Patrick BARRETT and (1) Sarah BURKE and (2) Ann FLYNN
Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland to Bytown and Western Quebec, Canada
ML# 170 on the McCabe List

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

January 24, 2005:

I am interested in Patrick BARRETT (1793-1889) and Ann Flynn (1804-1888). Noticed them on your webpage.

Here are Patrick and Ann, living in Hull (Gatineau) in 1881:

1881 Census Place:	Hull, Ottawa County, Quebec, Canada
	Source:	FHL Film 1375861  NAC C-13225  Dist 97  SubDist Z  Div 1  Page 19  Family 77
			Sex	Marr	Age	Origin	Birthplace	Occ	Religion
Thomas BARRETT		M	M	36	Irish	Quebec		Farmer	Catholic	
Mary BARRETT		F	M	35	Irish	Quebec			Catholic	
Patrick BARRETT		M		5	Irish	Quebec			Catholic	
Anna B. BARRETT		F		3	Irish	Quebec			Catholic	
George BARRETT		M		1	Irish	Quebec			Catholic	
Patrick BARRETT		M	M	82	Irish	Ireland			Catholic	
Ann BARRETT		F	M	75	Irish	Ireland			Catholic
and Patrick's brother, Peter:
1881 Census Place:	Gatineau, Ottawa County, Quebec, Canada
	Source:	FHL Film 1375861  NAC C-13225  Dist 97  SubDist CC  Page 26  Family 134
			Sex	Marr	Age	Origin		Birthplace	Occ		Religion
Peter BARRET T		M	M	70	Irlandais	Ireland		Cordonissier	Catholique	
Mary BARRETT		F	M	68	Anglais		Quebec				Catholique	
Mary BARRETT		F		85	Irlandais	Ireland				Catholique	
Catherine BARRETT	F		50	Irlandais	Ireland				Catholique	
Thomas BARRETT		M		30	Irlandais	Quebec		Cordonnier	Catholique	
Peter BARRETT		M		25	Irlandais	Quebec		Cordonnier	Catholique	
Julia BARRETT		F		20	Irlandais	Quebec				Catholique

Three Barrett brothers may have come from Kilbride, County Mayo and show up on the 1829 McCabe List.

