Alexander HERBERT and Mary PARKS
County Sligo, Ireland to Osgoode Township

1 Alexander Herbert 1785 - 1875 .. +Mary Parks 1799 - 1873 ....... 2 Margaret Herbert ........... +Martin Doyle ....... 2 Catherine Herbert ........... +Michael Leonard ....... 2 Mary Herbert ....... 2 Maud Herbert 1825 - 1911 ........... +Andrew Doyle 1826 - 1914
Dear Mr Lewis, Thank you very much for all your work on behalf of the relatives of the Irish who imigrated to Ottawa Canada. I am a decendant of Alexander Herbert of Herbert's Corners. I remain most interested in any material which might become available regarding my family. Sincerely, Joseph Herbert (
June 21, 2001: Dear Mr Lewis, I wonder if you could guide me in my inquiry regarding my family, i.e., that of Alexander Herbert. 1. Do you know if the most logical assumption is that he would have been recruited in Ireland as a laborer for the Rideau Canal ? Were laborers recruited from all over Ireland, and how was that done? Do you know of a book which addresses this subject ? Do you know in what year he might have immigrated to Ottawa, and might there be any record of his immigration, or source for further information ? Mr. Michael Daley in Osgoode Township knows a lot about the Herberts. He wrote the family history for the Herbert Family (available from the Osgoode Township Historical Society), and is a descendant of Patrick Herbert and Bridget Herbert. You should get your hands on a copy of his work. The Herberts came to Osgoode Township in 1837. I don't know if they were working on the Rideau Canal prior to coming to Osgoode Township. The construction of the Canal covered the period from 1826-1832. Some of the canal workers came directly from Ireland, however, I believe most of them came from the Bytown area - some were part of the 1823 Peter Robinson Settlers, others were connected to the Richmond and Perth military settlements. 2. Do you know how I could find out his relationship to James Herbert (husband of Elizabeth Nash), and to Patrick Herbert (husband of Bridget Herbert) listed in "Bytown or Bust". Patrick and Alexander were brothers. 3. Is there further information on the Herberts in the booklet published by the Osgoode Township Historical Society, and is this still available ? 4. Are there any homes in which Herberts lived ? Are there still Herbert's in or about Ottawa ? A couple of weeks ago I attended a memorial service for my uncle William Patrick (Billy) Herbert and his wife Ida Mae Burns. The service was held at St. John the Evangelist church in Enniskerry where most of the Herberts are buried. Here's good news for you - many of the Herbert men lived to be more than 100 years old! Uncle Billy's farmhouse burned down about 15 years ago. The Herbert's Corner's School (land donated by the Herbert family) is still being used - as a flower nursery today - and it contains a display of some of the students' work from the 1920's. Michael Daley would know if any of the original Herbert homesteads are still standing. Send an e-mail to him in care of the Osgoode Township Historical Society. I have a picture of my uncle Bill Herbert showing his prize horses (see below) around 1930's. Come to think of it, I remember one of his sons (my cousin) being kicked by one of the horses and he received a broken arm (my cousin). I hope that this request is not too much of an imposition upon your time. When I get my scanner working again, I'll send you a picture. I'll also try and find the e-mail addresses of some of my Herbert cousins, one of whom went back to the Herbert ancestral home in County Sligo. ... Al Yours sincerely, Joseph Herbert Santa Cruz, California
Bill Herbert with Horses

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