Aylwin, Quebec
St. Andrews Church Cemetery (Presbyterian/United)

To Al, Darlene and Don;
First I thank Darlene for the cemetery transcriptions from the Gracefield Cemetery. 
I have also made many transcription from most of the cemeteries around the Kazabazua 
and Aylwin Cemeteries, and the two attachments are partial listing of some of these 
transcriptions as follows:

1. St. Andrews Church Cemetery (Presbyterian/United), Aylwin, Quebec; and

2. St. John's in the Wilderness (Church of England) Cemetery, Aylwin, Quebec.

... Ken Armstrong

July 5, 2002: Al; Attached you will find the complete transcriptions for the St. Andrews (Presbyterian/United) Cemetery in Aylwin, Quebec and for the St. John (Church of England) In The Wilderness Cemetery also in Aylwin, Quebec. I made a slight mistake on my first posting of the St. Andrews Cemetery, in that I included a few of the Tombstones from the Aylwin Hillcrest Cemetery in Aylwin, this St. Andrew's Cemetery attachment corrected the previous mistake. I have completed a partial transcription for the Aylwin Hillcrest Cemetery, and when completed I will send it along for posting on your website. Many of the people in these Cemeteries originally came from the Carleton County side of the river, so they do fit into your website. Ken Armstrong ============ St. ANDREWS CHURCH CEMETERY (Presbyterian/United), AYLWIN, QUEBEC 20 June 2002- complete transcription of all of the Tombstones and ground plaques in the St. Andrews Cemetery. 1. Richard Armstrong Died June 15, 1920 aged 88 years Son James Armstrong Died Nov 13, 1878 aged 18 yrs., 6 mos., 6 days Elizabeth Draper Beloved Wife of Richard Armstrong Died Nov 9, 1897 2. Gilbert Armstrong Died Jan 18, 1923 aged 31 yrs., 8 mos., 19 days John Armstrong Died Dec 18, 1936 aged 74 yrs., 6 mos., 22 days NOTE: is is believed that John's Wife Liza Cox is also buried here. John Armstrong is the son to Richard Armstrong and Elizabeth Draper is (1) above. Gilbert is the son of John Armstrong and Liza Cox. There is a beautiful ceramic Photograph, of Gilbert, mounted at the top of the stone, but it was damaged. 3. Annie Armstrong Born July 12, 1865 Died Sep 1, 1919 NOTE: Annie is also a daughter to Richard Armstrong and Elizabeth Draper in (1) above and was married to Jack Stanger. 4. John Robert McConnell Died Dec 25, 1901 aged 68 yrs., 10 months 5. John Victor McConnell Died Feb 17, 1935 aged 49 years (note: actual age was 51 Years) Beloved Husband of Margaret McKitrick Died Aug 8, 1969 aged 87 years 6. Joseph McConnell 1857 - 1929 Husband of Sarah McKitrick (Sarah buried in Aylwin Hillcrest Cemetery) Their Children Willie Jennie 1885 - 1899 1902 - 1904 Eileen Chapman 1916 - 1917 Daughter of Albert Chapman & Lizzie McConnell 7. James McConnell 1841 - 1892 His Wife Isabella Simpson 1854 - 1920 Note: This Gravesite is unmarked, The Marker used to be on the old Iron Fence, which was replaced several years ago, information from Lois Klages (nee McConnell). 8. Plaque in Ground James Begley 1871 - 1948 Sarah Margaret McConnell 1880 - 1915 John Arthur Aylwin (John Aylwin is James and Sarah's son) 1911 - 1911 9. James Begley Born Aug 15, 1837 Died Mar 10, 1908 Wife Elizabeth Clyde Born July 20, 1836 Died July 8, 1900 Their Daughter AGGIE Died Sep 17, 1881 age 6 yrs., 4 months, 17 days 10. Samuel Begley Son of S & Wm Begley Killed by the Fall of a Tree Mar 1870, 25 yrs. 11. In Loving Memory of (Note: see below under September 15, 2002) Elizabeth Emma Fleury Wife of Thomas Litle Died Aug 31, 1910 in Her 51 year John Litle Born March 4, 1853 Died Dec 23, 1920 Elizabeth Begley Wife of John Litle Born Dec 25, 1869 Died July 6, 1927 Stones in Ground "MAGGIE" & "WIFE" 12. In Memory of Henry V. McNally 1812 - 1919 His Wife Mary Begley 1837 - 1906 Margaret E. McNally 1865 - 1926 Wife of Albert McConnell Hugh B. McNally 1873 - 1943 Henry McNally 1863 - 1945 13. In Loving Memory of Eleanor McNally Wife of Charles W. Foster Died Sept 11th, 1904 Aged 35 years 14. McNALLY Nothing on Front of this Stone On Left Side: Rufus Died Nov 5, 1918, Age 21 Yrs. Sarah Died Oct 18, 1906, Age 8 mos. 15. McAFEE In Memory of John McAfee Died Jan 12, 1909 Age 89 yrs, 8 ms Mathilda Begley Wife of J. McAfee Died April 18, 1909, Age 88 yrs, 7 ms Margaret McAfee Died Sept 27, 1907, Age 61 yrs Thomas McAfee Died Oct 18, 1896, Age 37 yrs, 1 mo On Right Side of this Stone: Robert McAfee Died Nov 20, 1878, Age 10 ys, 9 mos OnLeft Sdie of this Stone: Samuel McAfee Died June 27, 1816 Age 49 yrs, 6 mos His Wife Jemima Williams 1869 - 1936 16. McAFEE John McAfee Died July 5, 1903 Aged 40 yrs, 2 mos His Wife Susan Howard 1864 - 1944 R.F. McAfee 1900 - 1946 George Henry Died Aug 28, 1911 17. McAFEE In Memory of Ann Jane Nelson Beloved Wife of Robert McAfee Born May 31, 1838 Died Apr 14, 1907 Robert McAfee 1837 - 1917 Hugh M. McAfee Born Apr 30, 1876 Died Aug 5, 1889 Andrew McAfee Born Sept 27, 1867 Died Aug 5, 1889 Mrs. B.F. Reid 1874 - 1910 18. Large Slab in Ground: Sacred to the Memory of: Esther McAfee Died May 14, 1888 Age 86 yrs 19. In Memory of John McAfee Departed this Life 8th June, 1872 20. In Memory of Moses McAfee Died May 13, 1870, Age 56 yrs 21. C40248 Private Thomas S. McAfee V.G. of C 4th June 1945 In Loving Memory of Dear Husband in our Memory Not Forgotten Wife & Family 22. REID Front of Stone: Annie Elizabeth Butler Beloved Wife of B.N. Reid Died aged 60 years, Oct 10, 1898 Native of Moville, Co. Donegal, Ireland and of Bejamin Nelly Reid Died Jan 13th, 1905, aged 74 years Native of Claggen, Co. Donegal, Ireland On the Left Side of Stone: Nannie Beloved Wife of Alfred W. Huband Born Feb 16, 1864 Dird Nov 9, 1899 23. Large Slab in Ground: In Memory of William George The Beloved Son of Benj. N. & Ann G. Reid Died Feb 24th, 1867 age 4 yrs, 4 Mos 24. C40248 Private Thomas S. McAfee V.G. of C 4th June 1945 In Loving Memory of Dear Husband in our Memory Not Forgotten Wife & Family 25. REID James Reid Born in Claggen, Co. Donegal, Ireland Died Sept 26, 1900, Age 63 Yrs Sarah Beloved Wife of James Reid Born Huntley, Oct 25, 1843 Died at Barnet, B.C. Dec 15, 1906 26. In Memory of Robert Reid Died July 16, 1893 aged 61 yrs His Wife Margaret Baird Died Apr 22, 1883 aged 34 yrs On the Left Side of this Stone: Ann N. Reid Died May 13, 1886 Aged 18 yrs John A. Died Jan 24, 1890 Aged 18 yrs 27. On the Right Side of this Stone: Samuel R. Reid Died Dec 25, 1880 aged 4 y'rs George J.W. Died Jan 1, 1881 aged 11 yrs 28. In Memory of Mary Jane Carruthers Wife of William Reid Died Oct 22, 1892 aged 49 yrs William Reid Died July 2, 1905 aged 62 yrs 29. MOODIE In Loving Memiry of Samuel Moodie 1860 - 1926 His Wife Elizabeth Derraugh 1880 - 1970 CFN Wallace 1817 - 1945 Killed Overseas 30. MOODIE In Loving Memory of Thomas Moodie aged 76 yrs His Wife Mary J. Courtney aged 76 yrs Matilda Moodie aged 60 yrs Augusta Moodie aged 23 yrs Robert Moodie aged 11 yrs William Moodie aged 2 yrs James Moodie aged 7 months 31. MOODIE In Loving memory of Fanny M. Little BVeloved Wife of Thos. Moodie Born Dec 12, 1847 Died April 12, 1921 Thomas Moodie Born Aug 22, 1863 Died May 22, 1948 On the Back of this Stone: In Loving Memory of Rebecca Ruth Spallin Wife of Thomas Moodie Born May 29, 1881 Died Apr 21, 1944 32. Alexander McCambley 1858 - 1931 His Wife Harriet J. McNally 1864 - 1922 HIs Wife Annie Cox 1866 - 1893 Frances M. McCambley 1892 - 1895 F. Gertrude McCambley (Note Postmaster 1922-1925, 1st Wife of William Armstrong Wife of W. Armstrong (and William was a brother to my grandfather Archie) 1889 - 1925 33. In Loving Memory Mary Adams Beloved Wife of Robert Ferguson Died Feb 1, 1885, aged 53 years. 