After working on the Rideau Canal, they spent some time in the early 1830's at Long Island then 
migrated to the Buckingham and Templeton areas where they are connected to the O'Donnell, Lavel, Corrigan and Burke 
February 13, 2005: Thanks to Bonnie for the following update regarding Patrick Barrett: 1. Patrick Barrett, b. 1793 in Kilbride (Ballycastle) Co. Mayo, Ireland, (son of 4 brothers/cousins) d. 30 Dec 1890 in Cantley, Quebec, St. Elizabeth Catholic Church, buried 02 Jan 1891 in Cantley, Quebec St. Elizabeth Catholic Church. In 1881 he was 82 living with son Thomas, farmer at Hull Ottawa Quebec. He married (1) Sarah Burke, married 11 Feb 1834 in Notre Dame Cathedral, Ottawa, Upper Canada, b. in Doonfeeny, Co. Mayo, Ireland. He married (2) Ann Flynn, b. 1804, d. 12 Jun 1888. Ann: In 1881 she was 75 living with her husband at their son's farm. Children: i Catherine Barrett, b. ca 1836 in Quebec. ii Mary Barrett, b. 1838, d. 20 June 1874 in Quebec. 2. iii Thomas Barrett b. 14 Apr 1845. 3. iv Ann Barrett b. 1847. v Julia Barrett, b. 1852 in Quebec. She married Thomas Dawson, b. 6 May 1850 in Quebec. Second Generation 2. Thomas Barrett, b. 14 Apr 1845 in Quebec, d. Sept 1932 in Quebec. He married Mary Lynott, (daughter of William Lynott and Hannah McManus). Children: i Patrick Barrett, b. 14 Apr 1876, d. 1970. He married Rose Ann O'Connor, b. 1883, (daughter of James O'Connor and Margaret Ann McAlendin / McAlinden) d. 18 Dec 1959. ii Hannah (Anna) Bridget, b. 26 Dec 1877 in Quebec, d. 1965 in Quebec. She married Charles Prudhomme, b. 1878, d. 1965. iii George Barrett, b. 26 Aug 1879 in Quebec, d. 29 Sep 1926 in Quebec. iv William Barrett, b. 19 Sep 1883 in Quebec, d. 15 Jan 1901. v Thomas Barrett, b. 9 Aug 1884 in Quebec, d. 12 May 1934. vi James Ulle Barrett, b. 23 Dec 1887, d. 22 Jan 1976. He married Rose Mary Carthy, married 17 April 1875 in Cantley, St. Elizabeth Catholic Church, b. 1901 in Quebec, d. 9 Oct 1974. vii Thomas Barrett, b. 23 Jan 1882, d. BEF 1884. 3. Ann Barrett, b. 1847, d. 1920. She married Cornelius Cashman, married 10 Jun 1873 in Cantley St. Elizabeth Catholic Church, b. 1843 in Quebec, d. 1911. Cornelius: living Hull, Ottawa, Quebec 1881. Children: i Marie Cashman, b. 1875 in Quebec. ii Bridget Cashman, b. 1877 in Quebec. iii John Cashman, b. 1879. ... Bonnie
July 24, 2005: I noticed an error in the children of Thomas Barrett. He is my great grandfather on my father's maternal side. My grandmother is Hannah Prudhomme, Thomas' daughter and she died in Ottawa in 1965, not in Quebec in 1905! I am not sure of Charles Prudhomme's death but it was in the mid - late 1950's. This has got me interested in nailing down the relatives however! Thanks. ... Stephen Prudhomme
February 28, 2006: Hi folks, My name is Julia Barrett and I was on the site and read the info pertaining to Patrick BARRETT and Sarah BURKE and Ann FLYNN. I wanted to reply directly on the site but could not figure out how to have my comments appear. So, here are my thoughts. Bonnie, I have found some info that contradicts info you listed on the website. Please let me know your thoughts as I have sources for all my info but perhaps there are errors. I am the grand-daughter of James Eulic BARRETT, b. Dec 23, 1887. Please note that grandpa's middle name is EULIC and sometimes you might come across it as ULIC but never ULLE. My grandmother's name was Rose Mary CARTY, I know there is confusion in the family as to Carty or Carthy but I have a copy of her baptismal certificate and it is CARTY. Her parents were John Carty and Jennie Powell. Grandma also went by the name Maymie. She was born in Arnprior, Ontario on June 6, 1901 and baptized the same day. They were married on June 11, 1922 in Almonte, Ontario. They had four children. Bonnie, I was confused about some if the info you listed about Patrick BARRETT. According to research done by myself and my aunt, Mary Kathleen Barrett KEENAN, (Kay), we have him born 1799 not 1793. The dates you have listed for his marriages don't seem to work for me. You said he married Sarah BURKE 11 Feb 1834 with no death or divorce info. Then you said he married Ann FLYNN (whom I believe to be Anna) who lived from 1804 to 12 June 1888. My records show Anna being born in 1806, can you share your source as I could be wrong on this point. My records show them marrying in 1844 and Anna dying June 13 and being buried June 15, 1888 in St. Elizabeth's Cemetary in Cantley, Que. Can any of you shed any light onto the children Patrick would have had with which wives? Aunt Kay and I have reviewed all the St. Elizabeth's Church in Cantley and many of the St. Stephen's church records and do not have a clear lineage to the mother's. If Sarah was married to Patrick for ten years, maximum, then how many children did they have? I have Anna listed as having three: Thomas, Ann(e) and Julia. Do you know if the Catherine and Mary