(Are Michael Bambrick and Edward Bambrick brothers?)

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

February 7, 2007:

Mr. E. BAMBRICK, a brother of Mr. Bambrick, of BAMBRICK & WALL, who went to 
Rockaway Beach with the exodus party of a year ago, has returned.  He gives a 
good account of Chicago, USA, where he was employed of late, and intends returning 
in a couple of weeks.  He states that ex-P.O. (police officer?) 
MCKENNA is employed at a distillery in that city and at good pay.

I've been looking for an excuse to start a web page on the Bambrick family
who were in Bytown in the early 1830's. This large family were Godparents for
many of the early Bytown Irish Catholic families. Bambrick is not a usual Irish
Catholic surname.

Thanks to Michael Daley for the following reply to an inquiry regarding the Daley and
Bambrick families:

Hi Wendy. 
I have come up against a brick wall in searching your line.    
Notre-Dame records state, dated  Sept 2. 1855 baptism of James, born YESTERDAY 
of the marriage of Patrick Daley  and Eliza Sheridan. 
witness John Murphy & and Jane Daley,-----------------
   The 1881 census for New Edinburgh , Russell, Ontario, states the family of 
   James Bambrick,  reads Jas. Bambrick, Laborer, Married .. age 41. born Ireland, 
   Jane Bambrick. married, age 37, born Ontario.  Thomass William Bambrick age 14, 
   ELIZABETH  Ann Bambrick age 12, Patrick James Bambrick age 8 years, 
   James Robert Bambrick, age 2 years.                                              

   Also  1881 census reads Elizabeth Daley, widow, age 60 years. b Ontario   
   Son John, Laborer,age 21 years, b Ontario son Patrick, laborer, age 19 years, b Ontario.                 

   Also 1881 census  Robert Daley,  carpenter, married, age 32 years, b. Ontario. 
   Margaret J. Daley, married, age 26 years b Ontario, William Jas Daley, age 2 years. 
   b Ontario.                                                                                                                      

   In my view, [ I stand to be corrected ] your Jane [Daly] Bambrick, you don't 
   give her age,?? Is the daughter of Patrick Daley and Elizabeth Sheridan, a sister to
   ROBERT, JOHN,and Patrick,???  or a sister to Patrick , Father of the sons ,??   
   Might suggest you search , the 1861, 1871,  census of the area, and church 
   records, and cemetery are a history in themselves,             
   ... Michael Daley
and here's Wendy's original inquiry:

Good afternoon Michael,
I wonder if you have any info or can perhaps direct me to where I might obtain 
further info on the following individuals: 

1901 Census - New Edinburgh 

Patrick Daley				Head	b. May 25 1861
Ellen F Daley				Wife	b. Apr 15, 1866
William J.M. Daley			Son	b. Jan 18, 1896
(particularly interested in tracking down relatives of this individual)
John M. Daley				Brother	b. Jan 9 1860
Elizabeth (Sheridan) Daley		Mother	b. Nov 11, 1825 

I believe they are somehow related to my Jane Daly who married James Bambrick 
in 1865 at Notre-Dame. They had a daughter Elizabeth who married Patrick 
Gillespie and who would be my ggrandmother. All in Ottawa/Gatineau area. 

I am particularly interested in William and any remaining family members as 
I have an old family bible that lists his birth and his grandmother, 
E. Daley’s death (Jan 7, 1909) (she would be my (ggg)grandmother). I would 
love to pass it along to a surviving Daley family member(s) if they are interested. 

I gathered a bit more info on this Bambrick family and will put it together and 
send along to you if you like.

Anything you can provide will be greatly appreciated. 

