99th Regiment of Foot

 June 14, 2011:



Debi Beaman and I have revised and added more descendants to this tree as far as we have been able to research. There may be 
some sons or daughters missing but these were the only ones we could find. I have worked on this family for several years 
with assistance from Vera Abercrombie, Peggy Burbidge, Janet Arthurs, Linda Bunn, Gerri Moore, Joyce Fingland and the dedicated 
Debi Beaman who has done many years of research finding birth, marriage and death certificates, obits, census etc. to 
authenticate the names, dates and some missing family and many thanks to all and any others that may have assisted us in this 
venture. It is impossible to have all dates accurate as some of church records do not agree with the dates on tombstones.

We are only giving two generations and a simple description of each descendant for this is only a guide to help people further 
research their own families.

We welcome any additional information that anyone can add to this family or corrections and will share any additional information 
that we may have. For more information on Keyes family refer to that family.

Helen Dunbar 
                                     Descendants of James Beaman

Generation No. 1

1.  JAMES BEAMAN  (JAMES1) was born Abt. 1789 in County Cork, Ireland, and died Aft. 1881.  He married ELIZABETH GODMAIR / GOODACRE.  
She was born Abt. 1790, and died Bef. 1871. James came from County of Cork in Ireland. He joined the Irish 99th Regiment of Foot and was 
a private in the 1812-14 War. He was posted to Lower Canada. In 1817 the 99th was stationed at St. Jean on the Richelieu. The Regiment 
was disbanded in Lower Canada (Quebec) during the summer of 1818. Many of the members accepted the offer of land, tools, seed and 
household items from the government. The families travelled by bateaux to the Upper Ottawa River, then from there the men cut a road 
across to the Goodwood River (Jock) to the site of what became the town of Richmond, Ont., in which area the men received their land grants. 
James Beaman received a grant of land of 100 acres in 1821, the east half of Lot 12, Conc. 2, in Goulbourn Twp. It is believed that James
was married prior to coming to Richmond and we understand he arrived in Richmond about 1820. We have not been able to find a record of 
their deaths and burials. Elizabeth was in the 1861 census but in 1871 James was described as a widower. He is shown in the 1881 census 
as being 84 years of age.
	i.	JOHN3 BEAMAN, b. 9 July 1816, Montreal, Que.; d. Must have died young.
2.	ii.	JOSEPH BEAMAN, b. 25 July 1818, Lower Canada (Que.); d. 3 February 1879, Marlborough Township, Carleton Co., Ont.
3.	iii.	JANE (JINNY) BEAMAN, b. 2 September 1821, Richmond; d. 5 May 1921, Munster, Ontario.
	iv.	ALICE BEAMAN, b. Abt. 1823; d. 1863; m. ROBERT WILLIAM (M.D.) EVANS, 2 September 1847, Listed in Perth Courier; b. 1816, 
	Living in Richmond in 1851 census; d. 1863, Obit in Canadian Lancet.
4.	v.	MARY ANNE BEAMAN, b. 24 February 1824, Upper Canada; d. 1 April 1909, R.M. of Turtle Mountain, Selkirk, Manitoba.
5.	vi.	JAMES BEAMAN, b. July 1826, Goulbourn Twp, Ont.; d. 10 October 1881, North Gower, Ont. 54 yrs. 4 months.
6.	vii.	THOMAS BEAMAN, b. 4 May 1828, Goulbourn Twp, Ont.; d. 30 November 1913, San Diego, California, USA.
7.	viii.	JOHN BEAMAN, b. Abt. 1834; d. 5 October 1921, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
8.	ix.	ANDREW TAYLOR BEAMAN, b. 1835, Goulbourn Twp, Ont.; d. 28 August 1898, Springfield, Selkirk, Manitoba, Canada.