you listed were actually Sarah's? Their birthdates indicate they must have been if the marriage dates are correct. Does anyone have church records, baptismal, birth certificates or death certificates? Also, in listing out the children of Ann BARRETT and Cornelius CASHMAN there were three listed. In actuality they had 8 children, that I found. There could be others but those are the ones I know about. Stephen, I would be very interested in speaking with you. If so, I remember visiting your parents as a little girl, they gave me some Hardy Boy mystery books - they were likely yours! Anyway, Billy visited me in France a couple of years ago and we went thought some of the info pertaining to the Prudhomme side but I was pregnant and so all brain cells were not functioning at optimal levels and I have misplaced the info. In 2004 Billy sent me a photo of your brother Jim with a fish entitled - "Beating Vinson, Finally!". I would be very interested in any info you have gathered pertaining to the Prudhomme and Barrett lines. I have lots of info but also lots of holes left to fill. I am embarrassed by all the gaps in info I should be able to get from living relatives. Aunt Kay, I believe your god-mother, and I have been working on the ancestral tree on and off for a few years now. I am stuck on a few branches. Do you, or anyone else have info for people prior to Patrick and Anna? Also, your info on Patrick's siblings would be great. Could Dominick be the same person as Anthony? I hope so, because it will solve many burning questions for me. I also need help on Mary Barrett, b. 4 Mar 1841 in Buckingham Que, d. 1927 in Old Chelsea married to James Murphy b. 30 Apr 1832 in Ireland and d. 30 Oct 1911 in Old Chelsea, Que. Where exactly does she fit on the tree? Who are her parents or siblings? I am confused by this and want to be sure I place her correctly. I have most pertinent info on their 12 children but need to know where she goes! If any of you, or anyone else you know, has info pertaining to the aforementioned people I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me at You can also feel free to post this on the site. I look forward to hearing from all or some of you soon, Warm regards, ... Julia Barrett
March 3, 2006: Hello everyone, I am the great-granddaughter of Mary Barrett and Felix McGrath. My Aunt (now deceased) Marie told me that the Barretts came from County Mayo and that they lived around Buckingham or Templeton in Canada. Mary's father was Dominic Barrett and I believe her mother was Sophie Flynn. Mary Barrett and Felix McGrath are both buried in St. Stephen's at Old Chelsea. I haven't done a lot of research on the Barretts yet. I was also told that the family was connected to Barrett Lumber (Ottawa) and that there was a Doctor Barrett had a place at Meach / Meech Lake. Does any of this mean anything to anyone? ... Pat ______________________ and from Julia: Hi Pat, I am excited to receive your email. I would be very interested in any information you are able to share regarding Dominic, even if not completely authenticated. I am a descendent of Patrick BARRETT and Anna FLYNN. I have an article entitled "The Four Barrett Brothers; A Story of Early Bytown Days". Dominic is the youngest of the 4 brothers. The article says, and I quote: Dominic the youngest, elected to take up a farm on the mountain back of Kingsmere, while Tom and Pat took up land on the east side of the Gatineau River across from Wrights bridge somewhere. Peter stayed in Bytown for a time and did shoe-making and harness making for John (Buffalo) Heney. Unfortunately there is no date or newspaper title so I have been unable to find a clean copy. This same article says that Peter made long-legged leather boots for the Ottawa and Gatineau river lumber firms, such as Logue and the Hamilton Brothers. I believe you have asked for information on the Gilmour Lumber Company but you may find some ancestral info in records from other companies if Peter was an employee or contractor. I have an article on James BARRETT, written about the time of his death, age 103. He was the son of Peter BARRETT and Mary SMITH. This article states Peter came from Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland and settled in Bytown around 1827. Therefore we should be able to conclude that Dominic is from the same place or at least tracking the others there should help you find him. I have not found any passenger lists for the four boys to show their ports of embarkment or exact dates of travel, ship name etc. I am also unaware of any other family members that might have left Ireland with them but died en route. I have several other articles written over time on various members of the Barrett family, again without dates and sources. The newspaper sources I have are ones that have been passed down from generation to generation, stashed in bibles and wooden boxes.

