Augusta Township, Ontario, Canada
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November 1, 2008:

Augusta Township is located on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River in Eastern Ontario. 
It's two major settlements are the town of Prescott and the village of Maitland.
Town of Prescott, Augusta Township, in 1879 Source: McGill University Digital Atlas Project Prescott in 1879

Hi Al, I've been working on the settlement of Augusta, and I'm going to prepare a list for you of emigrants from Clonegal parish later, but thought I'd let you know that I've found another Wicklow body - John Whelan (m. Susan Price) who came from Coolross (like his neighbours, Arthur Byrne and Peter Doyle) to Augusta Township. On the attached 1851 census page, John Whelan is listed near these two other Coolross families. And from the ages of the Whelan children b. in Canada, it appears that Whelan emigrated c 1841. He's not on the Fitzwilliam CD, but might have been assisted all the same.
John Whelan Family from County Wicklow, Ireland to Augusta Township Source: 1851 census records at John Whelan family, County Wicklow, Ireland to Augusta Township, Ontario, Canada
... Anne Burgess (Another early settler in Augusta Township was Timothy Burns).

November 2, 2008: Hi Al, Here are the summary results to date of my attempts to decode the settlement of Augusta Township by people from County Wicklow (including Clonegall parish, which is a corner where Counties Wicklow, Carlow and Wexford meet). James Byrne m. Anne Thorpe, Barnamuinga, County Wicklow Gabriel Tarp / Thorpe m. Nancy/Ann Byrne, Croneyhorn, County Wicklow Thomas Trainor m. Honor Brady, Croneyhorn, County Wicklow William and Esther Edwards, Ballycumber, County Wicklow Peter Doyle, mother Honoria, plus brothers and sisters, Coolruss, County Wicklow Arthur Doyle m. Eliza Kehoe, Coolruss, County Wicklow John Whelan m. Susan Price, Coolruss, County Wicklow Mary Byrne (Monaughrim, County Carlow) m. Richard Thorpe, Barnamuinga, County Wicklow John Byrne m. 1) Ally Kinsella (Monaughrim); and 2) Ellen Kehoe (Cronyhorn, County Wicklow) John Byrne m. Catherine Hickey, Monaughrim, Co. Carlow Thomas Byrne m. Bridget Reilly, Monaughrim, Co. Carlow Patrick Townsend m. Ellenor Burns, County Wicklow Ann Townsend (County Wicklow) m. Patrick Kirwan / Kerwin Ellenor Townsend (County Wicklow) m. Patrick Byrne Thomas Murphy (County Wicklow) m. Mary DeCourcy. (Mary's parents were James DeCourcy and Mary Burns from Kilquiggin, County Wicklow.) William Ralph m. Henrietta Hopkins (Henrietta was b. Wicklow) There are a number of Gahan / Geehan / Geoghagan families in Augusta who came from Clonegall parish. I haven't sorted them all out yet, but this couple - Patrick Gahan and Ellenor Price - might be from Coolruss. ... Anne
November 10, 2008: Michael Swain and Mary Foley
November 13, 2008: Hi Al, I have a new Wicklow family to add to the list of Augusta settlers: St. Peter's Anglican Cemetery, North Augusta #131 Richard Graham died Oct. 6, 1861 Born at Carnew County Wicklow, Ireland #132 Mary [Hopkins] wife of Richard Graham died Apr. 1, 1869 aged 69 yrs. From what I've seen of family posts, Richard was likely an elderly man when he died, so I guess he's not the Richard Graham in the attached FW emigration record. But he was likely of the same family, since he came from Carnew as well - maybe a brother of the FW John Graham? This website lists claimants for damages suffered in the 1798 Rebellion / Rising, and here is a Richard Graham who might have been the father of the Augusta Richard Graham and the FW John Graham: Richard Graham, miller, Carnew House burned, loss of rent, loss of profit on cows. ... Anne ________________________ Here's Henrietta Hopkins Ralph's death record, and since she was buried in the same cemetery as MARY Hopkins (m. Richard Graham), I thought they might be sisters: ID: I5678 Name: Henrietta HOPKINS Surname: HOPKINS Given Name: Henrietta Sex: F Birth: 1822 in Ireland Death: 4 Mar 1901 in North Augusta, Leeds and Grenville, ON, Canada Burial: Mar 1901 St. Peter's Anglican Cemetery, North Augusta, Leeds and Grenville, ON, Canada _UID: 59BEA73B39A1DA11B281000347B7FA574339 Note: DEATH: Ontario, Canada Deaths, 1869-1932 about Henrietta Ralph Name: Henrietta Ralph Death Date: 4 Mar 1901 Death Location: Grenville Gender: Female Estimated birth year: abt 1821 Birth Location: County Wicklow, Ireland ... Anne
January 9, 2009:
Hugh Murphy from Kilquiggan, County Wicklow, Ireland
Here is Hugh Murphy from Kilquiggan on the FW estate. There's not much to be found about him because he died in 1876, in the midst of a typhoid epidemic by the looks of the attached page of death records. Perhaps there would be a marriage and birth of a child in the St. Mark's Church records (Prescott). Record Summary Scope and content HUGH MURPHY Born KILQUIGGIAN, Wicklow Served in 69th Foot Regiment; Royal Canadian Rifles Discharged aged 39 Covering dates 1827-1848 1851 census: Hugh, Elizabeth, b. Ire., plus dtr Catherine, age 1, b. Canada Name: Hugh Murphy Gender: Male Age: 42 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1810 Birthplace: Ireland Province: Canada West (Ontario) District: Grenville County District Number: 12 Sub-District: Edwardsburgh Sub-District Number: 101 Page: 31 Line: 49 Roll: C_11724 Schedule: A ... Anne

