From County Tipperary, Ireland, to March and Huntley Townships (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada), in 1819
also Thomas SOMERVILLE and Sarah ACRES
Holly Acres Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Source: Google Maps Holly Acres Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
From Steve McKenzie on March 1, 2001: Al I have attached a descendents report for the Acres family. This family settled in March, Huntley, Osgoode, and Pontiac County. The Acres Road in Nepean is named for a descendant Holly Acres who represented Carleton County as a MLA for over 25 years. They came from County Tipperary in 1819. Hope you can use the info. Steve 1. Thomas ACRES xe "Acres:Thomas", born in Borrisoleigh, County Tipperary Ireland. He married (2) in 1781 Elizabeth BASKERFIELD xe "Acres:Elizabeth (BASKERFIELD)" xe "Baskerfield:Elizabeth", born in Traverston County Tipperary Ireland. He married (3) in 1788, Anne METLEN xe "Acres:Anne (METLEN)" xe "Metlen:Anne", daughter of Robert xe "Metlen, Robert". Notes for Thomas Acres Legal documents located in the Registry of Deeds in Dublin show that on 24 April 1819 Thomas, James, John, and William Acres divided among themselves properties in Nenagh inherited under a will from their father. these were tenanted investment properties, apart from the house Thomas lived in on Pound street. On 10 May 1819 Thomas and John sold their freehold interest in the share of the estate, the deed shows both men as carpenters. Peter Holmes demised a plot of land where the courthouse and Bridewell in Pound Street were built about 1760. The Acres family must have been well off for the sons received a private schooling. Mr. Otway / Oatway had a house and garden in 1792 where a school was located in the early part of the 19th century and the Acres attended. In the context of the Napoleonic Wars, and the division of parental property among the four sons, the emigration of two of the family to Canada would have bettered the prospects of those remaining, and James at least appears to have done well in Tipperary. Notes for Elizabeth Baskerfield In March 1819 a John Baskerville of Traverston worded a petition "necessity alone compels us to leave our native country" and offered to send 10 pounds for each settler. According to Professor Bruce Elliott this is a variant of the name Baskerville, found on the Ottway estate and in the Youghalarra area of Tipperary. Notes for Anne Metlen Sheehans book on Nenagh and its neighbourhood includes an intriguing reference to Metlens: "on the north side of Richmond rd Robert Mtlen owned considerable property. this Metlen was a mason by trade and a skilful stonedresser, the name appears in the 18th century. The Robert Metlen was a stonemason like Thomas Acres is very interesting. Sheehan doesn't give Metlens dates, but one wonders whether Acres might have served his apprenticeship with him, and eventually married his daughter! Children of Thomas Acres and Elizabeth Baskerfield were as follows: 2 i James 3 Thomas Children of Thomas Acres and Anne Metlen were as follows: 4 i John William Melton xe "Acres:William Melton (1798-1890)", born 1798 in Nenagh, County Tipperary Ireland; deceased 5 Dec 1890 in Huntley Township Carleton County Ontario. He married (1) in 1823 in Tipperary, Ireland Catherine DEAN xe "Acres:Catherine (DEAN) (1800-1864)" xe "Dean:Catherine (1800-1864)", born 1800; deceased 1864 in Huntley Twsp. Carleton County Ontario. He married (2) on 1 Jul 1869 in Huntley Twsp. Carleton County Ontario, Elizabeth SHAW xe "Acres:Elizabeth (SHAW) " xe "Shaw:Elizabeth". Sgt William Acres of the 66th Regiment of Foot Royal Berkshire Regiment enlisted in 1824 and was sent to Quebec City in 1827. He was stationed at Kingston and in 1831, 1833, and 1835 is recorded pursuing deserters. He served during the Lower Canada Rebellion. In 1840 he transferred to the 73rd (Perthshire) regiment of foot. In 1841 the regiment returned to England but William settled in Huntley. William shows up in the 1851 census. He signed the register at the time of his second marriage in 1869 as William Melton Acres. A letter appears in the April 1, 1870 Ottawa Citizen relating to William and his second wife. Despite two marriages he seems to have died childless. William is a classic case of a man who chose not to emigrate early and did later in life probably to regret he had not gone when his brothers did and when opportunities in Canada were more promising. Generation 2 2. James ACRES xe "Acres:James" (Thomas) married in 1819, Susanna POE xe "Acres:Susanna (POE)" xe "Poe:Susanna". Children of James Acres and Susanna Poe were as follows: i Thomas Poe xe "Acres: Thomas Poe" 3. Thomas ACRES xe "Acres:Thomas (1785-1872)" (Thomas), born 1785 in Borrisoleigh, Nenagh, County Tipperary Ireland; deceased 14 Apr 1872 in March Township, Carleton County Ontario. He married in Jul 1809, Frances HOLLAND xe "Acres:Frances (HOLLAND) (1788-1868)" xe "Holland:Frances (1788-1868)", born 1788 in Tipperary, Ireland; deceased 27 Jan 1868 in March Township, Carleton County Ontario. Notes for Thomas Acres They sailed from Limerick on June 25, 1819 on the Camperdown arriving in Quebec, from here they proceeded to Montreal where they stayed until Alice was born Nov 11, 1819. Moved to March in the spring, Thomas practiced his trade as a carpenter as well as farming. He made the windows for St. Mary's Anglican Church at Pinhey's Point, He did the interior carpentry for the ballroom of the Pinhey Mansion. Also worked on Christ Church in Aylmer, Quebec. Hamnett Pinhey's diaries recounts a discussion with Thomas where he mentions going to visit his brother John in Huntley. Thomas is the Tipperary artisan who did the carpentery in the ballroom at Pinhey's mansion. Children of Thomas Acres and Frances Holland were as follows: i Thomas William xe "Acres:Thomas William (1810-1861)", born 20 Apr 1810 in Roscrea Tipperary Ireland; deceased 31 Aug 1861. He married Martha CLARKE xe "Acres:Martha (CLARKE)" xe "Clarke:Martha". William xe "Acres:William (1812-1813)", born 1812 in Borrisoleigh, Nenagh, County Tipperary Ireland; deceased 1813. William Holand xe "Acres:William Holand / Holland (1814-1887)", born 17 Mar 1814 in Borrisoleigh, Nenagh, County Tipperary Ireland; deceased 24 Apr 1887 in Torbolton Township. He married Mary BAKER xe "Acres:Mary (BAKER)" xe "Baker:Mary". Elizabeth Eliza xe "Acres:Elizabeth Eliza (1815-1877)" xe "Mulligan:Elizabeth Eliza (ACRES) (1815-1877)", born 30 Sep 1815 in Borrisoleigh, Nenagh, County Tipperary Ireland; deceased 29 Mar 1877 in March Twsp., Carleton County Ontario. She married on 2 Nov 1835, Nathaniel MULLIGAN xe "Mulligan:Nathaniel (1813-)", born 1813 in Castleterra County Cavan Ireland; deceased in Huntley Twsp. Carleton County Ontario, son of Thomas xe "Mulligan:Thomas" and Dorothy (Leathern) Mulligan xe "Mulligan:Dorothy (Leathern)" xe "Leathern:Dorothy", emigrated to (Leathem, Latham?) Canada in 1819, burried Christ Church Huntley. George xe "Acres:George (1817-1818)", born 1817 in Borrisoleigh, Nenagh, County Tipperary Ireland; deceased 1818. Alice xe "Acres:Alice (1819-1902)", born 11 Nov 1819 in Montreal; deceased 1902. Frances xe "Acres:Frances (1822-1908)", born Dec 1822; deceased 1908. Susan xe "Acres:Susan (1824-1875)", born 21 Aug 1824; deceased 1875. Anne xe "Acres:Anne (1826-1884)", born 9 Aug 1826 in March Twnsp; deceased 1884. Harriet xe "Acres:Harriet (1828-1869)", born 27 Jul 1828 in March Twnsp; deceased 1869. 5 George Holland Adam xe "Acres:Adam (1833-)" , born 15 Oct 1833 in March Twnsp. He married Mary Anne DIDSBURY xe "Acres:Mary Anne (DIDSBURY)" xe "Didsbury:Mary Anne". 4. John ACRES xe "Acres:John (1795-1882)" (Thomas), born 7 Jul 1795 in Nenagh, County Tipperary Ireland; deceased Mar 1882 in Huntley Twsp. Carleton County Ontario. He married in 1822, Pheobe BROWN xe "Acres:Pheobe (BROWN) (1797-1882)" xe "Brown:Pheobe (1797-1882)", born 1797 in Roscrea County Tipperary; deceased 24 Nov 1882 in Huntley Twsp. Carleton County Ontario, daughter of William Brown xe "Brown:William (-1831)". Notes for John Acres It is believed John Acres and his brother Thomas probably left Limerick June 25, 1819 together on the Camperdown with 256 passengers and arrived in Quebec Sept 7, 1819 losing only four settlers on the journey. They had to pay for their own travel unlike the previous group who had free passage. However the next record of John does not appear until spring 1821 so he may have come over in 1820. However they both disposed of their property at the same time. He located on the SE half of Lot 11 Con.3 of Huntley on May 20 1821 and is listed as a single man. He recieved a patent to his half of lot on June 19, 1828. The 1829 Huntley militia list for the Huntley Company of the 1st Carleton Regiment lists John as a Sergeant at age 30. John was shown as a carpenter on the 1851 census and worked on local churches. in 1853 he was paid 3.15 pounds by his fellow parisoners of Christ Church Huntley "To paint the windows and door of the church with sufficient oil and white lead." In 1845 he had been caretaker of the church and his youngest son James had served the same capacity from 1842 to 1845, cleaning the church and making the fire. John and Pheobe lived on the old homestead with their youngest son, Thomas in later years. He had turned over half the farm