Wendy Shwed

February 12, 2007: Thanks to Sue for the following: Information found on-line (fine to post it all, Al): This information comes from censuses (where dates aren't always accurate), BMD's (where dates tend to be always accurate for the day of the event but some of the information can be wrong depending on the informant at the time). James Bambrick, born 17 March 1839 in Ireland and died 7 May 1911 in Ontario. According to the 1901 census, he says that he emigrated in 1860. He married 22 May 1865 in Ottawa, Jane Daly (born 9 Feb 1844 in Canada and died 6 Apr 1922), a daughter of Patrick Daly and Elizabeth Sheridan (Elizabeth Sheridan was a daughter of Richard Sheridan and she emigrated in 1841. Elizabeth was born circa 1822 in Ireland and died 7 Jan 1909 in Ottawa at age 87 - in 1901 it is entered that she was born 11 Nov 1825). (Note: There was another James Bambrick, also born about 1839, and a son of Michael Bambrick and Mary Jane Long, who was also married in Ottawa in 1865. He wed Ann McDonnell on 14 Aug 1865, so it's easy to confuse the two families). Known children of James Bambrick and Jane Daly were: 1) Thomas William (who gives his birthdate in 1900 Chicago census as August 1865). He was a blacksmith and emigrated to the US in 1891, married Margaret Dempsey of Chicago (born in Illinois June 1874 of an Irish-born father and a Canadian-born mother). Thomas married Margaret abt 1897 and had a large family. They can be found in the 1900-1930 Chicago, Illinois censuses. 2) Elizabeth Ann, born abt July 1869 (date from 1911 census where she is a widow and living next door to her newly widowed mother(census taken in June) and unmarried brother brother Edward Francis) and married 18 July 1893, Patrick Gillespie. 3) Patrick James, born 23 Jan 1873 (registered birth date), also emigrated to Chicago, married Margaret Alice (surname unknown) abt 1903. He is with his brother Thomas in the 1900 census and married in the 1910-1930 Chicago censuses. 4) Michael John, born 13 Oct 1876 (registered birth date). Not in 1881 census (should be 5 years old, so presume that he died before 1881 census date) 5) Joseph Robert, born 22 March 1879 (registered birth date). Single and with parents in 1901 census. Cannot find in the 1911 Cdn or 1910 US censuses. 6) Edward Francis, born 6 Oct 1882 (registered birth date), married 27 Jan 1915 at St. Joseph's church in Ottawa, Helen Foley (born abt 1888 in Edinburgh, Scotland, a daughter of Bernard Foley and Jane Clark - Helen had brothers Bernard and James Foley (James married Rose A. Higgerty in 1908) and John Foley (John married Ann Linegar in Ottawa in 1891). Although this James Bambrick may in some way be related to the Bambricks who emigrated in the 1830's (Michael and Mary Jane Long Bambrick's family) and the Edward and Anna O'Neil Bambrick family (who emigrated in 1842, I cannot find anything that verifies a link. I am NOT researching this family, but with such an unusual name, they are relatively easy to find. Sue
February 14, 2007: More from Sue: All dates from censuses, newspapers of the day, or Ontario BMD's. Michael Bambrick, born abt 1802 in Ireland and died sometime between 1851 and 1871, married Mary Jane Long, born abt 1810 in Ireland and died sometime after the 1881 census was taken, probably in Ottawa. Known children: 1) Anne, born abt 1836 in Bytown 2) James, born abt 1838 in Bytown and died sometime after 1881, married 14 August 1865 in Ottawa, Ann McDonnell, a daughter of Anthony McDonnell and Catherine Farrell. Ann died sometime before the 1881 census was taken as James is a widower living next door to brother William and sister Mary McCann in the 1881 Ottawa census. No apparent children from this marriage. 3) Thomas, born abt 1840 in Bytown and died 20 Nov 1879 in Ottawa, married Jane O'Malley (1845 - 22 Oct 1875). One known child: Michael Patrick Bambrick, born 12 March 1871 in Ottawa. 