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January 10, 2010:

Aylmer, Quebec was established shortly after the original pioneer in the Ottawa and Hull area created Wrightsville in 1800.
Some of the early land grants were made to members of Philomen Wright's group and an early transport system, made up of Stage Coaches
was used to move people and goods from Ottawa / Hull to Aylmer. By the 1820's, Aylmer began to play a role in the lumber industry based 
on the hinterland of the Ottawa River. Robert Conroy (Conroy Road), John Egan (later founder of Eganville, Ontario), Charles Symmes,
James Woodworth, Moses Edey and the Chamberlain family, as well as Francois Beaudry were early businessmen in the town. 

Symmes Inn in Aylmer, Quebec Main Street Built by Charles Symmes, c. 1832 Drawing Source: National Capital Commission Heritage, page 43 Symmes Hotel, Aylmer, Quebec Canada - Text Picture of the Symmes Hotel, Aylmer, Quebec Canada
Keywords: W.H. Bartlett (art history), Steamer Lady Colbourne
Sketch of the British Hotel in Aylmer, Quebec 71, rue Principale Built by Robert Conroy in 1834 Drawing Source: National Capital Commission Heritage, page 37 British Hotel, Aylmer, Quebec Canada - Text Picture of the Symmes Hotel, Aylmer, Quebec Canada
The Pioneer Cemetery, known as Bellevue Cemetery is located in Aylmer. Keywords: John Egan, John Foran, James Woodsworth, Moses Edey, Francois Beaudry. Many of the early families became interconnected by marriage. Thanks to Bruce Cowen who sent along the following connection between the well-known Gatineau Valley McGoey family and the family of Philomen Wright: McGoey and Wright connection and here is an 1835 record of Pamela Wright from Notre Dame Cathedral on Sussex Drive in Lowertown, Ottawa: 3 March 1835 Marriage of Laurence Burke and Catherine Leamy (Leamy Lake) Godparents: William Hennessey & Pamela Wright (Pamela Wright, wife of Thomas McGoey and daughter of Philomen Wright) Source: Drouin Collection at ancestry.ca
McGoey House 41 Aylmer Road Built for Joseph McGoey in 1871 Drawing Source: National Capital Commission Heritage, page 47 McGoey House, Aylmer, Quebec Canada - Text Picture of the McGoey House, Aylmer, Quebec Canada

January 12, 2010:
Photographs of Two More Heritage Buildings in Aylmer (Thanks to Bob Quesnel for the pictures) On the Right is the Thomas Rielly / Reilly house according to the Gatineau archives 19 Rue Thomas 31 Rue Principale Aylmer, Quebec Heritage Building -- 19, Rue Thomas Picture of the Heritage Building at 31 Rue Principale, Aylmer, Quebec Canada

January 21, 2010: One of the earliest families in Aylmer, the Church family, was led by a United Empire Loyalist (UEL) from Merrickville, Ontario.
In 1910, a Church family reunion was held: Source: Ottawa Citizen Archives for August 18, 1910 The complete article is accessible via www.bytown.net/citizensearch.htm Church Family Reunion in 1910, Aylmer, Quebec

February 10, 2010: View the 1852 census for Aylmer, Quebec. These are .pdf files. Magnify them to 100% to more easily read them.
February 20, 2010:
Thanks to Mrs. Mary Wall for the following wonderful photo. Mrs. Wall is a descendant of Philomen Wright. This was the home of Mr. Edward Wright, grandson of Philomen Wright and was part of "Britannia Farm". It is now on the site of the Royal Ottawa Golf Club. Royal Ottawa Golf Course - Home of Mr. Edward Wright

April 20, 2010:
2nd EDEY FAMILY REUNION will be held on Saturday, August 28th, 2010 205th ANNIVERSARY 1805 - 2010
For Details see our Edey family page.
July 14, 2010:
Source below: Bytown Gazette, May 30, 1844 Search the Archives Aylmer, Quebec, Advertizement in the Bytown Gazette, 1844

July 24, 2010: A possible neighborly link between Aylmer/Hull families is documented in the 1881 census for Hull. I have enclosed an image of the census page. It lists the Grimes family at the top of the page, followed by Samuel and Elizabeth Edey family (age 31), Luther and Maryan Edy family (aged 59) although listed at 104 not 106, Philip (aged 60) Chugg and Catherine Chugg and family at 108 and finally Nickolas and Jane Dawson (aged 49) and family at 109. I know this is not from 1808 and the militia list, but thought it may still assist in placing the Edey family alongside other farming families in the Aylmer / Hull area in the last decade of the 1800's. -Michael Chugg
Source: Library and Archives, Canada - URL as shown in the image below
Portion of the 1881 Census for Hull and Aylmer, Quebec, Canada
July 31, 2010:
Dance at the Aylmer Canoe Club in 1898 Source: Ottawa Citizen, August 2, 1898 Dance at the Aylmer, Quebec, Canoe Club in 1898
In attendance at the Dance were Miss Bate (the Island in the Ottawa River at the Champlain Bridge is Bate Island), Lemoine, Richardson, Driscoll, Nelson, Tasker, Perley, Kidd, the Misses Church, Miall, Malloch / Mallock, Pennock, Hurdman, O'Brien, MaCrae, Coates, Swinburn, MacLeod Stewart, O'Gara, MacGee / Magee / McGee and Haycock.
September 1, 2010:
Old Methodist Chapel built in 1826, Aylmer Road, Quebec, Canada Source: National Capital Commission Heritage, page 54 Methodist Chapel in Aylmer, Quebec, Canada - Text Methodist Chapel in Aylmer, Quebec, Canada - Picture
Keywords: Dennis O'Halloran, Fitzroy Township

