sons)
Behan, Peter	Patrick(dec)	Loherin, Judith		6/16/1902	6/1819/02		22	Behan, William & James (brothers)
Behan, Thomas	Patrick	Lahorn, Catherine		3/21/1889	3/23/1889		18	Behan, Patrick & Grace, Martin
Brown, Anne Jane	James 	Forrest, Helen	farmer	11/14/1884	11/15/1884		Cork	10	Brown, James & Thomas
Brown, Bridget Barbara	Thomas	Sissons, Mary Anne	infant	6/19/1894	6/20/1894		Cork	2y7m	Brown, Thomas & McDonald, Alexander
Brown, Frances Ellen	Malcolm	McGrath, Marg. Eliza.		9/28/11	9/30/11		Cava	6m	Manion, Martin & Brown, Malcolm
Brown, James			farmer	11/25/1893	11/27/1893		Cork	61	Brown, Joseph & Thomas (sons)
Brown, James Alexander	James	Forrest, Helen	farmer	11/14/1884	11/15/1884		Cork	6y10m	Brown, James & Thomas
Brown, Mrs James			nee Lena Forrest	2/22/18	2/24/18	Forrest, James (dec)	Stan	80	Brown, Malcolm & Vaughan, Edward & Kennedy, Michael
Brown, Mrs Thomas			Scissons, Maryann/died at Almonte	10/21/17	10/23/17	Brown, Thomas(dec)	Stan	71	Ryan, James & Scissons, Samuel & Brown, Malcolm
Brown, Rose Mary	Richard		infant		10/24/15		Stan		Kennedy, Laurence & Ryan, Jas & Killeen, Angus
Brown, Simon	James 	Forrest, Elen	farmer	11/26/1884	11/28/1884		Cork	13	Brown, James & Thomas
Brown, Thomas			lately of St Mary's, Almonte	5/2/12	5/4/12	Scissons, ______	Cava	75	Scissons, John & Manion, Joseph & Vaughan, Edward
Brown, Thomas S				8/2/01	8/4/01		Cork	19	Brown, Thomas & Joseph
Finner, Mrs Benjamin			Galligan, Mary / of Fitzroy	2/17/20	2/19/20		Stan	80	O'Keefe, Herbert & O'Hara, Martin & Finner, Sylvester
Finners, Benjamin			died at Fitzroy	11/4/04	11/6/04	Galligan, Mary	Gagn		Finners, John E & Marguerite
Finners, Charles				1/6/09	1/8/09	Tonnie, Sabina(dec)	Cava	63	O'Keefe, Thomas & Manion, Patrick & Finners, John
Finners, James	Patrick	Breslin, Mary		10/22/1891	10/24/1891		Cork	24	Finners, Patrick & John
Finners, James			labourer of Fitzroy	9/29/00	10/1/00		Cork	73	Finners, Patrick & Benjamin (brothers)
Finners, Margaret				6/9/09	6/11/09	O'Keefe, _____ (dec)	Cava	87	Kennedy, Jno H & Sullivan, Lawrence & Hogan, Thomas
Finners, Mrs Patrick			nee Mary Breslin	12/23/1893	12/23/1893	Finner, Patrick	Cork	48	Finners, Patrick (husband) & John (son)
Finners, Mrs William			nee Catherine Breslin/Pakenham	12/29/1893	12/31/1893	Finners, William	Cork	52	Finners, William & Patrick
Finners, Patrick				2/4/06	2/7/06	Breslin, Mary (dec)	Cava	70	Scott, Michael & Brown, Malcolm
Teevens, John	Bernard	McNulty, Mary		6/17/08	6/19/08		Cava	86	O'Malley, John & O'Cleary, Thomas & Foley, Michael
Teven, Maryann	Patrick	Loumer, Mary	blacksmith / Rep 5/119	4/22/1883	4/23/1883		O'Mal	4	Teevens, Patrick & Carroll, Thomas
Teevens, Francis John	Patrick	Loumer, Mary	blacksmith / Rep 5/120	5/7/1883	5/8/1883		O'Mal	1y4m	Teevens, Patrick & Teevens,Mary
Teevens, Margaret Mary	Patrick	Loumer. Mary	blacksmith/farmer / Rep 5/118	2/8/1883	2/10/1883	Teevens, John (dec)	O'Mal	84	Horigan, Thomas & Teevens, John
Tevins, Daniel	Patrick	Loumer, Mary	blacksmith / Rep 5/120	4/23/1883	4/24/1883		O'Mal	6	Teevens, Patrick & Teevens, Mary

Marriage at St. Michael's, Corkery Groom: Teevens, John (30) b in Huntley Parents: Teevens, Thomas Reilly, Sarah Marriage Date: 10/10/1864 Bride: O'Neil, Ellen (34) Parents: O'Neil, Jno & O'Dwyer, Ellen Witnesses: Teevens, James & O'Neil, Anne ------------------------------------------------ To Ron Lee, P. Teevens and Gord Brown: I have recently found some old church records from the Ontario side of the Ottawa River, across from Pontiac County, Quebec. Some of the surnames are Teevens, Brown, Behan, O'Reilly.