4) Mary, born abt 1846 in Bytown and died 1 Jan 1893 in Ottawa, married George McCann (born abt 1837 in County Wicklow, Ireland to Patrick McCann and Elizabeth O'Brien of county Wicklow. George McCann died 24 June 1912 in Ottawa). Known children: Patrick (abt 1868 - 1914) and Michael (abt 1870), both born in Ottawa. 5) William Patrick, born 13 Feb in either 1849 or 1851 in Bytown and died after 1911, married 22 April 1875 in Ottawa, Mary Ann Murray (born either 2 Feb 1852 or Mar 1853 in Ottawa and died after 1911, a daughter of James Murray and Sarah Dalton). Known children: Sarah Ann (21 Mar 1876, married John Padden in 1906, a son of Thomas Padden and Ann McNulty); Michael (25 March 1878); Mary Agnes (3 July 1880 married 1906 Peter John Ellement of Cape Gaspe, Quebec, a son of Patrick Ellement and Mary Ann Meagher); Elizabeth (11 Nov 1882 and married Patrick Charles McDonnell who died in 1906 - only known child of this marriage was Wilbert Gordon McDonnell who was born 17 Nov 1905); Edward F. (12 Jan 1893 or 1894). Sue ___________________
The Edward Bambrick and Anna O'Neil family of Bytown
All dates are from various censuses, newspapers of the day, and Ontario BMD's (the latter usually being the only accurate account of the date - census birthdates tend to make one younger, if they know their birthdates at all!) Edward Bambrick, born circa 1816 in Ireland, married Anna O'Neil in Ireland and had at least one child there before emigrating to Canada abt 1842. Known children: 1) Catharine, born abt 1841 in Ireland 2) Margaret, born abt 1846 (from 1851 census) or 17 Sep 1849 from death registration (her parents entered her as turning 6 on her next birthday in the 1851 census) or June 1852 (in the 1911 census, year cannot be right for obvious reasons) married Mark F. Flood (born abt 1847 in Ireland to Patrick and Julia Flood of County Carlow, Ireland. Mark says that he was born in County Armagh in one birth registration and that he was born in Belfast (county Antrim) in another. Their known children, surname Flood: Patrick (1869-1878); Julia (1879, married William McGahan); Sarah Jane (1876-1881); Edward Patrick(1879-1880); Anna (abt 1883, married Joseph Mongrain?? in 1904 in Ottawa. Joseph was born abt 1882 in Nepean). Mark F. Flood died 22 Dec 1924 in Ottawa and wife Margaret Bambrick Flood died 27 Sep 1927 in Ottawa. 3) Edward, born 15 Aug 1850 (in 1851 census) in Bytown and died 17 Dec 1932 in Ottawa, married 30 June 1885 in Ottawa, Mary Doyle, born 15 June 1859 and died 18 May 1929, a daughter of Michael Doyle and Catherine Higgins. Known children: William John (born 1886, married in 1917 Catherine Elizabeth Higgerty); Edward Wilfred (1887); Catherine Ann (1889); Albert (1891); Walter (1893); Edward (1894); Ernest (1897); and Mary Ethel (1898). 4) John, born 7 Nov 1855 in Ottawa and died 23 August 1929 married first Mary Ann Begley (born abt 1861 in Montreal, a daughter of Hugh and Bridget Begley), married 20 April 1883 in Ottawa. The only known child from this marriage was Edward Begley Bambrick, born 10 March 1885 (in both the 1901 and 1911 censuses staying with his aunt and uncle William and Sarah Kernahan). John Bambrick then married on 9 Oct 1889 in Ottawa, Catherine Corbett (1865 - aft 1939), a daughter of John and Mary Corbett. Two known children: John Basil (born 1890 and married 1915 Claudia Brading, a daughter of Henry Brading and Maria McCann); and Winifred (1892-1969, musician and author). 5) Thomas, born 1856 and died aft 1924, married Mary Ann Harbride (? name hard to read). Mary Ann was born 19 Jun 1858 and died 9 Aug 1924, a daghter of William Harbride of France and Catherine O'Neill of Ireland. Unlnown if there were children. 6) Sarah Ann, born 4 april 1861 and died aft 1911, married William John Kernahan (born 5 June 1865 and died between 1901 and 1911. One known child: Michael Edward Kernahan, born 27 Feb 1898. ... Sue

