George ARGUE and Mary WILSON
County Cavan, Ireland to Goulbourn Township, Ontario, Canada

Argue Homestead, Goulbourn Township, Ontario, Canada
March 29, 2002: Thanks to Robert Telford for alerting us to this fascinating letter! From: Subject: [IRL-CAVAN-L] Letter 1821 Requesting Emigration Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 19:06:59 +0100 Names : Wiggins, Argue, Hays, Camp (Kemp), McDowl (McDowell), Kenady (Kennedy), Shannon, Reed, Brownlee, Magee, Linden (Lyndon), Lucas From County Cavan parishes of Castleterra and Annagelliff The following letter, a grouped request for emigration to Canada has no visble date, but was written probably close to the 1821 Census (May 28th), but no later than early 1822. The goal posts are: There are 11 members of "Wm McDowl"'s family on the 1821 Census, the 12th, Hannah was born in November 1821. Some of the families on this list, including the "McDowl"s emigrated to Canada as early as 1822. Provision for the twelfth would only be made if the mother knew she was pregnant. (Baby Hannah finally only arrived about 5 years later, still a mystery with whom she travelled and with whom she stayed until then.) The spelling is left as is. ------------------------------- PAC reel 3-880 c.c.384/7 p. 18 To the right hon.: the Earl of Bathurst commissioner for the Affairs of India &c &c &c The humble memorial of George Argue himself and others. Memorial begs leave to state that he has a number of friends in British America through whom he has rec'd. information that his Majesty's Government has been graciously pleased to make a provision for the gratuitous conveyance of his Majesty's Subjects from Great Britain and Ireland to his Majesty's Settlements in North America. Memorialist further states that he has been directed to forward to your Lordship a list of the name of heads of families together with the number in each family who wish to avail themselves of the present privilege held out to his Majesty's subjects and that your Lordship would give directions for their conveyance to North America. List of names and heads of families. Names each family Seragh Wiggins 5 George Argue 8 Thos Hays 10 John Camp (Kemp) 10 Wm. McDowl 12 Thos. Kenady Kennedy 10 Henery Kenady 11 Rebecca Shannon 12 John Argue 12 William Reed 8 John Brownlee 10 Robert Magee 7 John Linden 7 William Lucas 7 James Slone (Sloan ?) 3 The above named families reside in the Parishes of Castletara and Anagalph county of Cavan. I am your Lordships most obt. and very humble servant. George Argue Cavan ------------------------------- Some further information passed on: William McDowl (McDowell) was a farmer and weaver. The McDowell family came from Castletara Parish, Drumcaulfin (Drumcalpin) Townland near the town of Ballyhaise, Cavan County. Their neighbours were the, Kemp (Camp above), Gamble, Kennedy and Brownlee families all of whom were Methodist and emigrated to Goulbourn Township, Ontario in 1822. One of the Kennedy families emigrated in early 1830s (perhaps bringing Hannah) William and Margaret Lucas and family were on the same boat as Wm McDowell and family (name of the boat yet unknown).
Hi Al, I know your website and have visited it. I don't have intellectual property on that letter. In fact, Dr. Bruce Elliott of Carleton University (you probably know him) is the original source of that letter in the format I have. It was part of his personal research. The original is in the Public Archives in Ottawa, so it is public domain information. However if Bruce Elliott made a mistake in transcribing the information, I have faithfully reproduced that error in what I posted (unless I mada a mistake myself). If there is any permission to be given, I guess Bruce Elliott would be the one to give it. I don't mind being cited if he doesn't want to field any requests for info. April 9, 2003: (change of E-mail address). If you want to cite an email address for me, please use which is my home email box. The letter was used in 2 McDowell Scrapbooks put together in the 1990s - one done by Avery McDowell (I believe now deceased). which was the Descendants of William McDowell and Margaret Kennedy, and the other composed by my mother June Moffatt called the McDowells - A Scrapbook. Neither of these was for commercial purposes. I think if Mom used it, it came from Avery's. I'm not sure if Avery had Bruce Elliott's permission to use it. When I offered it to Debbie Coxon, she said she already had it. The memorialist George Argue was/is one of her interests. I posted the information to the Cavan list some time ago as a possible aid to others there. You'll have to excuse "demanding" in the title - I meant requesting, but I've been living in France too long. "Demander" in French means to ask. I didn't realize I had mixed languages until it was too late. Bye for now, Tom
Dear Al, Hello and hope all is well. The details pertaining to my Argue book are as follows: Although primarily a genealogical outline of over 5200 descendants of George & Mary (nee Wilson) Argue, the book also includes a photograph of George and Mary, some factual and historical information pertaining to the family, along with numerous 'anecdotes' of data such as copies of old wills, short bios, news items, announcements, etc. pertaining to family members. The book is 526 pages, soft laminate cover, with spiral binding. Contact information: Debbie Prince 264 Alex Doner Drive Newmarket, Ontario L3X 1H3 Canada email: Take care and all the best! Debbie
April 4, 2002: See also an Argue family page, which includes a wonderful picture of George and Mary, which is in Debbie Coxon Prince's book. (Thanks again, to Robert Telford for letting us know about this link!) See also the Telford family page.