to his second son William. A serious depression at the end of the war with Napoleon left many people in Ireland homeless and poor. Crop failures occurred in 1800, 1807, 1817. Farmers were targets of terrorist gangs such as the Whiteboys who burned crops, Anglican small farmers could see no future and left while they still had money to buy passage it was cheaper to go to British North America than the USA. There were 6,000 Irish immigrants in 1819 including the " prosperous farmers" such as the 256 who left Limerick on the Camperdown described as "one of the best appointed vessels which has cleared this port in a long time." Most settlers were bound for the Military Settlements (E.G. at Richmond) or the Northern Tipperary settlements in the Ottawa Valley or London Area. Another group settled York (now Toronto). John and Pheobe died close together and were buried November 24 at the Christ Church in Huntley. Notes for Pheobe Brown Phoebe and James were married by a justice of the peace in Canada Her family had settled on N.W. 1/2 of neighbouring lot 12 Con 3 on Sept. 6, 1822. When her father William died in 1832 leaving her brother John, who moved to Clarendon in Pontiac County and William jr. Phoebe sponsored William Jr. daughter Jane in 1827. Her sister Jane Brown married to John O'Neill of Hull later of Torbolton sponsored John and Phoebe's eldest son James in 1825. Reference: Will of William Brown, Carleton County copy book of deeds no. 2 no. 576 registered Dec 19 1832, Ottawa City Archives. Children of John Acres and Pheobe Brown were as follows: 6 i James 7 Sarah 8 Jane 9 William 10 Pheobe 11 Mary 12 Thomas Brown 13 Anne Generation 3 5. George Holland ACRES xe "Acres:George Holland (1831-1900)" (Thomas, Thomas), born 13 Mar 1831 in March Twnsp; deceased 18 May 1900 in March Twsp. Carleton County Ontario. He married on 15 Oct 1857 in South March, Harriet Lydia DIDSBURY xe "Acres:Harriet Lydia (DIDSBURY) (-1903)" xe "Didsbury:Harriet Lydia (-1903)", deceased 16 Jan 1903 in March Twsp. Carleton County Ontario. Notes for George Holland Acres Buried St John's Anglican in South March Notes for Harriet Lydia Didsbury Buried St John's Anglican South March Children of George Holland Acres and Harriet Lydia Didsbury were as follows: i John Gilbert xe "Acres:John Gilbert (1858-1911)", born 25 Sep 1858; deceased 14 Jan 1911. He married on 30 Mar 1881 in March Twnsp, Etheland RICHARDSON xe "Acres:Etheland (RICHARDSON)" xe "Richardson:Etheland". Thomas xe "Acres:Thomas (1860-1962)", born 4 Mar 1860; deceased 5 Feb 1962. Emily xe "Acres:Emily (1861-)", born 1861. Francis Harriet xe "Acres:Francis Harriet (1862-1926)" xe "Story,Francis Harriet (ACRES) (1862-1926)", born 24 Jul 1862; deceased 11 May 1926. She married on 18 Mar 1885 in South March, John STORY xe "Story:John". George William xe "Acres:George William (1864-1948)", born 31 Jul 1864 in South March; deceased 2 Apr 1948. He married on 21 Dec 1887 in Holy Trinity Metcalfe, Clara Ellen DOCKSTEADER xe "Acres:Clara Ellen (DOCKSTEADER)" xe "Docksteader:Clara Ellen". Farmed in Osgoode Township member of Osgoode Twsp council, Master of LOL No. 1095 Vernon (LOL = Loyal Orange Lodge) Chief Ranger IOF Thomas Benjamin xe "Acres:Thomas Benjamin (1867-1934)", born 23 Feb 1867; deceased 13 Nov 1934. He married on 26 Mar 1890 in Huntley, Christie Louisa BRADLEY xe "Acres:Christie Louisa (BRADLEY)" xe "Bradley:Christie Louisa". Charles Henry xe "Acres:Charles Henry (1869-1945)", born 29 Jun 1869; deceased 6 Apr 1945. He married on 8 Dec 1897 in Vernon, Osgoode Township. Jessie Luella ROBERTSON xe "Acres:Jessie Luella (ROBERTSON)" xe "Robertson:Jessie Luella". (Robertson Road in Bell's Corners) Ida Mary Ann xe "Acres:Ida Mary Ann (1872-1936)" xe "Wilson:Ida Mary Ann (ACRES) (1872-1936)", born 11 Feb 1872; deceased 1936. She married on 16 Mar 1892 in March Twnsp, John Bell WILSON xe "Wilson:John Bell". Susanna Jane xe "Acres:Susanna Jane (1874-)" xe "Graham:Susanna Jane (ACRES) (1874-)", born 8 Apr 1874. She married on 8 Apr 1874 in march Twnsp, Howard GRAHAM xe "Graham:Howard". Adam Holland (Holly) xe "Acres:Adam Holland (Holly) (1878-1955)", born 11 May 1878; deceased 20 Apr 1955 in Ottawa. He married on 17 Oct 1900, Almena Elizabeth WATERSON xe "Acres:Almena Elizabeth (WATERSON)" xe "Waterson:Almena Elizabeth". Reeve of March for four years member of Carleton County Council; represented Carleton County in Provincial Legislature 1923 - 1948. as consevative MLA farmer, auctioneer, farmed at Britannia Bay. President Ottawa Winter Fair, and Chamber of Commerce and Board of Trade Eastern Ontario and Ontario Chamber of Congress (Commerce ?). 