34. In Loving Memory of Robert Ferguson 1839 - 1926 Erected by his Son Harry 35. In Memory of Nancy Ferguson Died Aug 5th, 1912 Erected by her Brother Robert Ferguson 36. In Memory of George Bon Ferguson Died June 24, 1917, Aged 22 Yrs. 37. In Loving Memory of John McLeod Bean Died Feb 9, 1903 Aged 53 years, 7 Mos Native of Scotland 38. In Memory of Elizabeth Mabel Bean Gainsford in Her 84th Year Born June 20th, 1885 Died May 2nd, 1969 39. Jacob Wilson Died Oct 6, 1914, Age 65 Yrs His Wife Flora Ann Cameron Died July 10, 1941, Aged 86 Yrs 40. Archibald Wilson Died Oct 18, 1907 aged 51 years Mary A. Stanger 1860 - 1947 Beloved Wife of Archie Wilson 41. James Stanger 1828 - 1912 Wife Ann Tullock 1838 - 1891 42. John Stanger Native of Orkney Islands Died Sept 18, 1905, 72 years Wife Eleanor Shaw Died May 14, 1918, 82 years 43. Jane McCann Died Oct 3, 1905 Age 71 yrs. Wife of Alex Baxter 44. Robert V.R. McCann (see posting dated February 22, 2007) Died Feb 7, 1898 aged 23 yrs., 5 months 45. John Quinn Died June 14, 1909 aged 57 years Wife Elizabeth McCambly Died May 23, 1911 aged 51 yrs., 10 mon. 46. COURTNEY In Memory of David Courtney Died July 17, 1878, Aged 45 Yrs & 1 Month His Wife Agnes Knox Died Sept 13, 1925, Aged 90 Yrs. 47. OGILVIE James 1843 - 1929 His Wife Martha Boyd 1853 - 1912 Son William 1883 - 1924 48. Quintas F. Son of Rev. D. & R.J. McNaughton Died Oct 27, 1880, Aged 3 yrs & 3 mos. Also Mary E. Their Infant Daughter Died May 28, 1882 49. In Loving memory of Stephen Orr Died 18 Mar, 1823, Aged 84 Yrs His Wife Maria Bone / Bowen Died 12 Oct 1924, Aged 75 Yrs Their Son William Died 20 Jan, 1892, Aged 21 Yrs. 50. In Memory of Isabella Russell Daughter of Isadore & Emma Denant Died Aug 20, 1888, Aged 3 Mos, 20 Days 51. Small Plaque in Ground Harry Jacobs (NOTE: Transcription completed for this Cemetery, Kenneth Armstrong 20 June 2002)
September 15, 2002: Good morning; I was going over my files and checking them against your recordings for St Andrews Cemetery. Number 11 has a few names missing. John Litle Sr. died- Nov 6 1883- 73 yrs Fanny Childs died- October 18 1898- 72 yrs Edna May Litle born- May 19, 1900 died August 5 1922 Fanny Rebecca Litle 1894-1953 Charlotte Litle died-ct 9, 1872 age 1M 9D You have recorded In Loving memory of Elizabeth Emma Fleury Wife of Thomas Litle Died Aug 31, 1910 in Her 51 year John Litle Born March 4, 1853 Died Dec 23, 1920 Elizabeth Begley Wife of John Litle Born Dec 25, 1869 Died July 6, 1927 Stones in Ground "MAGGIE" & "WIFE" I hope you do not mind the additions. I think you are doing a great service, thanks again. David A. L. Smith
June 10, 2004: My family comes from the area called Alywin, which I cannot locate on a map. Could you provide me any directions to this area. The family names are Lepage and Lebeau. ... Alex LePage _____________________ Alex: I think that Aylwin is a township north of Ottawa, in the Gracefield, Quebec area. I have a roadmap here which shows a village called Aylwin, on Highway 105 between Kazabazua and Gracefield. If you like, I could add your Lepage and Lebeau surnames to my web site -- there are probably others who will know more than I do about the Township (Canton?) of Aylwin. Thanks for your e-mail. ... Al Lewis Ottawa ____________________ Please go ahead and add these names. Their full names are Thomas Lepage and Amelia Lebeau, both are listed as born in Aylwin. Thank you again. Alex Lepage ____________________________ also posted on June 10, 2004: Sean McConnery has transcribed all of the records of the Presbyterian church in Aylwin. See his cemetery listing (he also has photographs of all of the grave markers). Here are some 1881 census records from Aylwin: 1881 Census Place: Aylwin, Ottawa, Quebec, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375861 NAC C-13225 Dist 97 SubDist JJ Page 23 Family 85 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Occ Religion Thomas LEPAGE M M 27 Irish Quebec Labourer C. Presbyterian Emelea LEPAGE F M 24 Irish Quebec C. Presbyterian (nee Lebeau) Mary Ann LEPAGE F 7 Irish Quebec C. Presbyterian Rose LEPAGE F 5 Irish Quebec C. Presbyterian Thomas LEPAGE M 2 Irish Quebec C. Presbyterian
