Barry's Bay, Ontario, Canada
History and Genealogy

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

January 22, 2010:

The Opeongo Line (dashed line on the map below) was surveyed in 1852 by Robert Bell. It's purpose was to provide access for settlers travelling from the town of Renfrew to Barry's Bay, Wilno (mostly Polish settlers) and Eganville. Map Source: The Upper Ottawa Valley - A Glimpse of History, page 148. Opeongo Line at Barry's Bay, Ontario, Canada
Hi Al There is a small Genealogy group in Barry's Bay who are trying to find a permanent location and expand the membership. I know some of the ladies in the group and they have done much research on different families in the area and a number of books have been printed of specific families. They have also photographed a number of cemeteries . I have purchased a number of the books locally. One book that I found to be excellent was titled 'Kashubia to Canada - Crossing on the Agda " This book which includes over 300 pictures and history, chronicals about 200 families who crossed on the Bark Agda in 1872 from West Prussia to Canada. They joined other family members in Renfrew and walked up the Opeongo Line to settle in the area of Wilno and Brudenell . They were the first families of many who are still in the area. This book and I believe others were written by the author who I think still lives in the area. Her name is Shirley Mask Connolly. If you are asked for more information I plan to join up with the genealogy group after March but know some of the members who work with me. They are really the experts. Thanks again for the documents. Darlene Sernoskie
Windsor Hotel owned by James Drohan in 1901. Photo Source: The Upper Ottawa Valley - A Glimpse of History, page 168.
Windsor Hotel at Barry's Bay, Ontario, Canada, 1901
In 1912, the steamboat Mayflower, owned by John C. Hudson, sank in Lake Kamaniskeg (Aboriginal name for "Wild Goose") near Barry's Bay. There is an excellent write-up of this event on page 180 of The Upper Ottawa Valley - A Glimpse of History, including the names of the nine persons who lost their lives.
Steamboat Mayflower at Barry's Bay, Ontario, Canada

The Ottawa Citizen ran an article about the accident on November 16, 1912 The complete article is available in the Ottawa Citizen Archives. Steamboat Mayflower sinks in November 1912

New March 6, 2014: Here is a terrific photograph of Spectacle Lake near Barry's Bay. Ian White took this photo in the fall of 2011. This area is close to Algonquin Park and depictions of the landscape of the area were made famous by the artist Tom Thompson and the Group of Seven painters.
Spectacle Lake, Ontario, Canada, photo by Ian White, 2011

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