County Sligo to Bytown, c. 1823

possibly ML# 486 on the McCabe List

also Patrick DEVANEY(1), possibly ML# 388, also from County Sligo

April 14, 2002:

Dear Mr. Lewis, I did send you an e-mail on 28 mar 02. But no answer as yet
to my query  about a l9th Century  Robert ATKINSON, an ancestor of mine
whom I found as an early immigrant to the Ottawa Valley area. I found his
name in McCabe's list, which was published in 1829. By my obtaining
certain films from the Canadian Archives, I found that he (and his wife,
no children) arrived in "Colonel By" (which I believe stands for Bytown) in
either 1823 or 1825. I have found that there was a Robert ATKINSON, a
publican/innkeeper in the Bytown area by 1828. I believe now that I have
established an earlier arrival date for my definite ancestor, Robert
ATKINSON, and that he and Robert ATKINSON, the publican/innkeeper,     are
the same person..  I have not been able to find  in the Ontario Death
Records from 1878/79 forward any mention  of the death of a Robert ATKINSON.
So, either he died in Ontario before 1878/79, or he could have moved
elsewheres out of Ontario, and died  elsewheres. I have no knowledge of any
children Robert ATKINSON, the publican/innkeeper, had,  but I will attempt
to obtain what birth material I can..
Any help you can give me, or direction to someone in your area who could
help me, will be greatly appreciated.    
Don Patterson

Saturday : Thanks for your advisement as to my hearing from you. Herewith
I am attaching the one other document I have  about my Robert Atkinson, the
publican/tavern keeper.   Many thanks.   Don Patterson

An index to Carleton County land records up to the early 1840s is found at
the City of Ottawa Archives. There is only one Robert Atkinson entry,
several for William and Anthony. The copy books do not contain original
documents, rather they are a handwritten copy of the original documents.

Carleton County Copy Book 2, p. 127-128: A memorial of an indenture dated 24
June 1828 between Alexander McMartin of Glengarry County in the Eastern
District presently residing in Bytown and John McGinty of Bytown, Nepean
Township, Carleton County in the District of Bathurst, being a bargain and
sale, £200 for 200 acres in Nepean Township, Lot 19 in the 2nd Concession
from the River Ottawa. Witnesses: A. J. Christie of Bytown surgeon, Robert
Atkinson of Bytown and Patrick Devaney of Bytown. Registered 27 June 1828 by
John McGinty (who signed with his seal). Signed and sealed in presence of
Patt Devaney and George Carter. Recorded 27 June 1828 in Book 2, p. 127-128,
memorial number 141.

The copy book also records the details of an accompanying affidavit sworn by
Patrick Devaney of Bytown, victualer, before James Burke, deputy registrar
for Carleton County at Richmond, in which Devaney testifies that he saw the
above memorial executed, also the bargain and sale, and that "the names A.J.
Christie, Robert Atkinson and Patk Devaney set and subscribed thereto as
witnesses are of the proper hand writing as such of A.J. Christie of Bytown,
surgeon, Robert Atkinson of Bytown, Tavernkeeper, and of this Deponent."
Signed Patt Devaney. Sworn at Richmond 27 June 1828.

July 14, 2002:
Note: (1) Patrick Devaney mentioned above is possibly Patrick DUVANNY who is
number 388 on the McCabe List. Patrick came from St. John in County Sligo and 
stated in 1829 that all of his friends were now in Canada. His family then 
consisted of four males and four females.
... Al
June 30, 2004: I have done NO research on this branch of the family. The info I have is purely anecdotal, no documentation. Also, my notes were scribbled 20+ years ago, when I was clueless about genealogy - sorry! From notes written in 1935 by my husband's grandfather, Grover Ithamar WILLIS, I have gleaned the following: Robert ATKINSON b. c. 1797 Tierara Town , Co. Sligo, Ireland. Had 18 brothers, 2 sisters Moved from Ottawa (Bytown) to Rochester, NY, then to Lockport where he worked on the locks. I have no wife for Robert, but I do have offspring: 1. Charles ATKINSON b. Bytown 1828.04.07 (April) d. 1911.07.?? m. i. Eliza GILMORE c. 1848 child: Amelia ATKINSON b.1852.06.?? d.1891.02.?? m. Harvey HILLIKER m. ii. Eliza Ann INNIS b. 1836.10.01 Blenheim Tp. (death cert. of her dau. says New Brunswick) d. 1917.07.?? children: Lucy ATKINSON* ?Susan ATKINSON Al ATKINSON Will ATKINSON 2. Marjorie ATKINSON b. ?? Bytown m. Dawson MARTIN *Lucy ATKINSON m. Robert WILLIS and was Grover's mother. I wonder if this is the same Robert ATKINSON as on your website? His sojourn in NY would explain his absence from records. On the other hand, it is not an uncommon name. My mother-in-law says her family was pretty temperance, but that doesn't preclude a tavern-owning ancestor. This may, of course, be a red herring. But elimination is useful in genealogy, too! Hilary Dawson

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