Thomas BALFE and Sarah KENNY
County Wicklow, Ireland to Lombardy, Ontario, Canada in 1847

May 22, 2007:

Hi Al,
I don't have letters like Barb Dowling, but while awake in the night I 
realized I have a few photos that truly exemplify our project. (I got them 
from a Balfe descendant in New York.)
Below is the Fitzwilliam emigration notice for Thomas Balfe and Sally Kenny, 
who settled in Lombardy (S. Elmsley) near the Poonamalie Lock.
Attached is Sarah/Sally Kenny. Isn't she a beauty?? Also attached is half 
the wedding photo of Thomas Balfe Jr. and Ann Hourigan. Her father, Michael, 
and his brother, worked on the Rideau Canal.
I have a picture of the daughters of Thomas and Sally. Three of them married 
into Canal workers' families, as did another son, Michael. I'm searching for 
that photo now.
Fitzwilliam Tenants, Coolattin Estate - Family Group 
    ID:  18 Parish     Carnew 
          Year Listed:   1847 
   Surname   Balf (Balfe)
         Reference No.     257 
   Group Members: 
   Thomas 40, Sarah 35, Thomas 15, Mary 14, Ann 11, Michael 8, Pat 5. There was also a
cousin, Biddy Shannon (35) and her son Thomas (10), who were scratched off the list. 
From Kilcavan, County Wicklow   
... Anne 

        Sarah / Sally Kenny                    Thomas Balfe Jr. and Ann Hourigan

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