Interesting Academic Papers regarding our History

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

New December 9, 2015:

Tired of staring at tough-to-read church registers from the 1800's? Take a break and download one of the following 
academic papers. There are two very good sites:

1. presents a feast of papers. Do a search for Chad Gaffield. 
He has written extensively on the history of the Outouais area and on French and English settlement in Eastern Ontario. 
Good examples of "microhistory". Dr. Gaffield belongs to the History Department at the University of ottawa.

2. has a lot of learned papers relating to Irish and First Nations history. 
Try this provocative article for starters - Was the British Empire, in the nineteenth century, really an Irish Empire? 

Ireland has always occupied a unique status in Europe. Part colony of England, later Britain, and part collaborator in 
the Empire project. In this essay I show the many ways in which the population of Ireland participated in the expansion 
of the British Empire in the nineteenth century, and the roles they played in these newly conquered/settled lands.
by Cameron Martin.

These articles are available in .pdf form and can be downloaded to your tablet for easy reading in a hammock, Laz-Y-Boy
recliner or on a canoe trip. (as if).

Many more articles to come over time.

... Al

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