Abraham Hobson D'ARCY / DARCY
County Wicklow, Ireland to Ontario, Canada in 1851
Durham County and later to Minto Township in Wellington County

New January 18, 2010:

Good Morning,
I noticed you don't mention the Darcy (D'Arcy) family from Knocknaboley, Wicklow County in your list of immigrants to Ontario.  
My Great-grandfather, Abraham Hobson Darcy, came to Durham County in 1851 with his widowed Mother, Catherine Hobson Darcy 
and his five brothers.  We have a picture of the 6 brothers that may be of interest.  Abraham Hobson D'Arcy moved to Minto 
Township in Wellington County where he had a farm and where my Grandfather, William Henry D'Arcy was born.  I have a picture 
of the farm in Ontario. I have visited the ancestral home in Knocknaboley as well as the graves of the ancestors in Hackettstown.  

What would I have to do to get this family listed as immigrants to Ontario from the Cooley Estate?

I hope some of the other D'Arcy descendants who I have sent this email will also contribute some information on their 
families in the 1800's.  I think it very good you keep to that time period and the begetting gets pretty intense 
and the information would be never ending.
Thank you,
Jeanette D'Arcy Neagu

The list to which Jeanette refers contains persons who were assisted to leave the Fitzwilliam Estate (Coolattin) between 1846 and 1854.
The list, which was compiled by Anne Burgess, names many of these families who settled in the Ottawa area of Canada.
... Al

                                                 Joseph Elias D'ARCY with his wife Essy Ann                                          
                                                           and son, Benjamin                                   Benjamin DARCY
Joseph Elias D'Arcy, wife Essy Ann, Son Benjamin Benjamin DARCY
DARCY Homestead in Knocknaboley, County Wicklow. Ireland

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