January 24, 2009: Hi, I have placed our great great grandfather Rufus Caul (Call) in Augusta Twp. in 1824. He is buried in Wolford Cemetery. I would like to find his parents and other family. Any information would be appreciated. ... Isobell King ________________________________________ Isobell: There is a Rufus Caul in the 1871 census for Leeds and Grenville. Would this be a son of your GGGrandfather? The record says that he was born in Ontario in 1822 -- very early. Was this a Loyalist family? Name: Ruffis Call [Ruffus Caul] Age: 49 Estimated birth year: abt 1822 Gender: Male Birth Place: Ontario Residence District: Leeds & Grenville North Residence Location: Wolford Ethnic Origin: German Religion: Baptist Occupation: Station Porter Division: 2 Microfilm Roll: C-10004 - C-10005 Page: 40 Head of Household Comment: This person is listed as a head Source for the above census record: ... Al ______________________________ Hi Al, This is our g-g-grandfather,I believe they were a Loyalist family,his wife Eunice was the daughter of James and Mary Allen 1851 census,James was born in New Brunswick the son of Loyalist Jonah Allen. I have the family history of the Allen family back to Edmund born in Scotland in 1606 and arrived in the USA, shortly after the pilgrims.I have hit a wall with Rufus but I believe they were a Palatine family and I believe he had a sister who worked in a millener making ladies bonnets,very early in 1800s. I hope this helps. ... Isobell
October 27, 2011: Hello, I have just been surfing for Augusta information. My great grandfather who settled in Michigan, USA reportedly came from Augusta where his father John Timpson from Ireland ( a retired Tidewaiter from Belfast) supposedly had a farm that my great grandfather (Joseph) gave up any title to in a falling out between he and his father. There is another name, Betsey McClister or Maclister or some variant who acted as a stepmother to Joseph also from Ireland I believe and I think may have eventually taken ownership of the farm. I am trying to find the farm, and the grave of my Great Great Grandfather John and with that some information about how he might have died. He is thought to have also lived in Cavan (either Ireland or Canada, don't know which) His immigration year was thought to be 1833 or therabouts. Joseph was born in Ireland 1820 but I don't know which county. Is there a way you can help me locate him or give me me more tools to find him? Thanks much Meredith Timpson
April 30, 2013: Hello my name is Don. I am looking for the resting place of Silas Cook who resided on a large parcel of land in 1816-1819 and on, in Augusta. He died somewhere near Prescott and could have been buried on the farm, as was the habit of the day. I have census records of the period in which he appears with a friend Rice Honeywell also a land owner. Census of that period do not give Lot or Concessions numbers, unfortunately. Silas served in the KRR NY for four years. He owned property in Vaudreuil, Edwardsburgh and York (Toronto). If you could give me some possibilities, Threads it would be appreciated. Regards Don Corbett

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