Behan, O'Reilly, McMahon, Lynch, Cain, O'Malley, O'Donnell, Teevens, O'Connell The children of Jeremiah Behan / Suzanne O'Reilly were born in Quyon, Quebec ,and married there , but most are (like their parents) buried in Michigan, USA . The main known exception was their sixth child , my grandfather, Jeremiah Patrick Behan . He and 10 of his 12 children came to coastal British Columbia in 1920, after Jeremiah buried two wives in Quyon--namely Tessie O'Donnell and Ellen Nellie Teevens . Contact with those long-lost family ties would be very much appreciated . ......Ron Lee
P Teevens on Sat, 04 Nov 2000, in response to Behan & O'Reilly of Quyon, posted by Ron Lee on Wed, 09 Aug 2000 Surname: Teevens My father was from Quyon. one of thirteen children 12 boys one girl. i still have relatives in the might want to check in the Arnprior / Ottawa area . most of the Teevens's that i know of live in that area.
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From: gord brown Surname: Boucher I am trying to find a starting point to trace my family. I know very little about the background except that I was born in Alymer, Quebec, My mom Lena BROWN (boucher) was born some where (up the line)ie. in Pontiac county. Her father Austin Boucher from Irland and Mother Claira Boucher, I understand has some connection to the native tribe (Algonquin) from the area.(dead end) where can I turn for help in. If you are unable to assist can you point me in the general direction to get started. thank you.
E-Mail from Sherrice: I am seeking information on James BURNS who married Ellen FINNER. They had a daughter named Margaret Jane Burns, born August 8, 1872 in Arnprior Ontario. Does anyone make a connection to these names?
January 31, 2003: Hello again Al. Could we add another file to your much appreciated site? Attached is a skeleton outline of what I have on my Behan roots. I can expand on many sections, as the need arises. Also, since "talking" to you last I have made up a cross reference list of known contacts (marriages, baptisms and funerals). Of major interest and/or importance to me right now are the numerous McMAHON, O'DONNELL, KENNEDY and TEEVENS links. Although O'REILLY, O'CONNOR, CONNELL and FARRELL sightings are less numerous who knows what gems they might uncover?! ............Ron L. ------------------------------- I’ve heard there are 3 primary Behan "root" families from the Ottawa Valley. Are they related? JEREMIAH BEHAN and CATHERINE FLYNN didn’t come to Canada personally but 5 of their children settled around Quyon / N.Onslow / Fitzroy Harbour. Six known Children: 1) JOHN BEHAN (~1806-1884 in Quyon) heads my particular line. First he married ROSANNA O’CONNOR (5 known kids ... see list below) then CATHERINE McHUGHES (Mom of Timothy:1848-1939) and finally CATHERINE HIGGINS (Margaret, Bridget and Thomas). Children of John/Rosanne: (a) Jeremiah B.(Jan 1,1835-1910) married Suzanne O’REILLY (Dec 26,1840, in Eng-1916) on Sept 17,1857, at Portage Du Fort most to Petoskey, Michigan, USA. The exception was Jeremiah Patrick B who wed (1st) Bridget Theresa O’DONNELL in 1895 at St Mary’s, then (2nd) Ellen Nellie TEEVENS ... my grandmother... in 1903. (b) Daniel B.(Oct 13,1836-??) wed Ellen KARBRY/CARBERRY on Oct 9,1864, at St Mary’s Quyon> to Pringhar, Iowa. (c) John B.(Dec 20,1838-??) baptized Jan 15,1839, at St Michael’s Corkery.(d) Catherine B, (b ~1842) and (e) Ellen ?? (not confirmed). 