George ROBB and Belle / Annabelle CAMPBELL
Aberdeenshire, Scotland to the Ottawa, Canada area
also John ROBB and Ann MORRISON
and George ROBB and Margaret COLLIER

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

May 18, 2002:
George ROBB and his wife Belle CAMPBELL came from Aberdeen Scotland in the late 1870's
and settled in the Buckingham area of Quebec. 
Their eldest son, John, remained in Scotland. The remaining children came 
with them to Canada.

About 1880 they moved across the Ottawa River to the Cumberland / Russell area in Ontario.
By then, their daughter Ann had married James BURNS (my Great-Grandfather) from
nearby Osgoode Township.

Some Descendants of George Robb
	1  	George Robb	1815 - (my GGGrandfather ... Al)
.		+ Belle Campbell	c. 1825 - 1912 (my GGGrandmother ... Al)
......	2  	Belle Robb	
..........		+ Mr. McAullife	
......	2  	James Robb (see below, dated March 10, 2004)	
......	2  	John Robb, stayed in Scotland	
......	2  	Mary Robb	
..........		+ Sir John Robertson	
......	2  	Ann Robb	1851 - 1927 (my GGrandmother ... Al)
..........		+ James Burns 1840 - 1907 (son of Lawrence Burns and Margaret Doyle)
......	2  	Willie Robb	1854 -
......	2  	Jane Robb	1856 -
......	2  	Jessie Robb	1866 -

Here they are in the 1881 Census:

Census Place:	Cumberland, Russell, Ontario, Canada
	Source:	FHL Film 1375865  NAC C-13229  Dist 104  SubDist C  Div 1  Page 54  Family 208

			Sex	Marr	Age	Origin		Birthplace	Occ		Religion
George ROBB		M	M	66	Scottish	Scotland	Farmer		C. Presbyterian	
Ann ROBB		F	M	56	Scottish	Scotland (Annabelle ?)		C. Presbyterian	
William ROBB		M		27	Scottish	Scotland	Farmer		C. Presbyterian	
Jane ROBB		F		25	Scottish	Scotland			C. Presbyterian	
Jessie B. ROBB		F		15	Scottish	Scotland			C. Presbyterian	
Some Robbs are buried at Beechwood Cemetery.

ROBB George Beechwood, Ottawa (1901-1930) Carleton Ottawa OT-93-02 
ROBB George Beechwood, Ottawa (1931-1955) Carleton Ottawa OT-95-01

March 10, 2004: 1881 Census Place: Aylwin, Ottawa, Quebec, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375861 NAC C-13225 Dist 97 SubDist JJ Page 5 Family 16 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Occ Religion James ROBB M M 31 Scottish Scotland General Manager C. Presbyterian Judith ROBB F M 30 Irish Quebec C. Presbyterian George ROBB M 2 Irish Quebec C. Presbyterian Jane ROBB F 1 Irish Quebec C. Presbyterian (born (Oct) 6/12) Maggie ARMSTRONG F 18 Irish Quebec Servant C. Presbyterian James STEVENSON M M 50 Irish Quebec Labourer C. Presbyterian Owen DAILY/Daley/Daly M M 50 Irish Quebec Labourer Roman Catholic W. James CHAMBERLAIN M 18 Irish Quebec Labourer Church of England
May 15, 2007: Here is the death certificate for my GGrandmother, Annie Robb. It is witnessed by her son Terence Burns. She died at 96 Rochester Street in Ottawa where she was living with her daughter. Her husband, James Burns had died in 1907. Both Annie and James are buried at Our Lady of the Visitation, South Gloucester. The names of her parents are given by her son as being John Robb and Annie Morrison. However, family lore has it that her parents were George Robb and Belle Campbell. Two death certificates are shown below. The one on the right is definitely my GGrandmother. The one on the left MAY be her mother. The hunt continues. ····
June 10, 2007: Thanks to Mary Quinn for sending in this marriage record: 002559-95 (Carleton Co): Stephen STARR, 25, laborer, Ottawa, same, s/o Michael STARR & Margaret CORRIGAN married Mary Jane BURNS, 22, Canada, Ottawa, d/o James BURNS & Anne ROBB. Wit: Luke JOYCE and Kate PLUNKETT, both of Ottawa. April 26, 1895 at Ottawa. (RC) Mary Jane (Jennie) Burns was my Grandfather's sister ... Al
December 8, 2014: Here are some burials recorded at the West Templeton (Gatineau) Quebec cemetery in a publication created by the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society (visit their library catalogue): George Robb died March 29, 1928 aged 84. His wife Margaret Collier died September 9, 1928 aged 84 years. Margaret A. Robb died October 31, 1913, aged 40 years.
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