The Barriere Nation Cree Band
North of Ottawa, Ontario and then North of Maniwaki, Quebec

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

New February 13, 2016:

Leonard Lee Rue III's "Barrière Indians" was published in The Beaver magazine in the August 1961 edition.

Mike Dufour from the Facebook group "Fort Coulonge, La Passe, and Westmeath History Forum" has sent to me, through 
Facebook, a copy of this very interesting article as it was reprinted in the Ottawa Journal on 
June 23, 1962, pg.39.

This band is called the Tete Boules. I thought originally that this, in English, meant Bald Heads, as in "shaven" 
but have since (after reading the article below) discovered that it means Round Heads.

About twenty years ago on an annual fishing trip north of Maniwaki, we went to an area called "The Camatose" 
for about 5 days. After about day two, we were visited by canoe by a group of Barriere Lake First Nations folks.
This was near the Cabonga Reservoir. They were interesting and fun people. That was the trip when we were trolling 
for walleyes, far from shore, and a large moose swam across the bow of the boat on his way to a large island. Not a 
camera in the boat! Honest! Every hour or so, we would hear yelling from all directions: "Lac This, Lac That, Lac Whatever" 
as various lumbermen, fishermen or First Nations members called out loudly to indicate where they were located.
Long before cell phones and very effective where voices carry for miles.

The Barriere Lake Cree First Nation Band, page 1
The Barriere Lake Cree First Nation Band, page 2
The Barriere Lake Cree First Nation Band, page 3 The Barriere Lake Cree First Nation Band, page 4
The Barriere Lake Cree First Nation Band, page 5
Note: We have met Mr. Makakons before -- he is featured as a birch bark canoe builder. Here he is in 1959: David Makakons, Barriere Lake Cree canoe builder

Thanks to Jacques E. Bertrand who posted this link to a National Film Board film about Cesar Newashish, a 67 year old man who passes along his amazing skill and artistry as he builds a birch bark canoe from scratch. Mr. Newashish is a member of the Tete Boule branch of the Cree First Nations. See ... Allan Lewis
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