Generation No. 2

2.  JOSEPH3 BEAMAN (JAMES2, JAMES1) was born 25 July 1818 in Lower Canada (Que.), and died 3 February 1879 in Marlborough Twp, Carleton 
Co., Ont.  He married ANNE SUSAN PETTAPIECE 27 February 1845 in Marlborough Twp., Ont., daughter of WILLIAM PETTAPIECE and ANN MORRISON.  
She was born 27 April 1825 in Ireland, and died 21 January 1914 in Marlborough Twp., Carleton Co., Ont.  Joseph and Anne farmed in 
Marlborough Twp., Carleton Co. They were both buried in Malakoff Cemetery.
	i.	ELIZABETH4 BEAMAN, b. 26 July 1846, Marl. Twp., Ont.; d. 15 March 1946, Kemptville; m. ALEXANDER ROBIN POWELL, 17 April 1865, 
	Methodist Church, Ont.; b. 1 November 1840, Lough Eske, Ireland; d. 8 August 1922, Kemptville. Alexander came with his parents 
	and family from Ireland to Marlborough Twp. Carleton County, when he was two years of age,  where they farmed. Alexander purchased 
	Lot 14, Conc. 1, Marborough Twp. along the Rideau River, on Dec. 15, 1866, where he and Elizabeth resided  until 1901 when they 
	moved to Kemptville and lived in a large stone house on North Main St. which later became a nursing home. They celebrated their
    Golden Wedding on April 17, 1915, with their eight adult children present. At the time of his death of a large family of 22 only 
	one brother, George, survived him.

	ii.	JAMES BEAMAN, b. 22 February 1849, Marl. Twp.; d. 9 November 1912, North Gower Twp, Ont; m. MARY JANE VAUGHAN, 24 March 1875; 
	b. 20 November 1850, Marlborough Twp., Ont; d. 21 October 1936. James was a farmer. Death was caused by Brain concussion from a 
	kick by a horse on Nov. 4, 1912. She lived in Ottawa after James's death. Burial: Rideauvale Cem., Kars.

	iii.	WILLIAM DELAFIELD BEAMAN, b. 4 May 1851, Marlborough Twp., Ont; d. 8 February 1928, Windsor, Essex County; m. ELIZABETH 
	(LIZZIE) RUTHERFORD COLEMAN, 6 September 1877; b. 3 September 1856, Grenville Co.; d. 20 April 1934, Essex Co. William attended 
	Richmond Grammar School and Toronto Normal School and taught public school in Kemptville, Ont. for four years and public schools 
	in Carleton Co. for four more years. In 1877 he moved to Essex Twp. where he engaged in the grocery and feed business for twelve
    years and was later a scrivener and conveyancer of land. In 1880 he was appoint Justice of the Peace and in 1895 he received the 
	appointment of police magistrate. He was also an insurance agent of Essex. 
    Burial: North Ridge Cem., Ont.

	iv.	SUSAN ANN BEAMAN, b. 18 April 1853, Marl. Twp.; d. 22 April 1924, Essex Co., Ont; m. JOHN MOFFAT HICKS, 15 February 1876, 
	North Gower; b. 25 February 1849, County Cavan; d. 2 July 1930, Essex. He emigrated from County Cavan, Ireland to Canada with 
	his parents in 1854 settling in Carleton County. He farmed as a young man but later started as a cheesemaker in Carleton Co. which 
	he continued for five years as a journeyman. In 1876 he went to Essex and bought a farm which he retained for a year, then engaged 
	in a grocery and bakery business, and a feed store, which he operated for 25 years, he also operated a meat market for a few years. 
	He bought a property in 1876 and erected a block which he later rented. He retired in 1901. He also owned a farm in Colchester North.
    Burial: United Cemetery, Beckwith Township

	v.	JOHN BEAMAN, b. 15 March 1855, Marl. Twp.; d. 24 April 1855, Marlborough Twp. Burial: Cem. Malakoff

	vi.	MARGARET JANE BEAMAN, b. 14 March 1856, Marl. Twp.; d. 9 April 1896, Marl. Twp.; m. WILLIAM MCCULLA JR., 16 September 1877, 
	North Gower; b. 19 February 1856, Marlborough Twp., Ont.; d. 1 June 1939, Marlborough Twp. William farmed in Marlborough Township. 
	He later married Elizabeth Wilson (1863-1949), daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Wilson. St. James Ang. Church Burial: Malakoff Cem.

	vii.	THERESA ANN BEAMAN, b. 13 October 1858, Marl. Twp.; d. 17 October 1870, Marl. Twp. Died from Dyptheria. Burial: Malakoff Cem.

