North Gower area
also David SCOTT (Lacrosse Player) in Ottawa
November 28, 2001
Dear Mr. Lewis,
I have been consulting the Bytown or Bust Website for well over a year now and have found 
it to be excellent. Very interesting and informative about this area.
I am descended from a very large Armstrong Family from Kars-North Gower. My great-great 
grandfather, Robert Armstrong, came in 1847.The oldest of his 12 children, Adam, was born in 
1836 and he married Jane Lewis (she also had brothers here). He built the Anglican Church in 
North Gower and they are buried there. Their farm was just across the 416 highway from Car Canada.
 Their seventh-born was my grandfather, Adam Christopher Armstrong. I possess a copy of a 
 fairly extensive genealogy covering the four generations preceding me, including those 
 families not in my direct line. 
I was wondering two things. First, could there be  a Lewis connection between us? Second, 
are you aware from other contacts of anyone working on those families?
Separately, are you aware of anyone working on  Grimes family research. There is one book by 
Maurice Grimes in the Ottawa City Hall section of the genealogical society, which touches 
briefly on my wife's family, but cannot prove the connection between hers  
(the Thomas Grimes family),and the two  Grimes families (headed by Michael and John Grimes) 
which are the principal focus of the book. 
We  find we are coming up with much new information that could indicate a connection 
(we have developed a six-generation genealogy). Also her grandfather Frank Grimes and his 
brother John were great Ottawa lacrosse players in the late 1800's, early 1900's in this area. 
Do you know of anyone doing lacrosse research? This family appears to have been in 
Navan, Chelsea, Ottawa, Mattawa and Ottawa in that order.
Ross McMahon

Christina Grimes 1891 - 1977 married James Maurice Nolan 1887 - 1972
January 26, 2003: Hi Al and Ross, My grandfather, Charles James Scott, Ottawa born, was on the Ottawa Junior Lacrosse team in the later 1800's. His Father, David Scott, was said to have sent him to North Dakota to live with his daughter, Christine Scott Thomson, because the father thought the game was too rough. Have you any leads on where to search for the history of the teams of those times? Sincerely, Nancy Thompson A descendant of the Huntley/Allumette Island Leahey families and the Patrick Berrigan Families also of Allumette.
April 27, 2016: Dear Allan Lewis, A month ago I began working on my family tree, particularly the Armstrong branch. I knew my great grandfather Robert Lewis Armstrong was born in Ireland and eventually landed in the Ottawa area, but other than that I knew nothing about the family. He eventually married a local girl named Sarah Ann Bradley, and they soon began migrating westward until settling in west Michigan, USA. Well, within the last month I learned Robert Lewis had immigrated from Ireland as a small child with his parents and brothers, eventually landing in the Kars-North Gower area. What a surprise to learn the entire family settled there. Now I even know his father and mother's names - Robert Armstrong and Margaret Eccless / Eccles. Note: I believe that the above refers to the Eccles family who migrated to North Dakota - see photograph of the Eccles famiy on our North Dakota web page ... Allan Lewis Robert and Margaret ended up having 11 children. I have already been contacted via by one of the Bradley branches but have yet to make contact with an Armstrong descendant. While reviewing your website I found an email written by Ross McMahon dated November 28, 2001. He is a direct descendent of my great grandfather's older brother Adam Armstrong. In his email Mr. McMahon said "I possess a copy of a fairly extensive genealogy covering the four generations preceding me." I think this document would be fascinating to see. I would very much like to make contact with Mr. McMahon or someone from his family. Any help you can give me would be very much appreciated. Sincerely, William John Armstrong

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