James Baillie was a former Mayor of Aylmer, Quebec.
October 16, 2011:
Steamboat G. B. Greene at the Aylmer, Quebec, Wharf in 1896 Source: What Men They Were!, by S. Wyman MacKechnie, page 92 The G. B. Greene at the Aylmer, Quebec Wharf in 1896

December 4, 2011: Thanks to Mary Quinn for sending in the links to two interesting articles from the Ottawa Citizen regarding Terence McGuire, (born in Aylmer), and the early lumber trade there. The second link will take you to the Heritage ststus of the British Hotel in Aylmer, in 1975. http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=7lktAAAAIBAJ&sjid=atkFAAAAIBAJ&pg=6771,1294527&dq=the+british+hotel+aylmer&hl=en http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=z8kyAAAAIBAJ&sjid=re0FAAAAIBAJ&pg=1834,3189276&dq=the+british+hotel+aylmer&hl=en
August 21, 2012: Hi Al I have seen on the site some information about people that went to War from the Ottawa area. I thought you might be interested in this link to John Cook obituary. He was born 1903 in Aylmer, Quebec. He is a grandson of John Cook that immigrated to Canada in 1816 through the Philomen Wright group. http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=b9dUAAAAIBAJ&sjid=SjwNAAAAIBAJ&pg=7064,233008&dq=john+jam+cook+regina&hl=en John _____________________ Thanks, John: There is quite a bit of information about the family of John Cook in the book Pioneers of the Upper Ottawa and Humors of the Valley, by Anson Gard. ... Al
And a lot of information about the pioneers of Aylmer - Robert Conroy, the McConnell brothers, etc. See From Conroy's Inn to the British Hotel, More than 150 Years of History in Aylmer, by Richard M. Bégin, for the Aylmer Heritage Association, 1993, ISBN 0-929114-21-3 (English) and 0-929144-19-1 (French)
May 25, 2013: Today, Michael P. Macdonald from Aylmer, gave a talk this afternoon at the Ottawa Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society monthly meeting. Mr. MacDonald is social historian and belongs to the Aylmer Heritage Association. His latest book is called Poolroom and Politics: Aylmer History through the Lens and Pencil of Jack Couture. The book was published in 2012 by MacRoney Books, Gatineau, ISBN 978-0-9868360-1-5. This interesting book tells the story of colourful Jack Couture who as a prolific writer and activist during Aylmer in the mid 1900's. ... Al
June 19, 2014: Thanks to John for sending the following link along to us! Hi Al I have attached a link to the Mountainview Chapel in Aylmer, Quebec. http://www.mountainviewchapel.ca/index.html. It has some interesting history and is being restored. The history tab names a number of prominent people of the time. Many of the local families went to this church. ... John
March 5, 2019: (post retirement)
Here are ten mayors of Aylmer beginning in 1847: John Egan, Charles Symmes, William McLean, Harvey Parker, Charles Devlin,James Mulligan, Thomas Ritchie, Thomas Symmes, Dr. J. J. E. Woods, Thomas D. Sayer Photo Source: Pioneers of the Upper Ottawa and Humours of the Valley, by Anson A. Gard, 1906, Re-printed by Global Genealogy in 1999, ISBN 1-894378-28-8, page 77. Ten early Mayors of Aylmer, Quebec

April 14, 2019: Source for next picture and text is National Capital Heritage, page 52 Keywords: Home of the John Foran family at Aylmer, Quebec, west of Rivermead Road, lumbering
Picture of the John Foran House, Aylmer, Quebec, text Picture of the John Foran House, Aylmer, Quebec, picture

May 23, 2019:
Picture of the Rivermead House, text Picture of the Rivermead House, Aylmer, Quebec, picture

Source for next picture and text is National Capital Heritage, page 44 Keywords: Lebel House, Aylmer Road and Foley Road, Lucerne Quebec Keywords: Joseph Lebel, Riviere du Loup, Quebec
LEBEL House, text Lebel House, Aylmer, Quebec, picture
June 11, 2019: Text Block Below is from page 38 of National Capital Region Heritage Keywords Judge McCord, House built in 1838 in Aylmer, Quebec
Scan of McCord House McCord House Aylmer scan text

June 30, 2019: Town Hall, Aylmer, Quebec Judicial District of Ottawa Text Block and Picture Below is from National Capital Region Heritage
Aylmer, Quebec, Town Hall  Aylmer Hotel de Ville text

New July 5, 2019: Christ Church Anglican, Aylmer, Quebec Charles Street Text Block and Picture Below is from National Capital Region Heritage page 34
Aylmer, Quebec, Christ Church, Anglican  Aylmer Christ Church text

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