6. James ACRES xe "Acres:James (1824-1910)" (John, Thomas), born 24 Dec 1824 in Huntley Twsp. Carleton County Ontario; deceased 4 Sep 1910 in Litchfield Pontiac Quebec. He married (1) on 31 Mar 1849 Jane MCGREGOR xe "Acres:Jane (MCGREGOR) (1829-1890)" xe "McGregor:Jane (1829-1890)", born 1829 in Richmond Ontario; deceased 19 Nov 1890 in Litchfield Pontiac Quebec. He married (2) on 4 May 1892, Sarah SPARLING xe "Acres:Sarah (SPARLING) (1838-1909)" xe "Sparling:Sarah (1838-1909)", born 6 May 1838; deceased 8 May 1909, daughter of John xe "Sparling:John (1788-1868)"and Elizabeth (Cronaverry) Sparling xe "Sparling:Elizabeth (Cronaverry) (1801-)" xe "Cronaverry:Elizabeth (1801-)". Notes for James Acres Jane MacGregor died of arthritis remarried to Sarah Roonie nee Sarah Sparling they had no children, James is shown as owning with his sons the right 1/2 lot 27 in range 9 of Litchfield They are buried in the Craig's Methodist Cemetery on Craig Road in Thorne Township. His tombstone says he was 87 when he died. Olive (Acres) Sommerville remembers her mother Annie (Flood) Acres caring for James at their home where he died. James had been the caretaker of Christ Church Huntley from 1842 to 1845, cleaning the church and making the fire for a salary of 1 pound per year. See also George Craig. Notes for Jane McGregor Died of arthritis at the age of 61 buried in the Craig's Methodist Cemetery with James. Children of James Acres and Jane McGregor were as follows: 14 i John Sarah Jane xe "Acres:Sarah Jane (1852-1890)" xe "Jud:Sarah Jane (ACRES) (1852-1890)", born 7 Jan 1852; deceased 19 Nov 1890. She married on 9 Apr 1872 in Campbells Bay, William JUDD xe "Jud:William". 15 Norman Esau xe "Acres:Esau (1855-)", born 11 Jun 1855. Eliza xe "Acres:Eliza (1856-)" xe "Broome:Eliza (ACRES) (1856-)", born 5 May 1856. She married Francis BROOME xe "Broome:Francis (1857-1921)", born 1857 in Ontario; deceased 1921, son of Francis xe "Broome:Francis (1819-1895)" and Mary (Warbrick) Broome xe "Broome:Mary (Warbrick) (1828-1907)" xe "Warbrick:Mary (1828-1907)". William James xe "Acres:William James (1859-1861)", born 29 Jan 1859; deceased 24 Sep 1861. Thomas Edmond xe "Acres:Thomas Edmond (1861-)", born 25 Jan 1861. He married Sarah WILSON xe "Acres:Sarah (WILSON) (1868-)" xe "Wilson:Sarah (1868-)", born 13 Jan 1868, daughter of Isaac xe "Wilson:Isaac (1826-1904) "and Mary (Acres) Wilson xe "Wilson:Mary (Acres) (1836-1922)" xe "Acres:Mary (1836-1922)". Phoebe xe "Acres:Phoebe (1861-)", born 25 Jan 1861. Mary xe "Acres:Mary (1864-)", born 23 Sep 1864. Isabelle xe "Acres:Isabelle (1866-)", born 7 Dec 1866. Ruth xe "Acres:Ruth (1868-)", born 25 Mar 1868. James Landon xe "Acres:James Landon (1868-1952)", born 7 May 1868 in Campbell's Bay, Pontiac County; deceased 3 Feb 1952 in Renfrew. He married on 7 Oct 1896, Katy CRAWFORD xe "Acres:Katy (CRAWFORD) (1878-1962)" xe "Crawford:Katy (1878-1962)", born 16 Jun 1878; deceased 6 Aug 1962 in Renfrew County. Booth xe "Acres:Booth (1872-)", born 25 May 1872. William David xe "Acres:William David (1874-1960)", born 2 Apr 1874; deceased 30 Nov 1960. He married on 16 Mar 1898, Sarah Ann Edith LEITCH xe "Acres:Sarah Ann Edith (LEITCH)" xe "Leitch:Sarah Ann Edith". 7. Sarah ACRES xe "Acres:Sarah (1826-)" xe "Sommerville:Sarah (ACRES) (1826-)" (John, Thomas), born 22 May 1826 in Huntley Twsp. Carleton County Ontario. She married on 8 Mar 1850 in Clarendon Pontiac County Quebec , Thomas SOMMERVILLE xe "Sommerville:Thomas", born in Litchfield Pontiac Quebec, son of Thomas xe "Sommerville:Thomas" and Sarah (Richardson) Sommerville xe "Sommerville:Sarah (Richardson)" xe "Richardson:Sarah". Children of Sarah Acres and Thomas Sommerville were as follows: i Thomas xe "Sommerville:Thomas (1850-)", born 17 Apr 1850. George Brown xe "Sommerville:George Brown (1861-)", born Sep 1861. 8. Jane ACRES xe "Acres:Jane (1830-)" xe "Sommerville:Jane (ACRES) (1830-)" (John, Thomas), born 1830 in Huntley Twsp. Carleton County Ontario. She married on 8 Mar 1850 in Clarendon Pontiac County Quebec, Richard SOMMERVILLE xe "Sommerville:Richard", born in Litchfield Pontiac Quebec, son of Thomas xe "Sommerville:Thomas" and Sarah (Richardson) Sommerville xe "Sommerville:Sarah (Richardson)" xe "Richardson:Sarah". Children of Jane Acres and Richard Sommerville were as follows: i Phebeieana xe "Sommerville:Phebeieana (1853-)", born 1853. 