June 13, 2004: Hi Alex; I will be going to Aylwin this week and see if I can find any information for you. Our family settled in Aylwin in the mid 1800's and are Litle, Childs, Begley and Clyde surnames. We are having a reunion this summer and hope to gather more information regarding the area. The names you are researching sound French so I would assume that the are Huguenots if they are Protestant and Irish as stated in the census. I wish you well in your search and I will send you any information I may discover. The information on the location of Aylwin is correct. It is located between Kazabazua and Gracefield and the road runs along the Gatineau River. West Aylwin is a small village west of Aylwin which borders the rail line. The Litle farm was located directly around St Andrews Church as the land was donated by my Great Grandfather John Litle. I understand that he donated land for three Churches, a School, a Post Office (which my son is restoring) and an Orange Lodge on the property. I am looking for the area where the Methodist Church was located. Anyhow, should I discover anything I will let you know. David Smith
June 14, 2004: 1881 Census Place: Hull, Ottawa, Quebec, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375861 NAC C-13225 Dist 97 SubDist Z Div 1 Page 101 Family 433 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Occ Religion Thomas CHILDS M M 84 English England Farmer Church of England Jonase CHILDS F M 74 USA Methodist Thomas CHILDS M 32 English Quebec Farmer Methodist Laura BRADLEY F 10 English Quebec Methodist Grant BRADLEY M 8 English USA Methodist ________________________ 1881 Census Place: Aylwin, Ottawa, Quebec, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375861 NAC C-13225 Dist 97 SubDist JJ Page 22 Family 80 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Occ Religion James BEGLY M W 84 Irish Ireland Farmer C. Presbyterian Hugh BEGLY M M 52 Irish Ireland Farmer C. Presbyterian Ellenir BEGLY F M 40 Irish Quebec C. Presbyterian Sarah E. BEGLY F 16 Irish Quebec C. Presbyterian Margaret BEGLY F 14 Irish Quebec C. Presbyterian Mary Jane BEGLY F 12 Irish Quebec C. Presbyterian Martin BEGLY M 9 Irish Quebec C. Presbyterian Easter BEGLY F 6 Irish Quebec C. Presbyterian William BEGLY M 3 Irish Quebec C. Presbyterian Isabella BEGLY F Irish Quebec C. Presbyterian Born: 1 3/12 ________________________ Census Place: Aylwin, Ottawa, Quebec, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375861 NAC C-13225 Dist 97 SubDist JJ Page 10 Family 37 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Occ Religion John LITLE M M 70 Irish Ireland Farmer C. Presbyterian Fanny LITLE F M 55 English England Wesleyan Methodist William LITLE M 30 Irish Quebec Farmer Wesleyan Methodist John LITLE M 28 Irish Quebec Farmer Wesleyan Methodist Thomas LITLE M 26 Irish Quebec Farmer Wesleyan Methodist Fanny LITLE F 24 Irish Quebec Wesleyan Methodist Margaret LITLE F 22 Irish Quebec Wesleyan Methodist Hattie LITLE F 20 Irish Quebec Wesleyan Methodist Fredrick LITLE M 18 Irish Quebec Farmer's Son Wesleyan Methodist Henry LITLE M 16 Irish Quebec Farmer's Son Wesleyan Methodist Siras LITLE M 14 Irish Quebec Farmer's Son Wesleyan Methodist David LITLE M 12 Irish Quebec Wesleyan Methodist
June 18, 2004: Anne and Floyd are researching the Simpson family in the Danford Lake area.
