Anthony DOYLE and Elizabeth MURPHY
County Carlow, Ireland to Osgoode Township in 1847

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

The Doyle Road (Concession 1, Osgoode Township) Doyle Road Sign Grave Marker of the family of Anthony Doyle and Elizabeth Murphy (New photo from St. Brigid's on the River Road added on July 8, 2015) Doyle Road Sign
1 Anthony Doyle 1798 - 1867 .. + Elizabeth Murphy 1807 - 1889 ....... 2 Mary Doyle (died at sea) ....... 2 James Doyle 1834 - ........... + Bridget Doyle ....... 2 Patrick Doyle 1840 - 1906 ........... +Sarah Shanahan 1851 - 1940 ................ 3 Thomas Doyle 1887 - 1962 .................... + Gertrude Blanchfield 1896 - ................ 3 Elizabeth Doyle .................... + Dennis Clarke ................ 3 Anthony Doyle 1874 - 1954 ................ 3 James Doyle 1876 - 1963 ................ 3 Theresa Doyle 1879 - 1953 .................... + Edward Thompson 1887 - 1970 ................ 3 Mary Doyle .................... + James Baxter ................ 3 Helena Doyle .................... + William Quinn ................ 3 John O. Doyle 1883 - 1977 ................ 3 Edward Doyle
Mike (if I may): Thanks for the great picture of the school. I've never seen that picture before. There were a couple of schools which Doyle families attended and I'm trying to place it. There was a school at Herbert's Corners which is now used as a flower nursery but the owners have preserved it pretty well. This school is on what's called the Stage Coach Road - the stagecoach from Ottawa to Prescott used to follow this road. A second school, which was called at various times, the Harney School or the Burns School is located on the Manotick Station Road, just south of the village of Manotick Station (train station beginning in 1854). This school was built by my Sullivan ancestors and is now a private home. By the way, the train tracks bi-sected the Anthony Doyle farm. There was probably also a school closer to the Rideau River, and/or in the village of Manotick. Do you know which one it would be? Also, do you know when the picture was taken? I'll add it to the Anthony Doyle page. The information I had on Anthony Doyle comes from an article written by Mrs. Thomas (Gertrude) Doyle. It states that the family sailed from Carlow in 1847. A complete copy of "Anthony Doyle - River Road" can be obtained from the Osgoode Township Historical Society, at this e-mail address Thanks again for the great picture. Al
> Here is a scanned copy of the Manotick school which Catherine Theresa Doyle > attended.