9. William ACRES xe "Acres:William (1832-1883)" (John, Thomas), born 1832 in Huntley Twsp. Carleton County Ontario; deceased 26 Nov 1883 in Huntley Twsp. Carleton County Ontario. He married (2) on 1 Nov 1864, Eliza HOLMES xe "Acres:Eliza (HOLMES) (-1920)" xe "Holmes:Eliza (-1920)", deceased 20 Jun 1920 in Huntley Twsp. Carleton County Ontario. Notes for William Acres According to the Carleton County Atlas for 1879 William owned 99 acres in Con II S 1/2 Lot 9 in Huntley twsp. William left his farm to his wife with reversion to his brother Thomas after her death instructing him to pay $200 to Georgiana their adopted daughter provided she lived with my wife and proves a dutiful and kind girl until she is 21. Children of William3 Acres were as follows: i Georgiana KNIGHT xe "Knight:Georgiana" 10. Pheobe ACRES xe "Acres:Pheobe (1834-1917)" xe "Hyland:Pheobe (ACRES) (1834-1917)" (John, Thomas), born 17 May 1834 in Huntley Twsp. Carleton County Ontario; deceased 6 Jan 1917 in Maidstone Essex County Ont. She married on 3 Jan 1880, John HYLAND xe "Hyland:John (1834-1919)", born 1 May 1834 in Drumshando Co Lietrim Ireland; deceased 25 Sep 1919 in Maidstone Essex County Ont. Children of Pheobe Acres and John Hyland were as follows: i Mary Caroline xe "Hyland:Mary Caroline (1860-1953)" xe "Squires:Mary Caroline (HYLAND) (1860-1953)", born 18 Oct 1860; deceased 21 Nov 1953 in Windsor Ontario. She married on 2 Nov 1887, Oscar Beck SQUIRES xe "Squires:Oscar Beck (1862-1946)", born 4 Aug 1862; deceased 23 Jan 1946 in Windsor Ontario. John Wesley xe "Hyland:John Wesley (1861-1924)", born 31 Dec 1861; deceased 6 Aug 1924. He married (1) Jeanette PILLMAN xe "Hyland:Jeanette (PILLMAN) (-1961)" xe "Pillman:Jeanette (-1961)", deceased 1961. He married (2) on 29 Mar 1887, Ann MULLIGAN xe "Hyland:Ann (MULLIGAN) (1861-1920)" xe "Mulligan:Ann (1861-1920)", born 1861; deceased 25 Mar 1920, daughter of Thomas xe "Mulligan:Thomas". William Brown xe "Hyland:William Brown (1864-1955)", born 9 Mar 1864; deceased 1955. He married (1) Mary BOSSENCE xe "Hyland:Mary (BOSSENCE) (-1950)" xe "Bossence:Mary (-1950)", deceased 17 Oct 1950. He married (2) on 24 Sep 1895, Jessie Beatrice POTTER xe "Hyland:Jessie Beatrice (POTTER) (1874-1941)" xe "Potter:Jessie Beatrice (1874-1941)", born 1874; deceased 1941. Albert xe "Hyland:Albert (1865-1962)", born 20 Dec 1865; deceased 26 Dec 1962. He married Annie Marie NOBLE xe "Hyland:Annie Marie (NOBLE) (1881-1961)" xe "Noble:Annie Marie (1881-1961)", born 21 Jan 1881; deceased 22 Mar 1961. Sarah Ann xe "Hyland:Sarah Ann (1871-1918)" xe "Squires:Sarah Ann (HYLAND) (1871-1918)", born 3 Jul 1871; deceased 4 Jul 1918. She married on 21 Dec 1892, Dexter SQUIRES xe "Squires:Dexter". Pheobe Lauretta xe "Hyland:Pheobe Lauretta (1873-1956)" xe "McDowell:Pheobe Lauretta (HYLAND) (1873-1956)" xe "Barnes:Pheobe Lauretta (HYLAND) (1873-1956)", born 3 Jan 1873; deceased 4 Oct 1956. She married (1) on 18 Jul 1873 John Wylie MCDOWELL xe "Barnes:John Wylie (MCDOWELL) (1873-1929)" xe "McDowell:John Wylie (1873- 1929)", born 18 Jul 1873; deceased 29 Aug 1929. She married (2) on 24 Dec 1931, John William BARNES xe "Barnes:John William (BARNES) (1866-1940)" xe "Barnes:John William (1866-1940)" born 21 Mar 1866; deceased 22 May 1940 in Walkerville Ontario. 11. Mary ACRES xe "Acres:Mary (1836-1922)" xe "Wilson:Mary (ACRES) (1836-1922)" (John, Thomas), born 24 Jun 1836 in Huntley Twsp. Carleton County Ontario; deceased 1 Aug 1922. She married in Apr 1865, Isaac WILSON xe "Wilson:Isaac (1826-1904)", born 1826; deceased 19 Oct 1904 in Torbolton Carleton County Ontario. Children of Mary Acres and Isaac Wilson were as follows: i Margaret xe "Wilson:Margaret (1866-)" xe "Scanelli:Margaret (WILSON) (1866-)", born 30 Mar 1866. She married Alexander SCANELLI xe "Scanelli:Alexander". Sarah xe "Wilson:Sarah (1868-)" xe "Acres:Sarah (WILSON) (1868-)", born 13 Jan 1868. She married Thomas Edmond ACRES xe "Acres:Thomas Edmond (1861-)", born 25 Jan 1861, son of James xe "Acres:James (1824- 1910)" and Jane (McGregor) Acres xe "Acres:Jane (McGregor) (1829-1890)" xe "McGregor:Jane (1829-1890)". John Brownrigg xe "Wilson:John Brownrigg (1870-1961)", born 25 May 1870; deceased 1961. He married (1) Isabella BISSETT xe "Wilson:Isabella (BISSETT) (1897-1973)" xe "Bissett:Isabella (1897-1973)", born 1897; deceased 1973. He married (2) Henrietta CAVANAGH xe "Wilson:Henrietta (CAVANAGH) (1877-1918)" xe "Cavanagh:Henrietta (1877-1918)", born 1877; deceased 1918. Charlotte xe "Wilson:Charlotte (1872-1950)" xe "Neely:Charlotte (WILSON) (1872-1950)", born 6 Aug 1872; deceased 1950. She married David Alex NEELY xe "Neely:David Alex (1867-1905)", born 1867; deceased 1905. Isaac Dickenson xe "Wilson:Isaac Dickenson (1874-)", born 10 Dec 1874. Lauretta Jane xe "Wilson:Lauretta Jane (1877-1967)", born 12 Jul 1877; deceased 16 Dec 1967. Hannah xe "Wilson:Hannah (1879-)" xe "Scannelli:Hannah (WILSON) (1879-)", born 1879. She married on 12 Jun 1910, Thomas Henry SCANNELLI xe "Scannelli:Thomas Henry (1875-)", born 1875, son of John xe "Scannelli:John" and Anne (Acres) Scannelli xe "Scannelli:Anne (Acres) (1840-)" xe "Acres:Anne (1840-)". 