June 27, 2004: I am Chris Taylor, descendant of George Argue, from County Cavan, Ireland. I am trying to find out more information about the Irish side of the Argue and Wilson families (George was married to Mary Wilson, also of County Cavan). Can you help me? Chris PS - I live in Pasadena, California, USA, but my parents and most of the Argues live in Pennsylvania and New York.
July 1, 2004: Hello All: I know some of you have not talked to me yet; my name is Linda Magee-Nelson. It is nice to hear from you Christopher and thanks again Al for your new information. I am not too sure who J Haughton is but I do know of the Haughtons who are connected to the Magee family. I would like to hear from you if you are connected to the family it would be nice talking to you. The information letter...I seemed to have missed that information containing my Magee family. Robert Magee who is my Great Great Great Uncle (he is William Magee's brother who is my "Great Great Great Grandfather". It states in the letter that Robert Magee (Great Great Great Uncle had a family of 7 I am confused a bit by this he must have brought other people with him. He had a family of 3 children and his wife and himself that would make him a family of 5 not 7. I do not know the story of who came over with who in 1821 or beginning of 1822. List of names and heads of families. Names each family Seragh Wiggins 5 George Argue 8 Thos Hays 10 John Camp (Kemp) 10 Wm. McDowl 12 Thos. Kenady 10 Henery Kenady 11**************I do have these kennedys Rebecca Shannon 12 John Argue 12 William Reed 8 John Brownlee 10 Robert Magee 7 **************This is my G,G,G,Uncle. John Linden 7 William Lucas 7 James Slone 3 The above named families reside in the Parishes of Casletara and Anagalph county of Cavan. I was looking up with these records before but to no avail did I find anything. I have contacted the Pritchards and another family and it seems something was brought up about Redhills Co. Cavan. Has anyone heard of this or found any more information about this? Is Redhills in the Parish of Casletara or Anagalph? I don't seem to have a map of the Parish information. Chris as for your Argue family I cannot seem to find your family in any of my books. I have seen it on the Bytown or Bust website but that is all that I have seemed to have found for now. If I come across anything else or if you do, feel free to email me. I sure would like to find out more. If you know of anyone else that wants to chat tell him or her to email me. Take Care! Linda Canada __________________________ Note: Debbie Coxon Prince has written a complete history of the pioneer family of George Argue and Mary Wilson.