I regret that Dominic has been a huge mystery to me. My notes have him married to Sophie FLYNN. I have finally concluded that Dominic must have either gone to the USA at some point and so vanished from CDN census reports or might have started using another name. Is it possible he is the same person as Anthony BARRETT? But your message might infer that my presumptions are incorrect and he continued to live in Quebec all his life. I would love any info you have on him. I am lacking his full name and all associated dates. The only information I have on Sophie is that she was born abt 1866 and died at age 47, per burial records. Can you share pedigrees etc with me. Also, do you have names for Dominic's parents? I still have not confirmed anything with absolute certainty. I am happy to share my info on the Patrick BARRETT line since it has been the most heavily researched tree. I have only some information on Thomas and scant info on Peter and almost nothing on Dominic. I look forward to our next exchange. Julia
July 22, 2006: Hello! My name is Cliff Lawson. My grandfather was John Barrett son of Peter Barrett and Maria (Mary) Smith.I lived with my grandfather for the first 14 years of my life on Redpath St. in lowertown Ottawa. The house and indeed the street is gone because of expropriation when the MacDonald -Cartier bridge was built in the fifties. Grandpa often mentioned his brother James who died in 1938 at the age of 104 years. I can remember visiting Great Uncle James circa 1936/37 He lived in What was then called Gatineau Mills near Templeton QC. I remember a mass card with Uncle James picture on it and indeed a black and white picture of Uncle James himself. Grandpa also mentiond another brother Thomas who went out west and took up residence in Penticton BC. Granpa Barrett died in 1945 and I still have his obituary notice. I suspect Julia Barrett and I could be related. I know my grandfather had sisters also and some of these married into the Gorman - Williams and Cosgrove families. I understand Julia Barrett has additional info on Great Uncle James. Would be very interested in seeing this. I once asked my Grandfather where in Ireland his father (Peter) was from and he replied County Sligo. I later discovered That Sligo was an Embarkation point for many Irish immigrants so it is highly likely that the Barretts were from County Mayo. My Email address is : Regards Cliff Lawson
July 25, 2006: Over the years I have accumulated the attached information on the Peter Barrett family. Daughter Mary married into my Cullen family of Templeton. Some of this may be helpful. Mark Cullen Click here to open Mark's file (it's in Adobe Acrobat -- .pdf) format
July 26, 2006: Hi: My name is Frank Hutchingame (so why does this guy care about Barretts?). I am a direct descendant of Peter Barrett and Maria (a.k.a. Mary) Smith. I saw your posts on the Barrett web page. Their daughter, Elizabeth Barrett, married Francis O'Hagan. That family consisted of two daughters (that lived): Elizabeth Ellen O'Hagan, and Annie M. O'Hagan. Elizabeth Ellen is my great grandmother. I have tons of information from about the O'Hagans onwards, and a little bit on the Barretts. All of my information seems to confirm, generally, what I see here—namely the locations of marriage, birth, death etc. The family is confusing. Elizabeth Barrett's Husband, Francis died when he was quite young—33 years old. She then remarried John Patrick Cosgrove. It was children of this marriage (Cosgrove) that married into the Gorman family. The issue is confusing because John Patrick Cosgrove's first wife was Elizabeths sister, Ellen, who also died quite young. My mother (now 81) remembers many of these people, and visited most of them when she was young. I have a variety of photos, including one of Elizabeth Barrett, and a painting of Francis O'Hagan (of no interest to you, I'm sure). I'd be happy to trade anything I have that might be of interest to anyone, but I don't really have much back beyond Peter Barrett. ... Frank Hutchingame ______________________ The Hutchingame family was in the Bytown area beginning in the 1840's. ... Al
September 5, 2006: Please include my name in the future on the Barrett email list. My great-grandmother was Mary Barrett wife of Felix McGrath and daughter of Domink Barrett and Sophie (Flynn) Barrett. I recently came across a record indicating Dominik Barrett died at age of 47 and is buried in St. Stephen's cemetery, Old Chelsea. His wife Sophie Flynn died June 10, 1866. It appears both Sophie and Domink died in the same year (1866) I do not know the circumstances of their deaths in the same year. Further research is needed. ... Patricia McGrath
September 11, 2009: Hello! I came across the site and my great great grandparents are Thomas Barrett and Mary Lynott. Their son Thomas Barrett married Myrtle Pryse and they had 9 children, the 7th is my grand- mother Thelma Barrett Smith. I am thoroughly enjoying reading all of the information that you have provided regarding the Barrett line. I have a copy of a 1901 census with Thomas Barrett and Mary Lynott's family on it, if anyone would like to see it, I would be happy to email it to you. If anyone has more information about Patrick Barrett (b.1793/1799), his parents, or his siblings, I would appreciate that. Thank you, Ashley Wood New York, USA
Thomas and Mary Barrett in 1901 Census