12. Thomas Brown ACRES xe "Acres:Thomas Brown (1838-1922)" (John, Thomas), born 2 Feb 1838 in Huntley Twsp. Carleton County Ontario; deceased 1922 in Huntley Twsp. Carleton County Ontario. He married Mary Jane KELLY xe "Acres:Mary Jane (KELLY) (1845-1912)" xe "Kelly:Mary Jane (1845-1912)", born 1845; deceased 1912 in Huntley Twsp. Carleton County Ontario, daughter of James xe "Kelly:James". Notes for Thomas Brown Acres Buried Christ Church Huntley, According to Carleton County Atlas for 1879 Thomas owned land in Con III S 1?2 Lot 11 and Con II West 1/2 Lot 10 in Huntley Township Children of Thomas Brown Acres and Mary Jane Kelly were as follows: 16 i Thomas John James xe "Acres:John James (1869-1897)", born 17 Jan 1869; deceased 11 Mar 1897 in Huntley Twsp. Carleton County Ontario. George Henry xe "Acres:George Henry (1870-1961)", born 23 Mar 1870; deceased 1961. He married Margaret H MCGEE xe "Acres:Margaret H (MCGEE) (1868-1944)" xe "McGee:Margaret H (1868-1944)" born 1868; deceased 30 Sep 1944. William Edmund xe "Acres:William Edmund (1872-)", born 1 Oct 1872. He married Margaret Lucinda HUESTON xe "Acres:Margaret Lucinda (HUESTON) (1885-1975)" xe "Hueston:Margaret Lucinda (1885-1975)", born 2 Oct 1885; deceased 6 Nov 1975. Sarah xe "Acres:Sarah (1874-)", born 2 Nov 1874. Eliza Jane xe "Acres:Eliza Jane (1876-1952)" xe "Irwin:Eliza Jane (ACRES) (1876-1952)", born 17 Apr 1876; deceased 1952. She married Charles F IRWIN xe "Irwin:Charles F (1878-1958)", born 1878; deceased 1958. Sarah Ann xe "Acres:Sarah Ann (1881-)" xe "Hill:Sarah Ann (ACRES) (1881-)", born 1 Apr 1881. She married George Healy HILL xe "Hill:George Healy". Mary Emmeline xe "Acres:Mary Emmeline (1884-)" xe "Lytle:Mary Emmeline (ACRES) (1884-)", born 7 Oct 1884. She married Thomas LYTLE xe "Lytle:Thomas". Minerva xe "Acres:Minerva (1889-)" xe "Owens:Minerva (ACRES) (1889-)", born 1 Nov 1889. She married Percy OWENS xe "Owens:Percy". 13. Anne ACRES xe "Acres:Anne (1840-)" xe "Scannelli:Anne (ACRES) (1840-)" (John, Thomas), born 1840 in Huntley Twsp. Carleton County Ontario. She married on 20 Mar 1865, John SCANNELLI xe "Scannelli:John", born in Portland Township, Quebec. Children of Anne Acres and John Scannelli were as follows: i John Albert xe "Scannelli:John Albert" Thomas Henry xe "Scannelli:Thomas Henry (1875-)", born 1875. He married on 12 Jun 1910, Hannah WILSON xe "Scannelli:Hannah (WILSON) (1879-)" xe "Wilson:Hannah (1879-)", born 1879, daughter of Isaac xe "Wilson:Isaac (1826-1904)" and Mary (Acres) Wilson xe "Wilson:Mary (Acres) (1836-1922)" xe "Acres:Mary (1836-1922)". Resided Espanola Ontario. Generation 4 14. John ACRES xe "Acres:John (1850-1882)" (James, John, Thomas), born 13 Jan 1850 in Huntley Twsp. Carleton County Ontario; deceased 16 Aug 1882 in Cantley Pontiac Quebec. He married on 16 Aug 1882 in Thorne Centre, Pontiac, Quebec, Elizabeth DAGG xe "Acres:Elizabeth (DAGG)" xe "Dagg:Elizabeth". Notes for John Acres John is shown as owning R1/2 L 28 Range 10 Litchfield township in the 1866 valuation roll Children of John Acres and Elizabeth Dagg were as follows: 17 i Margaret Jane Thomas Edward5 xe "Acres:Thomas Edward" James Garfield5 xe "Acres:James Garfield (1885-)" , born 3 May 1885. 15. Norman4 ACRES xe "Acres:Norman (1853-1936)" (James3, John2, Thomas1), born 4 Sep 1853 in Huntley Twsp. Carleton County Ontario; deceased 11 Jun 1936 in Campbells Bay. He married on 25 Jul 1883, Annie FLOOD xe "Acres:Annie (FLOOD) (1864-1948)" xe "Flood:Annie (1864-1948)", born 4 May 1864 in Ontario; deceased 18 Nov 1948 in Campbells Bay, daughter of John xe "Flood:John (1837-)" and Catherine (Warbrick) Flood xe "Flood:Catherine (Warbrick) (1833-)" xe "Warbrick:Catherine (1833-)". Notes for Norman Acres Norman is shown as owning the front 1/2 Lot 28 Range 10 in Litchfield Township on the 1866 valuation roll. Notes for Annie Flood Died Thurday November 1948 at the home of her son Gordon Acres. 16. Thomas ACRES xe "Acres:Thomas (1846-1914)" (Thomas Brown, John, Thomas), born 1846; deceased 27 May 1914 in Huntley Twsp. Carleton County Ontario. He married Annie YOUNG xe "Acres:Annie (YOUNG) (1858-1928)" xe "Young:Annie (1858-1928)", born 1858; deceased 23 Aug 1928 in Huntley Twsp. Carleton County Ontario. Notes for Thomas Acres Buried Christ Church Huntley Children of Thomas Acres and Annie Young were as follows: i Annie Pearl xe "Acres:Annie Pearl (1890-1891)", born Jun 1890; deceased 20 Aug 1891 in Huntley Twsp. Carleton County Ontario. Infant daughter died aged 14 months per records at Christ Church Huntley.