	viii.	JOSEPH ALBERT BEAMAN, b. 16 March 1860, Marlborough Twp; d. 3 February 1894, Marl. Twp.; m. ELECTA (LETTY) MARGARET PRATT, 
	1 July 1884, Ottawa, Ont.; b. 6 August 1863; d. 29 August 1903, Malakoff.
    Joseph farmed on the East half of Lot 5, Conc. 6, in Marlborough Township. He died after a fall on the ice and sustained internal 
	injuries from which he suffered intense agony that could only be checked by the use of morphine.
    Burial: Cem. Malakoff

	ix.	MARY CAROLINE BEAMAN, b. 16 April 1862, Marl. Twp.; d. 25 June 1869, Marlborough Twp. Burial: Cem. Malakoff

	x.	GEORGE ANDREW BEAMAN, b. 15 March 1865, Marl. Twp.  Tombstone date 1865; d. 6 February 1940, Marl. Twp; m. AGNES MOORE MACKEY, 
	6 June 1894, Marlborough Twp.; b. 17 January 1868; d. 17 August 1946.
    George farmed in Marlborough Twp., Carleton Co., on the Beaman homestead and was active in public affairs for many years. He was a 
	trustee of Pierce's Corners School for sometime, treasurer of the township and served as reeve from 1907 to 1911. He was later 
	township clerk for twenty
    years. He was treasurer and life member of the Corinthian Lodge (a branch of the Orange Lodge).
    Burial: Malakoff United Cem.

	xi.	SON (INFANT) BEAMAN, b. 1869; d. 1869.

	xii.	HENRIETTA (HETTIE) ANN BEAMAN, b. 11 April 1870, Marl. Twp.; d. 8 December 1895, Marl. Twp. (Tuberculosis); m. RUSSELL DIXON, 
	8 February 1893, North Gower; b. 1866.  HENRIETTA Buried Malakoff Cem.
    Russell was a son of Robert Dixon and Mary Fennell of North Gower. Henrietta and Russell Dixon had one son born in 1894 and he died 
	July 14, 1898 in Malakoff at 4 years of age. Henrietta was married for about three years and died from consumption. Russell was 
	remarried on Nov. 3, 1898 to Miss Minum of New York, USA.

3.  JANE (JINNY)3 BEAMAN (JAMES2, JAMES1) was born 2 September 1821 in Richmond, and died 5 May 1921 in Munster, Ont..  She married 
ROBERT HERBERT MCELROY 1 March 1853 in St. John's Ang., Richmond, Ont., son of HENRY MCELROY and JOHANNA CHAMBERS.  He was born 
18 August 1816 in Fermoy, County Cork, Ireland, and died 1902.
The cemetery records give date of birth of Jinny as Dec. 2,  1820. The other birth record is from Anglican Archives. The tombstone in 
Munster shows birth 1820  and death 1902. We also have a note that Robert died on the Jock River  July 2, 1903, son of Henry and 
Johanna McElroy from County Fermanagh, Ireland, and they had three children,
Burial: Munster Union
	i.	ELIZABETH4 MCELROY, b. 1855; d. 17 September 1934.
Burial: Munster Union Cem.

	ii.	JAMES MCELROY, b. 24 November 1857; d. 2 June 1881; m. ANN JANE GRAHAM; b. 1841; d. 7 January 1929.
Burial: Munster Union Cem.

	iii.	JOHN MCELROY, b. 1859; d. 1944; m. ELIZABETH GRAHAM; b. 1858; d. 1934. Burial: Munster Union Cemetery

4.  MARY ANNE3 BEAMAN (JAMES2, JAMES1) was born 24 February 1824 in Upper Canada, and died 1 April 1909 in R.M. of Turtle 
Mountain, Selkirk, Manitoba.  She married JAMES KEYES 30 June 1851.  He was born 1831 in North Gower, Ont. He was a 
farmer in North Gower Twp., Carleton Co.
Children of MARY BEAMAN and JAMES KEYES are:
	i.	MARY ANN4 KEYES, b. 1854.

	ii.	ELIZABETH KEYES, b. 27 April 1856, Marl. Twp. Carleton Co., Ont; d. 27 March 1932, Egreville, (Vegreville ?) Alta; 
	m. (1) GEORGE FERGUSON, 21 August 1879, Ottawa, Ont; b. 31 July 1849, Bathurst Twp., Lanark County, Ont; d. 5 May 1919, 
	Vegreville, Alta; m. (2) JOSEPH MARTIN, JR., December 1922; b. 5 April 1851, Osgoode Twp. Carleton Co. 
	Burial: Riverside Cem., Vegreville, Alta.

	iii.WILLIAM JOHN KEYES, b. 21 August 1858, Goulbourn Twp, Ont; d. 5 June 1943, Sacramento, California, USA; m. FRANCES F. HUMPHREY; 
	b. 11 April 1859; d. 2 March 1943, Turtle Mountain, Selkirk, Man.

