Carol Bennett McCuaig -- Research for Two New Books
(1) Beckwith Township Settlers Prior to 1842
(2) Lanark County Settlers from Carlow, Wexford and Kilkenny

September 1, 2006:

Carol Bennett McCuaig is currently working on two projects and would be delighted 
to hear from anyone who has information to share. In return, if she is able to 
contribute anything to their "wish lists" she will be glad to do so.

    The first project deals with families who were in Beckwith Township prior 
    to 1842, and the other has to do with the early settlers who came to Lanark 
    County from Carlow, Wexford and Kilkenny. The books will be similar in style to 
    some of her earlier works, such as The Lanark Society Settlers and 
    Peter Robinson's Settlers, and the Founding Families series for several Renfrew 
    County townships. No photos will be included.

    Carol lived in Beckwith Township for many years before moving to Renfrew County, 
    where she found that large numbers of the pioneers there had come from Beckwith 
    and adjoining townships. She jokingly suggests that her Beckwith book should be 
    titled Beckwith North!

    Having worked on these two projects for the past few months she has discovered 
    that many of the families were inter-related even before they left their country 
    of origin, and chain migrations often took place within families.

Carol can be contacted at R. R. 2, Renfrew, ON, K7V 3Z5. 
New May 16, 2010: Carol McCuaig’s new book, Leinster to Lanark, is now available. The book will retail for $35.00. A special offer is available for orders received before July 31: $30.00 per copy, or $25.00 each for two or more shipped to the same address. Please add $10.00 postage for the first book, plus an extra dollar for each additional book. Payment by cheque or money order to Carol McCuaig. 127 McCuaig Road, R. R. 2, Renfrew, ON, K7V E-mail Web address is
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