January 31, 2005: New E-mail address for Debbie Coxon Prince:
March 11, 2006: Hello all, I am trying to assist a relation with an Armstrong query. Elizabeth "Ann" Armstrong as outlined below, married Silas Argue. I am trying to find the names of Elizabeth "Ann"'s parents. Wondering if anyone might be able to assist? Descendants of Elizabeth "Ann" Armstrong 1 Elizabeth "Ann" Armstrong b: 1852 in Clarendon Township, Pontiac County, Quebec d: November 27, 1873 in Stittsville, Goulbourn Township, Carleton County, Ontario Burial: Stittsville United Cemetery, Stittsville, Ontario . +Silas Argue b: August 16, 1843 in Goulbourn Township, Carleton County, Ontario d: May 20, 1913 in Stittsville, Goulbourn Township, Carleton County, Ontario m: November 22, 1872 in Clarendon, Pontiac County, Quebec Father: Robert Argue Mother: Elizabeth Armstrong Burial: Stittsville United Cemetery, Stittsville, Ontario Many thanks, Debbie Prince
April 21, 2008: I am writing you because I am absolutely stumped to uncover who the parents were of my gg grandmother Elizabeth Ann Armstrong, wife of George's son Robert Argue of Goulbourn. It is surprising that their son Silas was also married to an Elizabeth Ann Armstrong, daughter of Wm B Armstrong and Ann Murphy of Clarendon. I think Wm B's father was John who originally settled in Goulbourn/Huntley then moved to Clarendon, although one set of info says Wm B Armstrong's father was George. Do you happen to know of any Robert Argue descendants or researchers? I have been in touch with Debbie Prince. Here is the current information I have: Robert Argue Robert Argue, son of the original Goulbourn George, was born Feb 1810 in County Cavan, Ire: died November 24, 1892 in Stittsville. He married Elizabeth Armstrong January 15, 1834 in Stittsville, Ontario; she was born ab. 1814 in Goulbourn Township or Ireland, Ontario, died December 10, 1894, buried in United Cemetery, Stittsville, Ontario. (I cannot find a record of her death registration and would dearly like to find it.) In 1881 Robert and wife Elizabeth were living with their son Silas along with the second wife of Silas, Mary Gavin, and family: Marriage Record: ARGUE, Robert, to Elizabeth Armstrong of Huntley Township, 15 Jan 1834, Huntley, Rev. Williams, Witnesses: William Argue and Archibald McGee / Magee. (Marriage Records of Upper Canada/Canada West Bathurst District 1831 - 1852 by Dan Walker and Robert W. Calder, Volume 5, page 12.) "Robert made his home on Lot 24, Concession 9. "When Robert's two sons, Silas (1843-1913) and William grew up, he gave Silas the homestead and William (1835-1913) occupied the lot to the east. Silas Argue, son of Robert, born August 16, 1843 in Goulbourn Township, Carleton County, Ontario and died May 20, 1913 in Stittsville. He first married Elizabeth Ann Armstrong November 22, 1872 in Clarendon, Pontiac County, Quebec. + Elizabeth "Ann" Armstrong born 1852 in Clarendon Township, Pontiac, County, Quebec and died November 27, 1873 in Stittsville, Goulbourn Township, Carleton County, Ontario shortly after having her first and only child, Albert Benson Argue November 10 1873. She is buried in United Cemetery Stittsville. Baptism records show Elizabeth Ann Armstrong was daughter of Wm B Armstrong and his wife Ann Murphy of Clarendon Quebec.
May 18, 2014: Mary Ann Argue is my second great grandmother. I can provide some information on her line, and associated lines. Thank you Scott Mackenzie ___________________________________ Good morning, Mr. Mackenzie: Thanks for your e-mail regarding Mary Ann Argue and the Wilson family. I live in Ottawa and was related by marriage to the late Leitha Argue and Wilbert Thomas Wilson (my "Uncle Wib"). I believe that Leitha Argue died about 1945 at which time Wilbert married Catherine Cecilia Burns who was my mother's sister. They are all buried at Pinecrest Cemetery on Baseline Road in Ottawa. These families originally settled in Goulbourn Township which is now part of the City of Ottawa. I have been trying to determine from where in Ireland this Wilson family came. Wilbert's parents were Robert (Robbie) Wilson and Christiana Richardson. "Aunt Kay's" parents were James Burns and Ann Robb. Would you have any information in this regard? Also, is it OK with you if I add your e-mail to our web site as a research contact for these two pioneer families? Please let me know. Thanks again, Allan Lewis ____________________________________ Allan: Absolutely – please use my home email address as the preferred email address. Regarding the parents of Archibald, the parents were John Wilson and Jane Ann Ferguson. From John Wilson’s tombstone in Stittsville at the Wesley United Cemetery, it indicates that he was from County Cavan Ireland. Anything I can do to help, please let me know. These people are my direct line. It is also the line that I know the least about. Finding records in Ireland is difficult to say the least…. Scott

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