January 25, 2010: Thanks to Anne Burgess who discovered this gem in the Ottawa Citizen Archives:
Peter Barrett Read the complete article in the Ottawa Citizen of November 12, 1922

April 23, 2010: Hello all I am the greatgreat grandaughter of Peter Barrett. My grandfather was John Barrett who was the son of John Barrett who was the son of Peter Barrett. I would be interested in being added to the e-mail chain. I learned a lot of my family on Bytown or Bust. Thanks for the link Mark. I have attached a picture of John Barrett senior. Does anyone know who the girl is? Kathy
John Barrett, son of Peter Barrett

January 21, 2013: I just started checking this site out because - well because my dad, Cliff Lawson, died this past year and I remembered him talking about this. My name is Debra Lawson and I am his daughter (one of four) The woman in the photo is my grandmother, my father's mother. Her name was Ada Barrett and my father had very few photos of her; however he didn't need them as I look a LOT like her, which he reminded me of often. Ada had three sisters (as well) and I knew Rhea, my great aunt. She lived in New Edinburgh, in Ottawa on Acadia Street. I think her other two sisters were Stella and Buella but I may be wrong on that. My grandmother died when my dad was only 16, and his brother, Robert was nine. His father was Charles Lawson. My Grandmother Ada I believe was about 42 years old when she died. I know a few things about the Barrett family, if anyone is still interested. Debra Lawson ________________________________ Good evening, Debra: Our condolences regarding the recent passing of your dad, Cliff Lawson. I corresponded with him by e-mail on a few occasions and he contributed material to our web site. Is it OK with you if I add your e-mail to our web page at as a contact for other Lawson and Barrett (and related) researchers? Also feel free to send along any old photos, information, etc. regarding the Lawson family in the Ottawa area. Thanks for this. ... Al Lewis _________________________________ Hello! I am so delighted you responded! My dad would be so happy! PLEASE add me. I hope I can help fill in any gaps. I don't know if any of you have seen this Barrett headstone (see below photo) in the cemetery at Montreal Road and St. Laurent Blvd in Ottawa (Notre Dame Cemetery). I found it after my dad died, (he had mentioned it for years) which btw, my dads death which was only 5 weeks after my mother's, Carmen Racine. As an interesting historical fact about my dad, Clifton Lawson was that he was the first anglophone to marry into my mom's family - a huge franco-ontario family. She had 14 brothers and sisters - so as kids we really felt like we were definitely true Canadians... " two solitudes" - English/French. Our mom also grew up in lower town in Ottawa - (or what we children always knew as "lower town" from mom and dad) meaning the Byward Market. So here it is. Hope it lights up a few gaps. Also, the person whose last name was Barrett on this list, no longer receives email, so perhaps he/she has a new email address. All the best as we look back; Debra Lawson