2) EDWARD BEHAN (b~1809 in Nenagh, Co Tipperary -1871) wed ANN McMAHON (1821 in County Clare -1896) on June 12,1843, at St M’s Corkery. Known children: (a) Mary B ... Mrs Stephan O’CONNOR (b) Edw B...married Bridget O’BRIEN (c) Jeremiah Mary KENNEDY. (d) John B. (e) Catherine Julia/Jane B...Mrs John O’MALLEY. (f) Patrick W. B... wed Catherine O’BRIEN. (g) John James B. (g) Eliz. Ann B... Mrs Patrick RYAN. 3) MARGARET BEHAN married George HEDGE / EDGE on Oct 3, 1842 , at N.D. Cathedral, Bytown. 4) BRIDGET BEHAN married George DARLINGTON on Feb 15, 1847, at St Phillip, Richmond. (see below, dated February 8, 2003) 5) MICHAEL BEHAN married Margt (Bridget?) McGRATH on June 20, 1851, at Alymer. Known children: (a) James B. wed Marie CAMERON in Le Passe, Ont. (b)Catherine Theresa B. (c) Jeremiah B. (b Aug 6,1853) (d) Mary Ann B ... Mrs Thomas FARRELL. 6) THOMAS BEHAN married Mary MARTIN from County Cavan on Nov 4, 1852 . In 1835 Tom and bro Edw bought land from the Canada Company, 1835 ... lot 19, conc 11, in Fitzroy Twp. Later > to Marcus, Iowa. Eleven Children. Several (Tom and Mike) eventually lived in Saskatchewan. ... Ron Lee
February 8, 2003: Hi Ron: Thanks for the TEEVEN info. I'll get it posted later. (see February 10, 2003 ... Al) Here's a BEHAN from 1847. George DARLINGTON was a Protestant who joined the Catholic Church on Feb. 14, 1847 and the next day he married into the Behan family. "14 February Received the abjuration of George Darlington and have baptized him conditionally in presence of Thomas Behan. 15 February Marriage of George Darlington, son of Michael Darlington and of Mary Caten, and Bridget Beahan, daughter of Jeremiah Behan and of Catharine Flynn, all of the Township of Fitzroy. The witnesses were Thomas Behan and Mary Ann Wade (McQuade)." The above is recorded at St. Phillips in Richmond. (Thanks to Ellen Paul who has recorded the records from St. Philips). The priest may have travelled from Richmond to Fitzroy (before St. Michael's at Fitzroy was built). ... Al
February 10, 2003: Hello once again Al. Here is an outline of the Teevens tale, as I know it so far. Lots of pieces to play with -- but do they all belong in the same box?! I have considerable data re the Teevan family from Co.Cavan (Derryleague, Kilnagare, etc...) -- but can’t see the link to my Canadian relatives. I also have an Ireland >USA file (esp N.Y. state) -- but can see no confirmed link with the Ottawa Valley Teevan/Tivens/Teevens cousins. In Canada I know about the following families, but haven’t confirmed the link between any of the first four listed below and my own verifiable roots (in #5). (1) Bernard TEEVANS married Mary McNULTY (both born in Ireland) Church records link them with St.Michael’s, Corkery. (2) James Teevens married Mary ROWAN in Ireland, then emigrated. Family records show up in Pakenham, Pembroke and Torbolton Township .... (3) John Daniel Teevan (b 1810 in Butlersbridge) bought land in Carleton County, and married Elizabeth NEWMAN (also from Co. Cavan). Generations following called Fitzroy Harbour, Pakenham and Smith Falls home. (4) John Teevans (b 1823 in Co Cavan) married Mary Anne CUMMERFORD / widow HUGHES before 1851 and they raised their family around Fitzroy Harbour. While I have seen pictorial proof that some of these families knew each other, the blood link has not yet been conclusively proven . Wonder how much DNA testing for everybody would cost ?!. (5) Thomas Teevan (?? - before 1851) married Sarah O’REILLY (b~ 1810 in Co. Cavan) Their 5 known children were born in Huntley Twp: (a) James T. married Ann O’NEIL (?? - Nov 29th, 1871) (b) John T. / Eleanor (Ellen) O’NEILL, d/o John O’N. and Ellen O’Dwyer, on