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New May 14, 2013:

Hi Al
I'd welcome any support you might be able to provide such as posting all or part of the attached on your website, and possibly finding 
some Algonquin College students who would be interested in undertaking this as a 'Class Project' in September 2013.
Phil Donnelly

An Invitation to Algonquin College Students SMARTPHONE APP DEVELOPMENT OPPORTUNITY SECTOR: Genealogy & Social History
OPPORTUNITY: To develop and market a new genealogy app, under the working title 'ANCESTRAL HOMES' MARKET NICHE: Family history researchers and genealogists in Canada - and all over the world - number in the millions. They are enthusiastic users of a very wide range of information technology applications and search engines. There are currently hundreds of genealogy apps available for the Android Market and for Apple iPhones, and new apps are coming on the market every day. Some apps are free, but others command a market price. There is an urgent need for a Heritage Institution in Ireland to build a database - linked to the 1901 and 1911 Census of Ireland - of the remains, or ruins, of homes of the families who emigrated to Canada and to other countries from the rural parishes of Ireland in the 18th and 19th centuries. This heritage project, i.e. the database, is titled: THESE OLD WALLS: THE HOMES OF OUR GREAT-GRANDPARENTS (Short title - OLD WALLS) REQUIREMENTS: With today's mobile phone technology and the ANCESTRAL HOMES app, almost any family history researcher will be able to contribute data to the database. The 'project scope' includes the following key tasks and functionalities: 1. Identify a 'host website' for the OLD WALLS database (back end system) 2. Link to the 1901 or 1911 census (Ireland and Other Countries as req'd); 3. Record the location of OLD WALLS by GPS coordinates; 4. Take photos of OLD WALLS; 5. Record a short story about the people who once lived there, and; 6. Upload the data to the OLD WALLS database POTENTIAL STUDENT PROJECTS: Phase 1 - To define the scopes and technical specs for the work packages required to develop and market the ANCESTRAL HOMES app. Phase 2 - To implement a test version of the design. Phase 3 - To finalize the design and market the app. ALGONQUIN FACULTY SUPERVISOR - to be identified; supervisor to identify and guide the interdisciplinary student project team to project completion. CLIENT - Phil Donnelly;; 613-731-5382; ... Phil Donnelly

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