Benjamin BARTON
County Fermanagh, Ireland to Goulbourn Township, Upper Canada
ML# 340 on the McCabe List

August 8, 2002:
Benjamin BARTON from County Fermanagh, Ireland was in the Bytown area by 1829. (ML# 340). 

His father, who was still in Ireland, was named William.

Benjamin Barton may have been a brother of John Barton.
July 10, 2011: The family of Benjamin Barton was of mixed religion. Below, Benjamin appears as a witness in 1829 to a marriage at Notre Dame Cathedral on Sussex Drive (Roman Catholic) and according to Ellen Faulkner (see e-mail below), he is buried in the Anglican cemetery at Stanley's Corners. 21 Sep 1829 Marriage of Anthony Douley / Dooley? / Dolan? of the Township of Huntley and Mary Monahan of the same township Witnesses: Benjamin Barton (ML# 340) and William May Angus McDonell, Parish Priest At least two Barton children were married at St. Philip's RC Church in Richmond. 23 February Baptism of Isaac, born 2 April 1837, son of Thomas Barton and Catherine Byrnes. The sponsors were Jeremiah Byrnes (99th, from County Wicklow) & Judith Murphy (married). 14 October 1839 Reception of the abjuration and reception into the Catholic Church of Ellen Barton. Witnesses: Patrick Larkin and Bridget Kelly. 14 October Marriage at Richmond of James Devine to Ellen Barton. Witnesses: Patrick Larkin and Bridget Kelly Here is Ellen's e-mail: Hi, I am also interested in knowing more about the Barton family. The Bartons were our neighbours on Faulkner Trail (The Forced Road, Stittsville). Their house still stands. As a youngster I recall meeting two elderly women (possibly sisters) who lived in the house. When they passed on the house became a rental for a number of years. I think perhaps the James family later purchased the land? It is now owned by a couple who have restored the house. Benjamin Barton's gravestone is at the Stanley's Corner's graveyard (the old St. Thomas Anglican Church). Here is a link to the gravestone markers in the cemetery: Link: Notice that Maud Barton is buried with her husband, Milton Seabrook. The Barton land is also recorded in the Carleton County Belden Atlas, 1879. Yours very truly, ... Ellen Faulkner
June 22, 2014: Hello Al, I believe this picture may have been taken on the Benjamin Barton Family property, concession 8, Stittsville. The original house is still standing on Faulkner Trail. I wonder if anyone interested in the Barton family would be able to identify this picture? I estimate this picture may have been taken around 1860 however there was no date written on the back and no names listed. The Barton's were living on the property in 1879 as they were still listed in the Belden Atlas at that time. The James family purchased this property from the Bartons. Thanks, Ellen Faulkner
Likely photo of the Benjamin Barton house, c. 1860, Goulbourn Township

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