June 21, 2004: Hello Alexa; I visited the Pritchard gravesite last week for a very short time and it was very interesting although I did not have time to transcribe anything. I was wondering if you could help me. I know that there is a Clyde in the Pritchard line and I hoped you might have additional information regarding her. My Great Grandmother Elizabeth Clyde b. July 20 1836 d July 8, 1900. married James Begley b. August 15, 1837 d. March 10, 1908. The two were married in Aylwin Quebec. The only information I have was that Elizabeth left Ireland for Quebec to work as a servant for her elder sister (Pritchard). The story goes that she soon tired of the servitude and went on to marry James. I have no information as to her family or where in Ireland she hailed from. Any help would be appreciated. DASmith _________________________ Just a quick line to say I knew Clyde Begley. I'll look up my notes asap. I think you'll find Kenny in the picture as well. Alexa
February 22, 2007: Dear Ken, Al and Geoff, Firstly let me thank you for taking the time to transcribe the epitaphs on the Aylwin cemeteries, and then putting the details on the web so everyone can read them. Again, thank you. My maternal grandfather Walter Ellard Mccann was born (we guess around 1877) in Aylwin, Quebec, to parents Sarah and John McCann who had emigrated from Britain. His elder brother (name unknown) died aged 23 in 1898, so I am hoping to have found his resting place. Walter's youngest daughter is my wonderful mother who is soon to be 79 years old and I have been able to tell her I think I have found her uncle's resting place.If you are able to tell us any more about the McCann family we would love to hear more. We have a photo of Sarah McCann (nee Riddell) at the family ranch at Aylwin age 77 (1920?).Later the family went its separate ways. We believe Walter had three sisters and two brothers. Walter taught in several schools. Tragically the family was never to be reunited as Walter died 2 weeks before the end of the Second World War.We don't know Walters sisters' names. We think we have a picture of his younger brother, labelled Jack (John?), married to Minnie with a son Lloyd. Could anyone help?, Best wishes to you all. Have a good day, Sally Barman, Richmond Surrey, England, _________________ Hello Sally, Yes, I know this family well and they are in my book Celtic Connections. I doubt that I will have time for at least two weeks to send you info but I have photos etc of the Aylwin gang and will share them with you. Alexa
October 21, 2008:
David BEGLEY and Annie McNALLY and the origin of the name Jingletown
I have stumbled across your page http://www.bytown.net/aylwin2.htm and am interested in knowing if any of you know the descendants of one David Begley who was married to Annie McNally. These are my great Aunt and Uncle. (My Grandmother was Susan Tanner nee McNally.) Annie and Susan McNally had a brother Fred McNally. In tracing back the family tree, I have not been able to find much information on their parents. I do know they originate from the Aylwin area as I have reviewed many property deeds circa 1880`s and newer from that area. I have extensive family roots in the Caywood, Danford Lake, and Jingletown area which is close to Kazabazua. In fact, as I remember it, the road to the Aylwin area is between Kaz. and Danford. I would appreciate any information you could provide. I`ve been trying to draw out the Tanner family tree. ... James C. Tanner _____________________________ Thanks to Ken Armstrong who has sent a detailed Begley family tree to James Tanner. ... Al _________________________________ Thank you Al for your information. By the way...no one calls me "Mr. Tanner" (except for Revenue Canada) ... Jim will do. In going through some of the information that has come back as a result of my original enquiry, I have noticed, in regards to the McNally Family some missing information. James McNally DOB June 15, 1863 was married to Suzanne Howard DOB Sept.16, 1874. One of their children was a daughter named Susan McNally. Susan McNally is my Grandmother. The information received from your group indicates that Susan McNally was married to "Unknown" Tanner. Susan McNally (died in 1967 in Hull, Quebec. Buried in Danford Lake, Quebec.) was infact married to George Angus Tanner. Susan and George had three children. This generation of