From Donna on July 1, 2001: (Happy Canada Day!) My Acres (Thomas & his brother, John) family left Nenagh, County Tipperary, with 240 others, on the ship Camperdown in 1819, arriving in Ottawa, Ontario, in 1819. Bruce Elliott mentioned the Acres several times in his book. Several Acres are still in Tipperary and in Dublin, but the family was prominent in the Ottawa area. Thomas' wife, Frances Holland, from Clonrush, County Clare, Ireland, had several family members who also settled in Ottawa. Donna (Donna: I don't have an e-mail address for you but will post anything new which I receive on the Acres family on this page ... Al)
November 12, 2001 Dear Al & Steve, I am writing to inquire about the Acres family information posted on your web-site. My gr/gr/grandmother is Mary Emmeline Acres as mentioned on the genealogy table and I am presently researching the family history. Therefore, I would like to know the references for the information sited, if possible, and also if there are other Acres family members interested in genealogy that I could contact. I have visited your web-site in the past and all was well but today the index page was not loading correctly so I could not check to see if there was a bulletin board. Sorry, if I missed it. Great site.... Thank you -Sara Lytle-
January 1, 2003: I have just read your research, I am Kathryn Holly Acres, I was named after Holland Acres, the MLA indeed I still have the article from the paper for his death. My side were descended from a William Henry Acres who came from England to Albion, New York to Port Stanley to settle in Delaware, Ontario near London. I have many old letters from 1828 etc. Kathryn
April 27, 2003: Hi: Recently I've discovered this website through a Genform link searching for additional family info. I was quite surprised to find this great place, I sort of "felt at home", at least in the eyes of my family pioneers. I am a direct desendant of William and Mary Richardson who arrived on the ship Brunswick in 1818 and settled in Richmond. I have been searching for information on the children of one of William and Mary's daughters for quite some time. Their daughter: Sarah Richardson who married Thomas Sommerville in 1865. Although Sarah and Thomas also had a daughter, Harriett, I have just found out they also had a son, Richard. Thanks to the Acres family who posted the info and a huge thanks to you people who created this website. Gratefully, R.W. Richardson
July 21, 2003: I came across your site in my search for a photograph of the original Holly Acres property. Of particular interest is the L-shaped barn/garage. If you happen to have one, or could point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful. Thank you! Marni Bennett Assistant Education Coordinator Nepean Museum
November 10, 2004:
Hi Everyone, My name is Jim Somerville. I'm likely a cousin to some (most?) of you. I have been doing some digging into my family history recently, and have discovered that I'm a descendent of Thomas Somerville and Sarah Acres. My great grandfather was John James Somerville, and not much was known about him by his grandchildren, so I decided to start digging. I recently located his death certificate in the microfilm of the Ontario archives, and was happy to see his parents listed. Thomas Somerville & Sarah Acres. And he was born in the Pontiac area of Quebec, which is consistent with my grandfather being born in Bryson, Pontiac County, Quebec. Armed with this new knowledge, I went looking for an 1881 census listing and I found it: Household Record 1881 Canadian Census Household: Name Marr Gender Origin Age Birth Occ Religion Thomas SOMERVIL M M Irish 58 Ireland Farmer Church of England Sarah SOMERVIL M F Irish 53 Ontario Church of England John J. SOMERVIL M Irish 27 Quebec Farmer Church of England --- my great grandfather Wiliam H. SOMERVIL M Irish 25 Quebec Farmer Church of England George B. SOMERVIL M Irish 20 Quebec Farmer Church of England Albert E. SOMERVIL M Irish 14 Quebec School Church of England Thomas A. SOMERVIL M Irish 8 Quebec School Church of England Sary Ann SOMERVIL F Irish 22 Quebec Telerist Church of England Mary J. SOMERVIL F Irish 18 Quebec Church of England Eliza A. SOMERVIL F Irish 16 Quebec School Church of England ------------------------ Source Information: Census Place Shawville & Clarendon South, Pontiac, Quebec Family History Library Film 1375862 NA Film Number C-13226 District 98 Sub-district E Page Number 18 Household Number 72 I also found Thomas & Sarah in the 1901 census. Thomas, in both census, is listed as being born in Ireland. The 1901 census says that he was born in Ireland in 1822 and he came to Canada in 1823. I was ecstatic to come across your Acres web page, full of great info! But two "m"'s in Somerville? I won't hold that against you, but there really should be only one "m" in there. :-) The proof is in the monuments (Scott Naylor's site): Under the children of Thomas & Sarah (Acres) you have: Thomas xe "Sommerville:Thomas (1850-)" , born 17 Apr 1850. Can anyone clarify where that came from?...Thomas was the youngest male, born in 1872 or 1873. I would also like to know more about Thomas' parents, Thomas & Sarah (Richardson). They must have been married in Ireland and likely brought their children with them, and had more here. I believe that the second cemetery marker is theirs. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this and exchanging info. Bye for now, -Jim
February 24, 2009: I ran across this page, and found my great, great grand parents, Francis Broome Jr. and Eliza Acres. When I read it I didn’t see any children, I'm only aware of Jane Charity Broome (Bales) (great grandmother). If you have more information I really would like it. Thanks for any help you can give, please use the email below thanks. ... Rusty R. Owens
March 3, 2009: Hi Jim and Al, I recently received the marriage records of my great great uncle William Craig (b. 1835 Gloucester Township, Ont.) s/o of George Craig and Mary Moxley. Turns out he married Sarah Jane Ingram of Litchfield d/o Oliver Ingram and Sarah Somerville. From Jim's post on Bytown or Bust and his Worldconnect pages on Rootsweb I beleive this is 'his' Ingram family so I thought I'd pass on the information I have about Sarah Jane and William. Their marriage information as recorded in the Ontario Marriage Registers is William Craig 32 Ottawa, Gloucester Bachelor Mechanic Methodist s/o George & Mary Craig Married Sarah J Ingram 23 Ottawa, Litchfield, Spinster Methodist d/o Oliver & Sarah Ingram Witnesses James Craig, Mary Craig both of Ottawa July 15, 1872 at Ottawa by Rev. J B Aylsworth by licence at Ottawa, Carleton. James Craig mentioned as a witness would be my ggrandfather and Mary could be his mother,wife, or sister all of whom were named Mary. I have been unsuccessful in locating an 1881 census record for them. William Craig died of consumption in 1884, to date I have found no indication that they had any children. Papers relating to the estate of another brother, George, who died in 1921 state that they definitely did not have children, but they also say that Sarah had died "many years ago" which was not the case. Sarah Jane remarried sometime after William's death to a man named William McAdam / MacAdam and died 8 Oct 1931 in Nepean Township, City of Ottawa. I believe she is buried at Beechwood Cemetery. Ontario Deaths 1869-1947 Name: Sarah Jane Macadam Death date: 08 Oct 1931 Age at death: 84 years Death place: Ottawa, Nepean, Carleton, Ontario Birth date: 1847 Gender: Female Marital status: Father name: Oliver Ingram Mother name: Sarah Sommerville GSU film number: 2295641 Digital GS number: 4002294 Image number: 928 Reference number: 243 I would welcome any information you may have on Sarah Jane, William Craig, possible children or on William McAdam. Regards, Allen Craig
