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January 28, 2010:

Location of Arnprior in Eastern Ontario, Canada Map Source: The Upper Ottawa Valley - A Glimpse of History, page 148. Map showing location of Arnprior, Ontario
Here is a headline from the Ottawa Citizen, dated August 22, 1910. Read the complete article in the Ottawa Citizen Archives Arnprior, Ontario, Canada - History and Genealogy

June 17, 2010:
Source for material below: The Upper Ottawa Valley, by Clyde Kennedy, page 128 Picture of Lumber Barons, Daniel McLachlin and John Gillies
names for search engine: Daniel McLachlin, John Gillies Visit the web site of the Arnprior Museum
July 7, 2010: Everyone, I am researching and documenting the work of a very important “pattern book” or “mail order” architect named George F. Barber. My research has uncovered that Mr. Barber designed a Queen Anne Victorian house for a John Gillies of Braeside, sometime around the late 1890’s or early 1900’s. I am trying to track down this house, or the history of it, if it no longer remains extant. Your blog contains snippets of information regarding John Gillies because he was a lumberman and mill owner in Braeside. Would you be able to connect me with someone who may be able to help me track down this house? Perhaps there is someone you know of who is knowledgeable about Mr. Gillies or his residence in Braeside around the year 1900. Do you know of any libraries or historical societies that might have this information? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Chris DiMattei - Architect ____________________________________________ Mr. David Lemkay has forwarded the above e-mail to Mary Campbell who is the mayor of McNab Braeside Township and a historian in her own right. She has sent some information to Chris DiMattei and has also sent along the following link to the web site of the Arnprior / Braeside Archives. Does anyone have an old photograph of this historic home? Also, David Lemkay has been involved in the production of a new book regarding the Alligator Boats used on various waterways in North America, including the Ottawa Valley: Hi Al - always pleased to contribute where I can to your site. I will pitch here too that we have recently published a great book about forest and riverdrive elements of the Ottawa Valley and other far-reaching places. The book "Alligators of the North", published by Dundurn Group outlines the complex and intriguing history of the Alligator steam tug boats that were manufactured by West and Peachey of Simcoe, Ontario from 1889 through to the 1930s. Over two hundred of these unique amphibious scows were shipped all over eastern Canada, and from Minnesota to Maine, even South America. Many were used right here on the Ottawa River watershed from Lake Temiskaming and on down to the St. Maurice and Saguenay Rivers in Quebec. The Gillies Bothers enterprise is nicely captured in this book! Authors: Clarence Coons and Harry Barrett. Details at Dave Lemkay Here is a photo of one of the Alligator Boats at Arnprior in 1907.
Source: The Upper Canada Valley by Clyde Kennedy, page 160. Alligator Boat at Arnprior, Ontario, Canada, in 1907
See additional information regarding the Bonnechere posted on this page, by Dave Lemkay, on August 26, 2010:
August 18, 2010:
Ottawa Valley Marble Works at Arnprior created a lot of the marble fixtures for the building of the Parliament Buildings. Source: Ottawa Citizen, March 12, 1861 (Thanks, Taylor) Arnprior Marble Company, Arnprior, Ontario, Canada, in 1861

August 25, 2010: If you make a history day trip to Arnprior, be sure to stop in at Wes's Chips, in business for over forty years. Wes's has the reputation for consistently being one of the top-rated chip stands in the Ottawa Valley. Only one drawback -- they don't make poutine. Wes's Chips, Arnprior, Ontario Wes's Chips, Arnprior, Ontario If you travel regularly between Ottawa and Toronto and enjoy your french fries, check out Minis, Motorcycles and Chip Stands .

August 26, 2010: I have wonderful information on the Bonnechere Alligator (photo above) that you have brought up earlier - It was manufactured in 1892 and according to an excerpt from the Eganville Leader of the day, it was transported to Eganville on the (very) new Ottawa, Arnprior & Parry Sound Railway track that had reached Eganville in that same year. There was even a derailment at the very time that involved the flat car that the Bonnechere was carried on. The Bonnechere was purchased by McLachlin Brothers in Arnprior and was shipped to Eganville where the boat was launched in the Bonnechere River to ply its way upstream to tow booms of logs on Golden Lake. This tow would be a stage along that part of the Bonnechere system, moving timber from limits in what is now Algonquin Park (as of 1893) to the Ottawa to be towed then to the McLachlin mill near Braeside. ... Dave Lemkay (New e-mail address for David Lemkay is, incorporated in the list below)
May 8, 2015: Thanks to Christine who has sent along a link to the Pilon Family Funeral Home in Arnprior. Their web site allows us to search for obituaries. Hre they are: Christine is researching the DODGE family. ... Al
New January 19, 2017: Here is a new link to the Arnprior and McNab/Braeside Archives.

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