Bagot and Blythfield Township, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada
Early Settlement

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

November 11, 2008:

At the time of the 1881 census, there were 1,126 persons residing in Bagot and Blythfield Township.

Bagot Township, Renfrew County, 1870's Lot and Concession Numbers Source: McGill University Digital Atlas Project Names for search engine: Calabogie Lake, Madawaska River, Norway Lake and Hurd's Lake
Hello Everyone, I have become so frustrated at trying to surmount this family brickwall which should in no way be difficult as there were only a handful of McNee / McNie families in Bagot Township abt 1840 & on (the family of Duncan McNee and the family of Alexander McNee). I am so hoping that if my query is posted to the Bytown site perhaps someone out there knows????. The brickwall consists of my 2ndgrandmother - Isabella nee McNee/McNie who married Archibald Gillespie Cameron (son Alexander and Flora nee Gillespie). Isabella (called Bella) was born abt 1860/1 and on her marriage record it states her birthplace as Bagot with her parents John Green McNie/McNee and wife Margaret. No maiden name is provided for Margaret. I have looked at all the Johns (both families mentioned above had sons named John) born to the known McNie/McNee at Bagot who would fit the birth year framework for John and no luck (they all have married but not to a Margaret). I would appreciate it very much if my query could be posted and please anyone who knows anything. Most of my line are the early settlers of the area from McNab, Bagot, Pakenham (the Camerons - Angus and Catherine as well as Alexander and Flora - my line/ Richard Evans and Rachel nee Code, Barber and Granger, Story, Rivington / Remington, Revington, Cavanaghs, etc). I have documented a lot of info on the lines(as far back in Canada as the records allow - usually abt 1830s to 1850s and am trying to end them in the 1900's so that anyone else doing their history will possibly be able to connect because the most current generation will be their grandparents or greatgrandparents which most people should know. I have include as many children and their spouses & children and so on as I could find. Thanks, Kim Cameron-Friel
November 23, 2008: Here is a Duncan McNee living in Drummond Township (south of Bagot Township in Lanark County, c. 1870): Full record for McNee, Duncan Last Name: McNee First Name: Duncan Dates b.: 1810 Nativity: Scotland Business: Farmer Year Settled: 1821 Post Offic:e Balderson Township: Drummond County: Lanark Concession and Lot Lot size VI, 2 200 VI, 3 50 Source: McGill University Digital Atlas Project, residents of Drummond Township. and here is the Duncan McNee family in the 1881 census for Lanark South, Drummond: 1881 Census Place: Drummond, Lanark South, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375869 NAC C-13233 Dist 111 SubDist I Div 1 Page 31 Family 132+ Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Occupation Religion Duncan MCNEE M M 70 Scottish Scotland Farmer C. Presbyterian Margaret MCNEE F M 58 Scottish Ontario C. Presbyterian Lilly MCNEE F 26 Scottish Ontario C. Presbyterian Annie Y. MCNEE F 24 Scottish Ontario C. Presbyterian Maggie MCNEE F 20 Scottish Ontario C. Presbyterian John B. MCNEE M 18 Scottish Ontario School Teacher C. Presbyterian James E. MCNEE M 15 Scottish Ontario C. Presbyterian

April 17, 2009: Kim is also researching her Tetlock / Tatlock ancestors in Drummond Township. There is a village in Lanark Township called "Tatlock". I'm pretty sure that this is the 1800's Irish pronunciation for Tetlock. This village is noted for it's concentration of deposits of gypsum. There are large white outcrops of gypsum all around that area. There are two spectacular small trout lakes in this area which were originally stocked by the Provincial Government from the White Lake Hatchery on Highway 7. These lakes are Peterwhite Lake (Speckled Trout) and Murray Lake (Lake Trout). Both of these lakes seem to now be closed to public fishing. Shame. ... Al
November 20, 2012: I am looking for any information on my grandfather William Charles Aloishes Joseph Mooney who settled in Bagot and Blythfield Township around 1870's. He lived at Norway Lake for a time and then on a farm on Whalen Rd. north of Calabogie...he was a cook in a logging camp around the Bonnechere - Ottawa Rivers...married a Matilda Jane Anderson and raised 12 children around Calabogie, Admaston, Renfrew areas. Any information or where I might find and info would be greatly appreciated. I have been trying to get information from my many cousins who still live around Renfrew but it has become an interesting job. He was born Drury Lane, London and came to Canada on the Polynesian Ship in 1868, then farmed around Ottawa for a while and then moved to Renfrew area, married and raised his family. Barbara-Ann Lajoie _____________________________ Good evening, Barbara-Ann: Thanks for your e-mail regarding William Mooney and his wife Matilda Jane Anderson. Have you found William and/or Matilda Jane in the census records? I’m thinking that he may be either in the Ottawa area census for 1871 or 1881 and will probably be in the Renfrew County area after that. Do you know when they were married and where and what religion were they? The census records would also give us the names of their children. Is it OK with you if I add your e-mail to our web page at in case other researchers may have some information for you? Please let me know. I’ll also have a look for these surnames and see what I can find. Thanks for this. ... Al Lewis ______________________________ Thanks so much for your reply.....I did find them in the census along with their some of their the 1911 census they spelled it Money instead of Mooney....I actually found out about Matilda's father and his father which was fascinating for me. My grandfather was born in 1867 and Died in 1959, married Matilda Jane Anderson not sure of date....they had 12 children.... my mother was the last girl born and had a twin brother James. She was born at Norway Lake and went to school in Calabogie....Then a friend of mine gave me the 1851 census, 1871 cenus and 1891 and the last one 1911 where the name is written as Money. Go right ahead and add my email to your web page.....I would appreciate any info I could get on where my grandfather worked as a cook in a lumber camp....and where he worked around Ottawa back in the mid 1800's onwards. My mother told me he went away every winter to the lumber camp and would return in the spring. Their religion is listed as Free Church and Matilda's parents were from Scotland and was born 1878 according to the 1891 Census. The interesting thing is I find children's name's that I never heard about....I know my grandmother had at least 2 or 3 possibly more to someone other than my grandfather. Again many thanks. Barbara-Ann
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