	iv.	ALFRED KEYES, b. Abt. 1860; d. Died in infancy.

	v.	JAMES HENRY KEYES, b. 1861, Goulbourn Twp, Ont; d. 6 March 1943, North Vancouver, British Columbia.; m. SARAH CONSTABLE, 
	15 September 1885, Winnipeg, Man. 

	vi.	MATILDA MAUD KEYES, b. 6 October 1868, Goulbourn, Carleton Co.,Ont; d. 6 July 1935, Lorne, Manitoba; m. RICHARD JAMES TALBOT; 
	b. 11 August 1868, Bayfield, Ont.; d. 18 August 1928, RM of Morton, Man.

5.  JAMES3 BEAMAN (JAMES2, JAMES1) was born July 1826 in Goulbourn Twp, Ont., and died 10 October 1881 in North Gower, Ont. 54 yrs. 4 months.  
He married THERESA JANE VAUGHAN 19 January 1849 in Christ Church, (Ottawa), daughter of WILLIAM VAUGHAN and JANE COPELAND.  She was born 
28 June 1829 in Goulbourn Twp., Ont, and died 30 August 1912 in Ottawa. He was a school master in Goulbourn Twp. and in North Gower Twp. 
He was the Clerk of the Township of North Gower, Division Court Clerk, a Magistrate, Coroner, Commissioner and Notary Public. 
Burial: Union Cem., North Gower, Ont; 
	i.	WILLIAM VAUGHAN4 BEAMAN, b. 3 October 1849, Richmond, Ont; d. 22 March 1896, New York; m. REBECCA ELLEN O'LOUGHLIN, 24 August 1880, 
	Holy Trinity Church, Ont.; b. 12 April 1851, Kingston, Ont; d. 18 January 1919, Kingston, Ont. He was at various times listed as being 
	a Notary Public, a Township Clerk, a Court Clerk and a writer, living at North Gower.  He died at Metropolitan Hospital, in New York 
	of consumption and was buried in Cypress Hill Cem., Brooklyn, New York, USA. Burial: Cypress Hill Cem., Brooklyn, N.Y.
The first couple married in the new church erected in 1879. The licence was issued by the groom's father. They were married by the father 
of the bride assisted by Rev.H. Poleard of Ottawa and Rev. William Read. She died of carcinoma of the breast, from which she had 
suffered for two years.
REBECCA Buried: Cataraqui, Ont.

	ii.	ELIZABETH 'HANNA' JANE BEAMAN, b. 2 June 1851; m. LESTER ELIJAH HOLDEN, 3 March 1868, Kemptville, Ont.; b. 12 April 1843, 
	North Augusta, Ont.; d. 1904, Saginaw, Michigan, USA.

	iii. JANE BEAMAN, b. 21 March 1853, North Gower Twp., Ont.; m. WILLIAM 'HUGH' WILSON, 4 July 1888; b. 8 September 1858, Huntley Township, 
	Ont.; d. 1940, Ottawa, Ont. Burial: Kars United Cem.

	iv.	JAMES HENRY BEAMAN, b. 1 June 1860, North Gower Twp, Ont; d. 2 September 1886. He died of Tuberculosis. He was a school teacher 
	in North Gower.  Burial: Union Cem., North Gower, Ont.

	v.	MELISSA A. BEAMAN, b. 31 December 1861, North Gower Twp, Ont; d. 21 September 1884, North Gower Twp, Ont; m. THOMAS H. MILLS, 
	23 October 1883; b. Abt. 1856. Melissa Burial: Union Cem., North Gower, Ont.

	vi.	GEORGE JOHNSTON BEAMAN, b. 8 September 1864; d. 8 February 1901, Ottawa, Ont; m. MARGARET A. GRAHAM, Abt. 1897; b. 1875.
        He died of Tuberculosis.  He resided for five years in Ottawa, two years a conductor of Ottawa Electric Road. Only one 
		brother survived him. 

	vii.	JOHN VAUGHAN BEAMAN, b. 25 July 1866, North Gower Twp, Ont; d. 2 November 1886, North Gower, Ont. from Tuberculosis.

	viii.	JANE ANN TERESA BEAMAN, b. 16 April 1869, North Gower Twp, Ont.
            She was not shown in 1881 census.

	ix.	ERNEST EDWARD BEAMAN, b. 30 April 1872, North Gower Twp, Ont.; d. 21 September 1940, Ottawa, Ont.; m. FANNY DRYNAN;  
	b. 13 June 1873, North Gower Twp, Ont; d. 13 April 1909, North Gower Twp, Ont. They lived at North Gower, Lot 20, Conc. 3.
    He was an Anglican. Another birth date Aug. 31, 1872. Fanny died six days after giving birth to Robert Alexander.

