Patrick ALLEN and Mary Catherine DURICK
from County Down, Ireland to the Ottawa Valley in 1845

New January 28, 2015:


I am a descendant of Patrick ALLEN and his wife Mary Catherine DURICK both born in County Down, Ireland around 1802. 
They had eight children, the first seven being born in Ireland between 1827 and 1844. The eighth child was born in 
Bristol Township, Pontiac County, Quebec in 1846. Based in the children’s marriages etc... 
I believe the family immigrated to Canada in 1845 and settled in Carleton County, Ontario (north west of Ottawa) before 
moving to Bristol Township (east side of the Ottawa River in Quebec opposite Arnprior, Ontario). I have not come across 
any ALLEN named Edmund, the names Patrick, Michael, Daniel and Francis are frequent, nor have I any information 
to suggest that my ALLEN family were part of the Peter Robinson expeditions in 1823. 

My ALLEN family are deeply rooted in the Ottawa Valley and at one time numbered plenty. Sadly there are but five males 
left to carry the name onward. If I can be of help to you or if you should come across information that may assist me, 
that would be great. By the way, I have a data base of over thirteen thousand names of Irish Catholic Families that 
settled along both sides of the Ottawa River. 

J. Garrett ALLEN   ( Garry )

You have my permission to include e-mails that I have written in search of ALLEN family history. As an update to my 
e-mail found at ” ” my database of family names now numbers 
in excess of thirteen thousand. 

Additionally, I have a second database of approximately two thousand family names centered around the ROBITAILLE, WHALEN and MOORE 
families that settled in the Maniwaki, Quebec area in the early to mid 1800’s. 
Currently I am concentrating on two issues. Firstly, I would like to find out or obtain assistance in finding out when and 
how my great, great grandparents Patrick ALLEN and his wife Mary Catherine DURICK arrived in Canada.  Secondly, I would 
like to discover more about my great, great, great grandfather on my mother’s side, James BELL. I have only been able to 
establish that he was British, worked as a fur trader for the Hudson’s Bay Company, married  my great, great, great grandmother, 
Mary KNIGHT (1792-1877) in or around Longueil, Quebec about 1820, died prior to 1852 and journeyed up and down the Ottawa 
River from Moose Factory to Longueil several times with Mary KNIGHT’s brothers, Thomas KNIGHT and John KNIGHT, in the 1810-1820 
time period. Any assistance with these two endeavours would be greatly appreciated. 
J. Garrett ALLEN  ( Garry )

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