Tanner's grew up on a farm which lay between Kazabazua, Aylwin and Danford Lake. The farm had the neighborhood schoolhouse on it, and at Christmas time my grandfather would hitch up his team to a wagon loaded with sleigh bells and take the school children out carrolling. As a result, the area of the old school house and family farm became known as "Jingletown". Today when you drive the highway between Kazabazua and Danford Lake, you will drive by a road called Jingletown Road. That is the original turn off to my grandparents old farm where the original school house still stands but has been converted into a cottage. Jim Tanner ______________________________ I never knew how the settlement got the name Jingletown! Thanks. You should get your hands on Edie Sage's research work which hopefully is housed at the library in Danford Lake village. Gatineau Historical Society library has a copy of "Up to the North Woodland" by Henry Heeney. In it you'll find a photo of the old Tanner house and perhaps some comical background info as Henry recalled it. ... Alexa
October 23, 2008: Ken, have you ever heard of a lost cemetery by the river? I've never searched for it but I believe it is directly east of the existing church and perhaps a little north. I don't know if many stones have survived the plough. Best wishes in your search. Alexa ________________________________ I have heard of this cemetery and I think it may be north of the area quite a bit closer to St John in the Wilderness. I believe both Amie Lachopelle and Doug Carruthers may know where it is located.. I have heard that the grave markers were thrown into the creek by a farmer (unknown). I have been going to explore this area for a number of years but have not gotten around to it yet. I tthink it is on the north side of what we call Lachopelle mmountain. DASmith _______________________________ There is a 'lost cemetery' beside St. John in the Wilderness at Mark's Crossing. The one I'm talking about is near the Aylwin church and it is highly likely that Amie Lachapelle would be able to locate it. It is so over-grown that I didn't have the nerve to attempt a search. ... Alexa
September 9, 2010: McNally, Harrison, Begley and McBurney Hello Alexa, I happened upon this website (http://www.bytown.net/aylwinquebec.htm) last night and see that you are seeking information about the early families who settled in the Aylwin, Quebec area. Just this past weekend, I travelled to Ottawa to visit my uncle (William Harrison McBurney, known as "Bill") so that we could go to the St. Andrew's U.C. cemetery at Aylwin to look at the gravestones of some of our ancestors and to visit the original homestead where my grandmother was born. In fact, she was christened, I am told, at St. Andrew's U.C. My great-great Grandfather was Henry V. McNally, who is buried in the cemetery at Aylwin (U.C.). He married Mary Begley and they lived at what is now 239 Range #8 Rd, near Aylwin. This was the first time I have visited this area as an adult, and it was very moving for me to see the gravestones, walk in the church where my grandmother (Lillian Marie McBurney, nee Harrison) was baptized, and into the home the McNally's likely built and lived in. I understand that my grandmother was born in the McNally home since her mother, Abigail Harrison, nee McNally, returned to her parents' home for the birth. Abigail's husband was William Harrison and I understand they homesteaded in the Danford area on the Picanoc River. I am just beginning to learn some of the information about my ancestors from Quebec and was pleased to see that you are compiling a book of the area. Needless to say, I would be pleased to be put on a list to order the book when it is ready. I wrote to you, particularly though, because I saw the names "Harrison", "McNally" and "McBurney" on your list. I don't know if there is any connection between your McBurney and my family, but there do seem to be connections to the Harrisons and McNallys. I would appreciate any information you might be able to provide about the families mentioned. I have no idea whether I'd be of any assistance to you or not, since I'm at the beginning of my discovery of my ancestry, but hope you will be in touch in any case and perhaps I or my uncle will be able to help. kind regards, Carla Jill (McBurney) Purcell

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