on Oct 10th, 1864, at St Michael’s, Corkery. (microfilm # 1304513) . They had seven known children . (c** Daniel Tivins/Teevens (my great grandfather) married Marie/Mary WATTERS** on Nov 25, 1873, at Notre Dame Cathedral, Bytown. Their 7th child (out of 12 or 13) Ellen Nellie Teevens (Nov 20, 1882 - Jan 24th, 1920), was the second wife of Jeremiah Patrick BEHAN, and my grandmother. Their wedding day was May 23, 1903, at St Mary’s Quyon. Their ten children were born in N. Onslow and/or Quyon, with most, if not all, of their baptismal records traceable to St. Bridget’s. (d) Mary Teevens married John MULLINS on April 28th, 1870, at St Michael’s, Fitzroy Harbour. Seven known children. (e) Suzanna/Susan Teevens (born Aug 2nd, 1842, in Fitzroy Twp.). I’ll gladly share the (sometimes meager) data that I have on any/all of the above families. Perhaps you hold the key to this riddle without even knowing it (i.e. a ship passage reference)!! I’d love to hear about any and all possibilities. .............Ron Lee
February 28, 2003:
Subject: Mantle and Finner
Hi Al, I hired a research firm in Ireland and they were able to find a few baptism dates for children of Peter Robinson settlers John Mantle and Ellen Horgan / Hourigan. Rathcormac Parish listed the following -Robert Mantle - Jan. 15, 1817, Sponsors Richard Barry and Johanna Cotter. John Mantle - April 10, 1803, Sp. Maurice Sinon and Mary Sweeny / Sweeney (mother listed as Helen Horrigon). James Mantle - July 8, 1804, Sp. Lawrence Spillane and Margaret Brien. John Mantle (John 1803 must have died) Nov. 21, 1815, Sp. Edmond Barry and Honora Coughlan. Catherine Mantle- Feb. 24, 1822, Sp. James Mantle and Ann Lotty Elizabeth Mantle - Feb. 17, 1820, Sp. William Barry and Honora Minahan. Castlelyons Parish - Mary Mantle, July 20, 1806 Sp. John Brien and Catherine Gearan (mother recorded as Haragan) Mary Mantle married Benjamin Finner. Could you please do a look up for me? Marriage - Peter Robert Finner 7/26/15 Scott, Catherine Mary Births - Finner, William 9/19/1870 Births - Finner, William James 11/25/1866 Births - Finner, John 7/4/1868 and also Margaret same date 7/4/1868. Many thanks Dorothy Payne ___________________________ Hi Dorothy: Here you go: Finner, Peter Robert son of Finner, William (dec) and Breslin, Catherine (dec) of Ramsay Township married on 7/26/1915 Scott, Catherine Mary daughter of Scott, James (dec) & Carroll, Catherine Witnesses were Morrissey, Arthur & Nolan, Mary Finner, William James son of Finners, Patrick and Breslin, Mary born 11/25/1866 baptized 11/28/1866 Sponsors: Whelan, John & Dobson, Bridget Finner, William son of Finners, Patrick and Bresnahan, Mary born 9/19/1870 baptized 10/10/1870 Sponsors: Egan, Dan & McCormick, Bridget Finner, John son of Finner, Patrick and Bresnahan, Mary born 7/4/1868 baptized 11/29/1868 Sponsors: O'Keefe, Edward & Bresnahan, Catherine Finner, Margaret daughter of Finner, William and Bresnahan, Cath. born 7/4/1868 baptized 11/29/1868 Sponsors: Finner, Patrick & O'Keefe, Mary ... Al