John Barrett Grave Marker at Notre Dame Cemetery, Ottawa
Keywords: Sparrow, Lawson, Stanley, Leslie
February 20, 2013: Debra, I am very sorry to hear about the deaths of your parents. Your father and I spoke a couple of times. I sent a copy of a newspaper article to him - "James Barrett Dies at Gatineau in 103rd Year". By the way, You and I are fourth cousins. Our Great-great-grandfathers were brothers, Peter (yours) and Patrick (mine, oh and Julia's (February 28, 2006)). I believe that their parents were James Barrett and Bridget Larkin. So, how did I come to this conclusion. The McCabe list: Thomas Barrett has two brothers, Patrick and Peter, who reside in Killala, County Mayo, and are known to Philip Gardiner, esqr. of Carnowden The Tithe Applotment Book shows James Barrett from Lower Carrowedin, the diocese of Killala, parish of Kilbride, County Mayo. The 1871 census shows Mary Barrett living with Patrick and his wife. The 1881 census shows Mary Barrett living with Peter and his wife. She was buried at St. Elizabeth's in Cantley on the first of February 1882. The record names James Barrett and Bridget Larkin as her parents. She died at Peter's residence on the 30th. Pat and Peter signed the register. You mentioned that Ada had 3 sisters. I checked the census for 1891, 1901, and 1911. I've found Isabella, Florence, Rhea, and Ada. Her brothers were John, Arthur, Ambrose, and Edward. I'll try to get in touch with Julia Barrett. She changed her email in 2008. I spoke with her Aunt Kay just a short while ago. She mentioned Kay in the 2006 post. Has anyone found out anything about Dominic Barrett? Bridey Murphy _____________________________ Hi Thanks for adding me to your mailing list. I once looked at passenger lists for ships leaving Sligo on and found a Barrett (I think it was Dominic but might have been Patrick) on the Brutus in 1833. On line, I determined the Brutus was quarantined at Grosse Ile Quebec due to a cholera epidemic and there are records at the National Archives GovGen's Misc Records RG7G18vol17 reel H-960 that contains a Petition to the Governor of Upper Canada - Arrived July 1833 on the Brutus "Pray to be released from Quarantine or for relief if detained". One of these days I will go to the archives and see the whole thing. I will tell you if I find anything. Kathy (great-granddaughter of John Barrett, great-great-granddaughter of Peter Barrett). Could you add my sister Sheila (added to the list below ... Al)
May 15, 2013: Hi Al, Somehow, I seem to have been dropped from the Barrett mailing list on Bytown. Would you be so kind as to add me again? I am the great-great-granddaughter of Patrick Barrett and Sarsh (Sally) Burke. Thanks. Karen (Done ... Al)
July 30, 2013: Hi Al, I was wondering if I could please be added to the Barretts page mailing list. My maiden name is Barrett and I'm Patrick Barrett's great(5) granddaughter. kind regards, Jennifer (Barrett) Ostler (added today ... Al)
September 1, 2013 Hi Al, I was wondering if I could please be added to the Barretts page mailing list. My maiden name is Barrett and I'm Patrick Barrett's great(5) granddaughter. kind regards, Jennifer (Barrett) Ostler (added today ... Al)
April 1, 2014: Hello, my name is Susan Gervais and I am researching my history with the Barretts. My grandmother was Rhea Barrett (my Dad's mom) and her father was John (Jack) Barrett whose father was Peter Barrett who came over from County Mayo, Ireland. I would like to be placed on the email list for any information regarding any of the Barretts. Thanks, ... Susan
April 2, 2014: and here is an e-mail from Kathy Doyle Deutekom: My mother Nora Barrett (John junior's daughter) often mentioned her aunt Rhea and her cousin somebody Baxter. Was he in radio? Here is what I have found. We are descendant of the Barretts who settled in the Kilbride area of County Mayo in Ireland. The Irish Patent Rolls of James 1 record a grant on March 10th, 1605 to Edmund Barrett, “commonly called baron of Irrus”. Along with a whole series of other lands, the grant consisted of the town and castle of Kilbride, and the town of Rathlaccan in the barony of Tirawley. In the Strafford Inquisition of 1635 we find “John Barrett of Kilbridy” as the owner of a “two-thirds quarter called Carrowmore Kilbridy” along with other lands in the district. By the late 1700's, some of Edmund's descendants (I assume including our ancestor James Barrett) still lived in the area. James Barrett farmed in Townland Lower Carrocus, Barony Tirawley, the diocese of Killala, parish of Kilbride, County Mayo, Ireland. The Tithe Appointment Book shows James Barrett from Lower Carrocus, the diocese of Killala, parish of Kilbride, County Mayo in 1833 and 1834. The Tithe book also shows John Barrett living in the townland of Kilbride and Peter Barrett living in Lower Carronedin. James married Bridget Larkin. James and Bridget had several children: Patrick (1793-1890), Mary (1794), Thomas (179?-1882), Peter (1809-1894) all of whom moved to Canada. They may also have had Laurence or Dominic, Bridget and Cecelia. By the late 1820's it was getting hard to find work for everyone but the colonies were looking for strong young men. Thomas, the oldest son decided to try his luck in Upper Canada and was recruited to work on the Rideau Canal by Colonel By. He soon recommended his brothers, Peter and Patrick join him there. The McCabe list of Irish Canal workers who wanted relatives to come work on the canal states: Thomas Barrett has two brothers, Patrick and Peter, who reside in Killala and are known to Philip Gardiner, esqr. of Carnowden The 1871 census shows Mary Barrett living with Patrick and his wife. The 1881 census shows Mary Barrett living with Peter and his wife. She was buried at St. Elizabeth's in Cantley on the first of February 1882. The record names James Barrett and Bridget Larkin as her parents. She died at Peter's residence on the 30th. Pat and Peter signed the register. 1881 Census Place: Gatineau, Ottawa County, Quebec, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375861 NAC C-13225 Dist 97 SubDist CC Page 26 Family 134 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Occ Religion Peter BARRETT M M 70 Irlandais Ireland Cordonissier Catholique Mary BARRETT F M 68 Anglais Quebec Catholique Mary BARRETT F 85 Irlandais Ireland Catholique Catherine BARRETT F 50 Irlandais Ireland Catholique Thomas BARRETT M 30 Irlandais Quebec Cordonnier Catholique Peter BARRETT M 25 Irlandais Quebec Cordonnier Catholique ... Kathy Doyle Deutekom
New January 27, 2016: I am looking for a connection to the Barrett brothers for a Mary Barrett b 1792+/- in Ireland and d 1868 in Gatineau, Que. She married a Richard McAndrew. I am sure they were from County Mayo. Richard is my 3x great grandfather on my Dad's side. Their daughter Hanora McAndrew married Michael Flynn. I found a 1846 Montreal immigration record for Richard and Mary is also listed as well as Dominic Barrett with 3 males, 2 females. There is also a land grant for Richard in 1844 for 104 acres. If anyone can shed any light on Mary Barrett, the McAndrews or the Flynns from Mayo I would be very appreciative. Thank you - Pat Flynn Ryan
E-mail Allan Lewis

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