6.  THOMAS3 BEAMAN (JAMES2, JAMES1) was born 4 May 1828 in Goulbourn Twp, Ont., and died 30 November 1913 in San Diego, CA.  
He married JANE GARVIN 28 October 1862 in Goulbourn Twp. Carleton Co., Ont., daughter of ROBERT GARVIN and SARAH VAUGHAN.  
She was born 28 January 1843 in Born on the High Sea's from Ireland, and died in Living in 1920 in San Diego, California, USA.  
She emigrated to San Deigo, Cal. in 1907 with her children, Thomas and Iva Ray.
Children of THOMAS BEAMAN and JANE GARVIN are:
	i.	ELIZABETH4 BEAMAN, b. 9 June 1863, Goulbourn Twp, Ont.; d. San Diego, CA; m. CYRUS FRANKLIN BROWN; b. 8 June 1871, Lived at Fall Brook, 
	San Diego Co. CA; d. 8 May 1948. They lived in Fall Brook, San Diego Co., California

	ii.	JAMES BEAMAN, b. 25 January 1865, Goulbourn Twp., Ont; d. 28 February 1957, Burns Lake, British Columbia, Canada.

	iii.	SARAH JANE (SADIE) BEAMAN, b. 27 July 1866, Goulbourn Twp, Ont; d. San Diego, CA. She emigrated to San Deigo, CA in 1905.

	iv.	MARIA BEAMAN, b. 30 September 1868, Goulbourn Twp, Ont; d. 26 August 1890, Goulbourn Twp, Ont. Burial: Rideauvale Cem., Kars, Ont

	v.	ROBERT EDWIN BEAMAN, b. 1 October 1870, Goulbourn Twp, Ont.

	vi.	WILLIAM BEAMAN, b. 4 December 1872; d. 21 May 1955, San Diego, CA.

	vii.	THOMAS 'ARTHUR' BEAMAN, b. 24 February 1875, Goulbourn Twp., Carleton Co. Ont.; d. 4 July 1971, San Diego, CA - Single.
    Thomas emigrated to San Diego in 1907, he was a superintentent.

	viii.	MELVILLE HILL BEAMAN, b. 12 June 1879, Richmond, Ont; d. 19 May 1946; m. MARY ELIZABETH WILSON; b. October 1876, Manotick; 
	d. 28 February 1941, Ottawa, Ont. Burial: Beechwood Cem., Ottawa

	ix.	IVA REA BEAMAN, b. 17 March 1881, Goulbourn Twp., Carleton Co. Ont.; d. 14 February 1966, San Diego, CA. - Single.  
	In 1930 US census. Thomas and Iva Rae were living together.

	x.	GERTRUDE BEAMAN, b. 30 April 1883, North Gower, Carleton Co., Ont.; d. 15 June 1883.

	xi.	ANNIE GERTRUDE BEAMAN, b. 30 July 1884, North Gower Twp, Ont; d. 3 July 1969, San Diego, CA; m. LEON H. FOX; 
	b. 8 August 1878, Wilmington, Vermont, U.S.; d. 24 February 1960, San Diego, CA.

	xii.	LULA AGNES BEAMAN, b. 13 October 1887, North Gower, Ont.; d. 16 May 1987, Los Angeles, CA; m. FRED M. WHITE; b. 31 October 1886.

7.  JOHN3 BEAMAN (JAMES2, JAMES1) was born Abt. 1834, and died 5 October 1921 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S..  He married ISABELLA MCLAUCHLAN 
14 September 1860, daughter of JOHN MCLAUCHLAN and ELIZABETH UNKNOWN.  She was born Abt. 1842 in Franktown, Ontario, and died 
3 September 1920 in Chicago, Cook, Illinois, U.S.
	i.	ELIZABETH CALVAELLA BEAMAN, b. 17 September 1861, Richmond, Ont.; d. 1938; m. ANDREW YORK, 3 September 1885, Carleton Co. Ont.; 
	b. 1858; d. 1903. Burial: Springhill Cem. Osgoode Township

	ii.	ANDREW WILLIAM BEAMAN, b. 12 July 1863; d. Cook, Illinois, U.S..