February 10, 2006: Sean Delaney is researching his O'Connor, O'Callaghan, Doyle and Dolan ancestors near the River Road. His ancestors had connections in both the North Gower / Kars area and the western part of Osgoode Township, close to St. Bridgid's Church. See his web site at
February 11, 2006: Hello all, I wonder if this might be the baptism of your James Doyle, s/o Anthony Doyle and Elizabeth Murphy (from parochial registers of Borris, Co. Carlow, 1782-1880 - 07 Jun 1833 birth of James son of Anthony Doyle and Betty Murphy Godparents: John Murphy Judy Doyle Ballyine Other families from the Borris area came to the Ottawa Valley. ... Anne _____________________ Here are a few more - I missed them using the search feature because of the different spellings of Anthony. You'd probably find Anthony's parents' generation on this same website. Ballyine seems to be about 2 kms. from Ballymurphy. 05 Apr 1835 Patt Anthoney Doyle Betty Murphy Martin Foley Betty Dalton Ballyine 24 Sep 1840 John Antony Doyle Eliza Murphy Thomas Joice / Joyce Eliza Lawler Ballymurphy 17 Oct 1843 Edward Antony Doyle Betty Murphy John Hobin Bridget Murphy Ballymurphy ... Anne _______________________ see also Martin Doyle in the same neighbourhood.
Thanks to Michael Daley for the following: Hi Al, there were 3 schools on the river road , Separate school no 1 situated on lot 15,con ,1 north of there was a public school, known as Davidson school, further south near South Gower boundary was Public school, West Osgoode t wo Schools at one time,. one a catholic school on lot, 26, con .3 on what is now known ,as Stagecoach Road, on or about 1860, the catholics and protestants , agreed to get together, to build and maintain a Public School, on lot ,27, con,3, situated on the Blanchfield Road, which is known, S.S.No, 5 , further South again on Stagecoach Road, is a school house , known as S.S. No ,6, The river road Doyle Families went to Separate School No,1 on the river road, The other Doyle families , to my knowledge would have gone Separate School No 4, at Herbert's Corners, what do you know about Catherine Theresa Doyle, why would she go to the Manotick Station School, ?? the picture ,is that the bell tower or a new chimney on the roof, ??I'll try and double check on picture, Denzil Doyle, didn't write in the Manotick Station Story, he has a story on the Doyle's in the " Pioneer Families of Osgoode', volume , 10, ... Michael
April 26, 2007: Here are some Carlow baptisms (from the Carlow IGP site) for Anthony Doyle and wife: 07 Jun 1833 James Anthony Doyle Betty Murphy John Murphy Judy Doyle Ballyine 24. 9. 1840 John Antony Doyle Elizabeth Murphy Ballymurphy Thomas Joyce Elizabeth Lawlor 17 Oct 1843 Edward Antony Doyle Betty Murphy John Hobin Bridget Murphy Ballymurphy ... Anne
February 19, 2008: Thanks to Mary Quinn for the following: Interesting that we should be working on the Doyle's as I am reading "The Osgoode Village Story" this week and note the following: 1847 - In June of this year, Anthony Doyle and Elizabeth Murphy leave County Carlow, Ireland and set sail for Canada with their sons, Patrick and James and daughter Mary. Mary dies of ship's fever and is buried at sea. The Doyles eventually settle on Lot 18, Conc. 1 of Osgoode Township and build a log house which was still in use in 1972. ... Mary _________________________________ Well, Mary, this is very interesting, too. Anthony Doyle and Elizabeth Murphy had children James, Pat, John, and Edward baptized in Borris parish, Co. Carlow (Ballymurphy). And I noticed in your email that Sylvester Doyle had sons Andrew and Moses, as did Moses Doyle (who lived close to Brian Doyle). It would make you think Sylvester and Moses were part of the same family, esp. with Kilmissin/Kilmeshin in the records for both families. ... Anne (My Great Great Grandmother was Margaret Doyle who married Lawrence Burns in 1831 ... Al) ______________________________ Hello again everyone: Attached is a piece of the map of Carlow, with the Wexford border the dotted line at the bottom right; you can see that Ballymurphy (home of Anthony Doyle) and Kilmissan (home at some time of both Moses and Sylvester Doyle) are very close. The squares are 1 km. Perhaps the border has changed over the years. Borris town is on the left-hand side of the map, and the dotted line on that side is the Kilkenny border. Just a bit northwest of Borris town is Gorebridge, Kilkenny, the home of William Kelly, ML# 268. See "The William Kelly Story", written by Mr. Lorne Kelly. ... Anne
May 25, 2012: This week we met with Michael and Betty Daley. Our friend Mary Quinn and her dad were there. Lots of interesting stories and conversation with some real experts on the history of Osgoode Township. Michael Daley showed us a copy of the original ordnance land survey on both sides of the Rideau Canal from downtown Bytown south through Dow's Lake, past Hog's Back, Black Rapids, Long Island to below Manotick. The Thomas Doyle family is shown on the map in 1827. They had a farm on the River Road. He may have been related to the Anthony family who is the subject of this web page, but who arrived from County Carlow in 1847. I would have expected that this Thomas Doyle would have been on the 1829 McCabe List. Perhaps the petition did not make it this far south. Now this map is dated 1827 and was prepared for Colonel John By. It is available at Library and Archives Canada. Below is a plaque which has been erected at the edge of the Rideau River. It refers to Mike "Doyley" Doyle and Howard Dold.
Memorial Light to Michael Doyle and Howard Dold Memorial Light to Michael Doyle and Howard Hold, Rideau River, Osgoode Township

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