August 27, 2003: Hi Bob, Al, & Ron, Sorry Bob, the surname Teevan isn't in my family tree so I have very little information, however what I do have may be of interest to Ron. The following is taken from the book "Rock of Faith" by Terence M. Currie, page 65. 100th Anniversary 1892-1992 St. Peter Celestine, Roman Catholic Church, Pakenham, Ontario. TEEVENS The Teevens family has left a number of connections through their marriages to other families in the parish. The original settler of that name was Daniel Teevens, Lot 11, Con 12, Fitzroy. He and his wife Elizabeth Newman (b. 1813) had five children: Daniel James, Mary, John, Ann and Patrick. Daniel James Teevens was first married in 1868 to Ann O'Neill: one of their children was a third Daniel Teevens. Daniel James' second wife, Mary Sheridan, died in childbirth in 1893. Daniel James' sister, Mary (d. 1913) was first Mrs. James O'Neill, by whom she had four children, and, after his death, Mrs. John Sherlock, with whom she had a further seven children. Her brother John married Mary Ellen O'Neill in 1874, while sister Anne became Mrs. Edmund Newton and Patrick, youngest of the family married Mary Louman / Luman. Dorothy
November 21, 2005:
LEE Surname in Ottawa and area
Hi Ron. My name is Dirk Lee (Montreal) My father was Donald Lee (Ottawa) 1929-2002. My grandfather was James Henry Lee (Harry) 1901-1990 Ottawa married to Eva Belle Byron 1903-1994. My other grandfather was Michael Joseph O'Reilly. 1883-1955 married to Lillian Marie Burton 1898-1932. I found my grandfather O'Reilly's grave at St-Michaels in Corkery, but I can not find my grandmother Burton's grave. I was told that maybe she was buried in Portage du Fort. If you have any other info, I would like to hear from you. ( Thank you for your time. Dirk Lee Montreal ___________________ Dirk: There was a Lee family in the Ottawa area (I think that Patrick Lee from Ireland) may have been the first to arrive here before 1830. Here is a church record from downtown Ottawa: 12 Sep 1831 Burial in the Catholic Church-yard at Bytown of the body of Bernard Lee from the Township of McNab (Renfrew County) who was accidentally killed by a fall off a horse on Sep 9, aged 29 yrs. William Crage / Craig? and James Daly M. Lalor, Priest Bernard Lee may have been from the Town of Arnprior, not far from the Behans and others mentioned above on this web page. The town was called Madawaska in the 1830's and was a major lumber depot at the confluence of the Madawaska and Ottawa Rivers. Maybe someone can add further information to this family. I'll check at St. Mike's at Corkery for Lees and Burtons. ... Al
November 22, 2007: New E-mail address for Dirk Lee: (incorporated in the list below ... Al)
May 10, 2009: Hi Al, I am responding to a query on left by Dirk Lee. Dirk's e-mail has been returned to me so I'm hoping he'll eventually see this reply and contact me at We are descendants of Edward Shannon and Mary Judge from Ross Township in Renfrew County. Michael Joseph O'Reilly was my greatgrandmother, Mary (Shannon) Nichol's, first cousin. Joseph's parents were Michael O'Rielly and Marguerite Shannon. Joseph's first wife, Lillian Burton, died shortly after childbirth in 1932 and my grandmother, Mary Elizabeth (Nichols) Graham, looked after the baby, Lillian Margaret Ann, for quite a while. I found the baptism at St. Patrick's in Ottawa for Lillian Burton who converted to a Catholic the day before her death, on 3 Nov 1932. She was buried at Portage-du-Fort on 5 Nov 1932. Marilyn Cottrell
July 27, 2012: HI Al & Taylor, Here are a few extracts from "The Vital Records of Upper Canada / Canada West Vol 3, Pt 1. Dalhousie District 1825-1869" that were passed on to me. P. 14 - Jno. FINNERS, 26, residing Huntley, born Goulbourn, son of Benjamin FINNERS and Mary MANTEL, TO Mary CORRIGAN, 20, residing Huntley, born Couty Kilkenny, daughter of Thomas CORRIGAN and Judith DELANEY. 9 Feb 1858. Rev. VAUGHAN. Wit. Jno. MANTEL / Mantle, of Huntley. P. 15 - William QUINN, 28, residing and born Huntley, son of James QUINN and Mary BONFIELD, to Ellen MEHAN, 22, residing and born Huntley, daughter of Mich'l MEHAN and Esther MANION. 