Trinity Anglican Church
and the Bear Brook (Bearbrook), Russell / Cumberland, area
in Ontario, Canada

August 14, 2005:

Trinity Anglican Church at Bear Brook, Ontario
This beautiful Gothic-style Church is on the Russell Road, east of Ottawa between Carlsbad Springs and Bourget. There is a very well-kept cemetery adjacent to the church. My wife updated the paint on one of her ancestors by marriage -- the lettering on almost all of the old stones of the pioneers have been painted. Can you spot the grave-marker painter in the picture, below? Here are some of the early names: Walsh, Fitzsimmons, Larmour, Lowe (County Westmeath), James, W. born in 1794 Daly, Marshall from County Carlow, Watson, Armstong, Magladry, John Anderson from County Fermanagh, born in 1804, Tanner, Latimer, Laing, Graham, McCurdy, Moffatt, Hayes, Hitsman, Richardson, Birch / Birtch, Coburn from County Wexford, John Colbert Sparrow (1828-1898) and his wife Lydia Hicks, Melvin and Serson. William John Sullivan and James Sullivan. Some of these early families were connected to families in Goulbourn, Nepean and Huntley Townships.

February 6, 2006: Hi Al, Thank you for your response. Certainly, please add my email as a contact to the Thomas Birtch / Birch page. You may be interested to know that my husband's grandmother, Jane Ann McRae, wife of Lancelot Robinson Burch, was the daughter of James Marcus Aitken Aurelius McRae and Susannah Smiley of Bearbrook, Ont. James was the s/o James McRae and Sarah Sherwood Roe. Sarah was the d/o Capt. John Roe of Clarence, Ont.. Susannah Smiley was the d/o John Smiley and Angelina Bryans. Quite a number of the pioneer settlers in our part of Manitoba came from Carleton and Russell Counties, particularly from Nepean Tp. Many of them are related to our relatives. Anyhow, although not actively researching any of the families mentioned, I have become the repository for genealogical information -- my growing database of descendants! In addition, I am able to send those interested in McRae or Roe to the appropriate people -- the ones who actually did the research. Our branch of the Birch family changed the spelling to Burch back in the time of Lancelot Robinson Burch Sr. He had trouble deciding which way to sign his name. Eleanor e-mail:
March 3, 2008: John Poaps has a web site for his Smiley ancestors in the Bearbrook area.
October 11, 2010:
Bear Brook , Bearbrook at Carlsbad Springs, Ontario, Canada
Keywords: Carlsbad Springs, Plantagenet Townships

New April 13, 2019: (post retirement) Source for next picture and text is National Capital Heritage, page 182 Keywords: Home of Andrew Wilson family at Bearbrook, John Hayes
Picture of Andrew Wilson House, Bearbrook, Ontario, Canada Description of of Andrew Wilson House, Bearbrook, Ontario, Canada

November 3, 2011: David Sullivan has researched the family of William JAMES who came from County Carlow, Ireland to Cumberland, Ontario and is buried in Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery.

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