August 12, 2007:
Hi Al, I've been seeing the name Bambrick in the various Ont. records, and today I noticed it in the 1839 Lord Fitzwilliam, Collattin, County Wicklow rentals page for Ballyshonog: a John Bambrick. Ballyshonog is a stone's throw from Ballynultagh. Probably means nothing, but I just now was reading your page on Bambricks, and esp. the section on Michael B. and Mary Long. Here's a Wicklow connection in the marriage of their daughter to a FW body: Mary, born abt 1846 in Bytown and died 1 Jan 1893 in Ottawa, married George McCann (born abt 1837 in county Wicklow, Ireland to Patrick McCann and Elizabeth O'Brien of county Wicklow. George McCann died 24 June 1912 in Ottawa). Known children: Patrick (abt 1868 - 1914) and Michael (abt 1870), both born in Ottawa. Anne
February 22, 2008: From Sue: Two entries concerning Bambricks which are in the registers of Notre Dame Cathedral (Drouin Collection): Married at Notre Dame Cathedral: 26 June 1835, Michael Bambrick to Mary Long (looks like Ling in the transcription, but hard to read). Married at Notre Dame Cathedral: 22 Oct 1830, James Lalor / Lawlor and Maria Bambrick (note: in county Laois (Queen's), Ireland, in 1835, a John Bambrick married a Mary Lalor) Baptized: 1 Jan 1835, Ann Lalor, daughter of James Lalor and Mary Bambrick ... Sue: __________________________ Mr Lewis, Thank you for your site. Your work on the Bytown page is prodigious. I'm exploring the possible link between the Michael Bambrick / Jane Long family and the Edward Bambrick / Anna O'Neil family. My father believes they were brothers who had come to Bytown to work as laborers cutting and clearing lumber in the early eighteen hundreds. You place Michael (b.1802) in Bytown circa 1830 and Edward (b.1816) in Bytown circa 1842. In addition, you provided a marriage date for Edward and Anna as 08/23/1842. Was this citation from a Canadian census? Have you any data placing either in County Wicklow or elsewhwere in Ireland? I see that there are some anecdotal references to Mary ( Michael's daughter) marrying a man from county Wicklow. But can the same connection be made for Edward? In the 1848 Irish census there was only one Bambrick family listed in county Wicklow (John Bambrick?) but many Neill's. My family is descended from Edward Bambrick (b.1816 in Ireland) m. Anna O'Neil their son Edward (b.1850 in Bytown) m. Mary Doyle, their son Walter Joseph (b.1893 in Ottawa) m. Mary Lila Troy (b.1898). ... Walter Bambrick ___________________________ Mr. Bambrick: Here are the 1851 census records (Bytown) for Michael and Edward Bambrick and their families: Unfortunately, the record for Edward turned out smaller than it should have. Here's a summary of it: Edward Bambrick, Male, aged 36, Labourer, born Ireland, living with his family. He has one city lot, 66X99 feet. Edward's wife, Anne aged 29, born Ireland,and daughter Catherine aged 11, also born in Ireland. This family must have come to Bytown from Ireland c. 1845 as Margaret aged 6 and Edward Junior, aged 2 were both born in Bytown. Edward's 57 year old widowed mother-in-law, Margaret Neill / O'Neill, aged 57, lives with them. The family have 2 pigs. Michael's family is more legible above. They are living in a frame house with their children, and have a shed for their cow. Also, from the Drouin Collection at, here's a connection between Michael Bambrick and Edward Bambrick: 1848 Baptism of William, born 17 August of the marriage of Edward Bambrick and Anna Neil / Neill of Bytown Witnesses: Michael & Ann Bambrick (There's a good chance that Michael and Edward are brothers .. but no proof yet). ... Al
February 24, 2008: Al, Your last entry: 1848 Baptism of William, born 17 August of the marriage of Edward Bambrick and Anna Neil / Neill of Bytown Witnesses: Michael & Ann Bambrick William is not listed in the 1851 census nor in Sue's construction, although Michael Bambrick has a son, William, around 1849 (according to Sue). There is a line missing in the copy of the 1851 census for Michael's family which might be the missing reference. Perhaps Edward and Ann lost their William only to have Michael name his next child after him or is this perhaps all a transcription error? ... Walter ___________________________________ Note: spellings are as found in the register. Baptized 18 May 1843, Ann Bambrick, daughter of Edward Bambrick and Ann Niel of Bytown (daughter Ann died and was buried 20 May 1843, just 3 days old) Baptized 24 July 1843, Michael, aged 2 days, son of Michael Bambrick and Mary Lyng of Bytown. Sponsors were Callahan Fitzgerald and Mary Boyle. Buried 18 May 1844, Michael Bambrick, child of Michael Bambrick and Anne Lyn (could be Ling or Lynch) Baptized 6 January 1844, William, aged 20 days, of James Lalor and Mary Bambrick of Nepean. Sponsors James McArthur and Mary McGrath Baptized 29 June 1844, Thomas, son of Edward Bambrick and Ann O'Neil of Bytown. sponsors were James Lawlor and Maria O'Neil. (Note: James Lawlor / Lalor was the husband of Maria Bambrick, probably Michael's and Edward's sister) ... Sue
February 26, 2008: See also the McCann family who were related to the Bambricks. __________________________________________________________________________________________ March 2, 2008: Walter, the reason little William Bambrick is not with his parents Edward and Ann Neil Bambrick is because he died 11 September 1849 at age 13 months. His funeral and burial took place at Notre Dame the following day, 12 September 1849. The other William Bambrick, son of Michael Bambrick and wife Mary, was born in February of 1849 and baptized at Notre Dame on 16 February 1849. So both had sons William (about 6 months apart) but, sadly, Edward and Ann's son lived just 13 months. Just as an aside, as I go through the Notre Dame, St. Philip's and St Patrick's registers, I've noticed that Michael's wife is never written as "Long", but as "see Lyng" which changes the pronuncuation considerably. For example, her maiden name was written as Lee for son William's baptism, so that must be how the Priest heard her name. I wonder if it sounded closer to "Ling", rather than "Long". I have run across a number of "Lyngs" in these registers. Sue
New March 16, 2008: Walter, here a few more snippets I've found - these in the records of St. Patrice, which was a church on Nepean St which (I think) opened its' doors about 1855). It was (is?) in Ottawa. Thomas Bambrick, 26, born Ottawa, married Jane O'Melia, 23, born Long Island, daughter of Patrick O'Melia and Bridget Casey, on 23 May 1870 at St. Patrice. They had 2 children baptized there in the 1870's: Michael Patrick (born 12 March 1871) aand Thomas James (born 25 Feb 1872). James Bambrick married Hanora (Hannah, Ann) McDonnell and had 2 children baptized at St. Patrice before 1871: Catherine Theresa (born 26 May 1869) and Hannah Anastasia (born 27 Dec 1870). The sponsors of Hannah Anastasia's baptism were John Bambrick and Mary A. Kennedy. Sue Note: St. Patrice is St. Patrick's Basilica on Nepean Street in downtown Ottawa.
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