March 23, 2010: I am a descendant of the Acres clan through my mother and would like to know about how we are interconnected. My grandfather, Frederick and his brother Charlie, were the only two sons of a William Acres who had married a Loretta Fenton from Carp or the area. (see posting below dated April 15, 2012) According to family lore, William was not considered to be a good match and so they eloped. William had already been to the Canadian west with the expeditionary force sent to settle the Riel rebellion of 1870. William is buried in the Clear Springs cemetary near Steinbach, Manitoba. Loretta remarried to an Unger and lived on to 1939. It is fascinating to note some of the features common to the Acres: old age, christian names etc. As a matter of interest, a number of like minded settlers from the same area as my ancestor settled around Clear Springs. They are all buried in the same cemetery which has been restored. The Mennonite community reveres these settlers (and the Acres in particular) as they welcomed these new people from Germany and made it possible for them to survive their first Manitoba winters. The Fentons were reputed to be wealthy and tried many times to persuade Loretta to return to the ottawa valley with her two sons but she refused all blandishments. Can you guide me in the right direction to complete the lineage? Cheers ... Denis Marantz __________________________________________ Hi Denis In checking David Acres information he shows a William Robert Acres b Jan. 1, 1849 in Huntley. Notes on this William state "in 1881, he resided in Laverendrye Township, Manitoba, Dominion of Canada. His parents are shown as Thomas Acres (1810-1861) and Martha Clarke (1810-1895) No other information is shown so can't confirm if this is your William. ... Steve McKenzie __________________________________________ Thank you for your prompt and informative response. Yes of course you can copy whatever I write on this subject to anyone who can find use for it. There is one more bit of family lore about which someone can perhaps enlighten me. I was told that the Acres originated in France and went to Ireland after the Edict of Nantes (1598) was revoked by Louis XIV in 1685. his led to a mass exodus of skilled artisans and merchants to England, the Netherlands and Germany where their skills were put to good use. The earliest reference I have picked up about Acres in Ireland dates to the mid 18th. century. There is a gap to be filled between the exodus and then. My great grandfather, William Robert Acres, was the son of Thomas Acres and Martha Clarke. Beyond them is a mystery to me. William first went west with the Wolsely expedition to put down the first Riel uprising. I mention this event , referred to by Ontarians as a rebellion whereas the earliest Manitobans refer to it as an uprising , because my grandfather Frederick was to marry a descendant of the earliest settlers from Quebec who may or may not have a Metis lineage. William Acres was granted 160 acres of land (Manitoba Bounty Grant) in Clear Springs close to where Mennonite immigrants were to settle around Steinbach in south-eastern Manitoba. By 1876 he had doubled this landholding. Clear Springs was the locus of a number of settlers from the Ottawa Valley who enabled the Mennonites to survive through their first and very harsh winters. This community has revered the Clear Springs pioneers ever since. Wiiliam died in 1887 after a number of disastrous events brought him to the verge of bankruptcy. In 1883 William married a Loretta Fenton depite the wishes of her family. They were reputed to be wealthy and to have come to Canada from Boston after the American war of independence. After William`s death the family entreated Loretta to return to her family with her two boys, Charles and Frederick. She remarried instead a David Unger of the Mennonite community and they prospered. She was reputed to be a most strong willed woman, feared for her matriarchal virtues. Loretta was to bear two daughters from this second marriage, Katherine who migrated to Edmonton and married a J. Freer and Annie who married a J. Spence and moved to Vancouver. Great uncle Charlie farmed near La Broquerie some 8 miles from where my grandfather was to settle in Giroux. The we seldom saw each other except for a yearly visit. My grandfather Frederick was a successful entrepreneur, running sawmills throughout south-eastern Manitoba and threshing crews from Manitoba up to Edmonton. He married a Caroline Harrison who died from the Spanish Flu in 1918. He never really recovered and went on to become the post master in Giroux. Frederick was a non practicing Presbyterian but he raised my mother in the Catholic faith because I presume the Harrisons expected as much. The Harrisons are interesting because they descended from a boy who was found abandoned on the prairies by Indians and brought to Archbishop Provencher. A Harrison family had disappeared about the same time and the assumption was made that this boy was theirs. He went on to marry a daughter of Jean Baptiste Lajimodiere and Anne Marie Gaboury, the first white family to settle permanently in the West. He was a coureur de bois of some notoriety, famed for his exploits in the service of Lord Selkirk and the Hudson Bay company. She was just as tough and travelled throughout the West with him, giving birth on one occasion in the snow outside on the prairie while being tracked by a band of Indians. I suspect that the Harrison boy was the son of Metis who often adopted the family name of their fathers. Louis Riel descended from another child of the Lajimodiere union. Thus a great irony emerges from the eventual marriage of a descendant of a man (probably an Orangeman) who went west to put down the Riel uprising to a French Canadian Catholic. I hope that the above information is of help in filling some blanks in the Acres history. If I can be of any more use please feel free to call on me. For any body interested in the Clear Springs settlers I recommend a publication `Pioneers of Clear Springs`by Ed and Alice Laing. It was published by them through Derksen Printers Limited of Steinbach. Many Valley names such as Mooney, Laing, Sproule will be familiar to those interetsed in Ottawa Valley history. cheers Denis Marantz
April 15, 2012: I believe that William Acres’ wife Loretta is the the daughter of John E. and Mary Cuthbert Fenton, both of whom died in Carleton County ON in 1887 and 1890 respectively. They are my 2nd great grandparents. I don’t have much more information on them but am happy to share anything you’re interested in. You can reach me back through this email address, in the list below). Best regards, Marcia Grimm
March 19, 2013: New e-mail for Steve McKenzie incorporated in the list below. ... Al
September 29, 2016: Thanks to Carmen Rochon who is in the process of sending along many obituaries from Ottawa newspapers from the 1890's and early 1900's. These obituaries are a tremendous resource. The following obituary, from Carmen, is for Mr. George Acres of South March.
Source: Ottawa Journal, May 21, 1900
Obituary for Mr. George ACRES

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