30 Apr 1858. Rev. VAUGHAN. Wit. Jno. MAGRA, of Fitzroy. P. 23 - Laurence KENNEDY, 25, residing and born Huntley, son of Jno. KENNEDY and Margaret MANNION, to Johanna O'NEILL, 22, residing and born Ramsay Township, daugter of Jno. O'NEIL and Mary DRISCOLL. 8 Mar 1859. Rev. VAUGHAN. Wit. Edward KENNEDY of Huntley. P. 23 - Daniel SMYTH, 30 residing Pakenham, born Co. Cavan, son of Daniel SMYTH and Mary MULLIGAN, to Mary Mantel, 20, residing and born Huntley, daughter of James MANTEL and Margaret O'DONNELL. 14 Jun 1859. Rev. VAUGHAN. Wit Mark GOLDERICK, of Pakenham. P. 24 - Michael LOWE, 26, residing Huntley, born Co. Limerick, son of Samuel LOWE and Mary GRADY, to Ellen KENNEDY, 21, residing and born Huntley, daughter of Timothy KENNEDY and Mary O'KEEFE. 8 Nov 1859. Rev. VAUGHAN. Wit. Thomas KENNEDY, of Huntley. ... Dorothy Payne
November 6, 2013: Good Morning, My Name Is Brian Bourbeau, and I am the great grandson of Patrick and Elizabeth Bahan (nee O’Neil ). Patrick and Elizabeth gave birth to my grandmother, Annie Bridget Bahan. Annie then married Godfrey Goulet and they had 6 children. Godfrey died in 1943 and my grandmother died in 1960. What I find interesting is the fact that in the various census after Annie and Godfrey married, Godfrey is listed as French and Annie is listed as Irish but all their children are listed as only French. Unfortunately, I can find very little about Patrick Bahan and his family. Do you have any suggestions as to where I can find the info? Also, I am looking for any pictures of my Bahan ancestors and even my Goulet ancestors. None of my family appear to have any. As you can no doubt appreciate, I am new to ancestry research and if there is anything that you can suggest to help me I would appreciate it. ... Brian _____________________________________________________ Good afternoon, Brian: Al Lewis here from Bytown or Bust. Thanks for your e-mail regarding your Bahan, O’Neil and Goulet ancestors. I believe that during the early census records, the children’s ancestry was always given as that of the male head of household – this would be why the children of Annie and Godfrey would be listed as French. I think that there is quite a lot of information regarding the Behan / Bahan / Beahan family available. They came to the Ottawa area very early and are related to many of the pioneer families in this area.. One problem is that the spelling varies, so you will find all three spellings in different places in the records. Go to our web page at and you will see some information regarding the Behan / Bahan family. Also see the page at for some O’Neil info. There is also a book written by Jean Neil Broadfoot – it mentions the Goulet family as well. You will be able to find it by doing a search for Broadfoot at the catalogue of the Ottawa Branch of the Ottawa Genealogical Society. (I am a volunteer there and had a look at the book yesterday). Finally, is it OK with you if I add your e-mail to our web site as a contact for other researchers of the Bahan, O’Neil and Goulet families? Please let me know. You will have fun researching your ancestors and hopefully others will contact you along the way and help out. Thanks again for this. ... Al Lewis _______________________ Mr. Lewis, I have no problem with you adding my email address to your web site. Thank you for your reply and I certainly appreciate your valuable information. ... Brian Bourbeau

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