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January 9, 2003:
Yes you can add the Acton name and info if you wish. I will be doing more research 
in the Acton's Corners area re: buildings/grave sites etc. this spring.

My great grandfather John Acton who came from Castle Bar in Ireland landed 
in quebec in 1832. Settled in what was to becom Acton's Corners (named after him). 
He was a shoemaker and also a stone-mason and worked on the Rideau Canal. 
He also built other buildings in the community - one being the Oxford mills Grist Mill. 
He died July 20th, 1891 and was buried in the Church of England cemetery, 
Kemptville (1807-1891).

Hope this is of some intrest to you.

David Bromley
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June 9, 2003: Hello David, I was trolling through some genealogy links and came across your notice on your great grandfather John Acton. One of my great grandfathers was John Acton, b 24 Jun 1807, Castlebar, County Mayo, Ireland - d 20 Jul 1891, married 6 Feb 1893 Sarah Neeland, b 10 Feb 1822, Swanlinbar, County Fermanagh, Ireland - d 29 Mar 1893. Am I right in thinking we're both talking about the same John Acton? I have just recently begun to research my Acton/Neeland connections, and would love to exchange information. Best wishes, Liisa Carbone
June 21, 2004: Hello all, I was perusing the data on John Acton and have some data of my own which leads to the question of whether John Acton is related to my Actons. Lavinia Acton was born about 1788 at Castlebar, Co Mayo. She died 31 Dec 1883 and is buried in St-Mary's Anglican Cemetery, Dunrobin. She was married to William Jordan. See "Jordans - Westward from Ireland" (c) Jordan Family History Cttee, 1991, published by Phyllis Carlson, Box 99, Darlingford, MB R0G 0L0. Jean Acton was born about 1798 at Hollymount, Castlebar, Co Mayo. She died 3 Apr 1873 and is buried at St-Mary's. She was married to John O'Neil, and they had six children born between about 1831 and 1841. She was my Great Great Grandmother. For a while they lived in Torbolton Twp at (I think) Lot 3 Con 5 or 6. Do you think they are related to John Acton? I would like to get more information on John O'Neil's origin and background. Regards, Jim Robinson
----- Original Message ----- From: Ellenore Henery Subject: John Acton Hi All Came across your John Acton; I am wondering if we may be related? My Second Great Grandmother was Elizabeth Acton born about 1789 near Castle Bar, County Mayo Ireland married William Henry Greer. in 1809, arrived via Montreal Quebec. Here is her obit. Greer - Mrs. Wm H Kemptville Weekly Advance, June 28, 1900. One of Kemptville's oldest residents has passed to her reward. Elizabeth Acton, widow of the late Wm. H Greer passed away Tuesday 26, she was born near Castle Bar, County Mayo Ireland in 1809 married when 20 years of age and started for Canada with her parents, husband and three children. It was in 1837, the year that the immigrant fever and small pox carried off so many. Sickness over took them on them on board the ship, small pox carried off one of her little ones and her mother succumbed to the fever. Both are buried at Grosse Isle. After arriving here they lived at Beckett's Landing for a few years and then moved to Oxford Mills where they continued to reside until the death of Mr. Greer in 1876 at the age of 82. Most of the time since then the widow has resided here with a daughter- in- law, Mrs. William Henry Greer. She leaves 3 children, 31 grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren. The funeral service will take place at St. James Anglican Church at 2 o'clock this afternoon. Ellenore Henery _____________________ August 5, 2004: Hello Ellenore! Welcome to the family. Looks like you & I are 4th cousins, as my 2nd great grandfather, John Acton, was Elizabeth's older brother. I have attached a register report (below) on what I've got in my records on the Actons for you, as well as a scan of the information on the Acton family that was written out by my great grandmother Sarah Jane Acton. I would love to receive more information on your branch of the family - whatever you can send would be fantastic. Let me know if there's anything else I can send your way. Looking forward to "chatting" with you again! Best wishes, Liisa

November 10, 2004: I'm very interested in the history of the acton family. my mother margaret mary [deceased] was an acton from ballina, she still has 4 brothers living there. their father came from castlebar, near croaghpatrick. i know my sister visited the old site so i will contact her & my uncles for better detail yours sincerely brendan best n.ireland _________________________ Hello Al. No problem putting my name & e-mail address to page. The little photo below is in Ballina cemetery. Al, the only thing is i made the mistake of Castlebar in fact it was Westport [hence Croaghpatrick] I am contacting the rest of the family for information I also know the name Beckett was tied in with Acton, when i get more substantial information i will pass on regards Brendan. p.s. Robert Acton was my grandfather.

November 16, 2004: Hello Liisa. I have just received this photocopy from my uncle in Ballina,hope there is some information on it can be useful. The only additional info I have at present is my grandfather religion was Church of Ireland [or possibly Methodist] his wife Mary Boshell was R.C. Also James Acton was born 1849. Ann Jane Beckett 1861. & Robert Acton born 26-12-1887. Regards Brendan

November 19, 2004: Thanks to Liisa for the following photo of Sarah Jane Acton and her husband Peter Bates

January 12, 2004: Liisa has sent along some relevant death and marriage records for the John Acton family. The John Acton page is continued. (Click here)
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