	iii.	JAMES BEAMAN, b. 19 March 1865, Richmond, Ont; d. 2 September 1886.

	iv.	THOMAS CORTERRELT BEAMAN, b. 29 July 1868, Richmond, Ont.

	v.	HENRY MCELROY BEAMAN, b. 4 June 1871, Richmond, Ont.

	vi.	CHARLES BEATTY PETIT BEAMAN, b. 15 July 1873, Richmond, Ont.

	vii.	DANIEL BEATTY BEAMAN, b. 9 March 1877, Richmond, Ont.; d. 1912, Cook, Illinois, U.S.

	viii.	ANNA I. BEAMAN, b. 31 March 1882, Ontario; d. 19 November 1971, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

8.  ANDREW TAYLOR BEAMAN (JAMES2, JAMES1) was born 1835 in Goulbourn Twp, Ont., and died 28 August 1898 in Springfield, Selkirk, Manitoba Canada.  
He married (1) ELIZABETH DAVIS Abt. 1855.  She was born 1835, and died 26 November 1876 in Goulbourn Twp, Ont.  He married 
(2) CHARLOTTE ANN CASSIDY 6 May 1886 in Merrickville, Ontario, daughter of JAMES CASSIDY and AGNES GREEN.  She was born 
1857, and died 1892. ELIZABETH DAVIS Burial: Richmond Anglican Cem., Ont.
CHARLOTTE ANN CASSIDY: Burial: Munster Union Cem.
	i.	THOMAS JAMES4 BEAMAN, b. 20 May 1856, Goulbourn Twp, Ont; d. 25 July 1940, Manitoba, Can.; m. LAURA HAIKNEY, 24 November 1909; 
	b. March 1889, Wallsend, Tyne, Northumberland, U.K.; d. 2 October 1918, Winnipeg, Man.

	ii.	JOHN BEAMAN, b. May 1858; d. 9 August 1927, Victoria, B.C.  In Manitoba Deaths John Beaman born May 6, 1859 d. Aug. 9, 1927 
	in Winnipeg, Manitoba

	iii.	ELIZABETH BEAMAN, b. 20 January 1862, Goulbourn Twp, Ont.; d. 22 December 1946, Ottawa, Ont.; m. DANIEL DOURAS, 
	24 February 1892;
    b. 15 January 1863; d. 27 July 1931.

	iv.	JOSEPH E. BEAMAN, b. 1864; m. (1) KATHERINE MATHESON, 10 December 1903; b. 11 November 1878, Man.; 

	v.	IDA JANE BEAMAN, b. 19 October 1866, 1911 census were living in Winnipeg; d. 21 February 1945, Winnipeg, Man.; 
	m. WILLIAM HENRY COLBERT, 16 December 1896, Winnipeg, Man.; b. 31 December 1864; d. 1942, Winnipeg, Man. According to 
	Order of Eastern Star (Manitoba) she was Grand Worthy Matron of the Grand Chapter of Manitoba of Eastern Star in 1924.

	vi.	ISABELLA BEAMAN, b. 11 April 1868, Ont.; m. JOHN MCINTOSH; b. 1873, Man.

	vii.	WILLIAM ANDREW BEAMAN, b. 10 July 1871, Goulbourn Twp, Ont.; m. MABEL JANE HILL; b. 18 September 1880, Mariposa, 
	Victoria, British Columbia ; d. 2 February 1931, Winnipeg, Man.

	viii.	ALICE BEAMAN, b. 2 December 1873; d. 18 June 1950, Winnipeg, Man.; m. ALEXANDER HUDSON, 21 November 1903; 
	b. 27 June 1876; d. 13 April 1959, Victoria, B.C..

	ix.	MILTON BEAMAN, b. 26 November 1876; d. 19 June 1965, Vancouver, B.C; m. RUTH.

	x.	WILBERT JASON4 BEAMAN, b. 13 December 1889, in Winnipeg, Man. at date of marriage, Electrical Eng.; d. Abt. 1983; 
	m. EVELYN MARY PELTON, 26 September 1917, St. Josephs Catholic Church, Ottawa; b. 13 November 1887, Ottawa, Ont. 
	On his marriage records it said he was and Anglican and an Electrical Eng. and living in Winnipeg.

Thanks to Debi for this picture of Harold and E. Stuart Beaman on the farm in North Gower. (Early 1900's). Harold and E. Stuart Beaman, early 1900's

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