John TOMKINS and Elizabeth TRAYNOR / TRAINER, from Carnew, County Wicklow, Ireland
to the Ottawa, Canada area in 1844

January 7, 2010:

Happy New Year, Al!
I was looking for the John Tompkins who came from Wicklow at the same time as Richard Mulhall (re Annette's posted list of
Fitzwilliam Estate emigrants), and on that map on your page on surveys of Ottawa, I noticed a Richard Mulhall and John 
Tompkins living near one another in Bytown.
You speculated that John Tompkins was possibly married to Elizabeth Traynor. Well, I have this baptism of John Tomkins, Jr. 
from Tomacork parish:
Tomacork parish, Co. Wicklow:
6 Aug 1842
Bapt. of John, s/o John Tomkins and Bes Traynor, Carnew
Sp: Tom Farrell and Catherine Traynor
...and then these records from Ottawa and environs:
(Source: Drouin Records at 
ND Ottawa
Bapt. of Mary, b. 26th instant, d/o John Tompkins and Elizabeth Tranery of Bytown
Sp: Thomas Keogh and Cathrine Kilrogh (probably Kehoe, less likely Kilroe)
[Married in Orleans on -- Sept. 1868, to Richard Grimes s/o John Grimes and Mary Montgomery; wit: John Tomkins and Mary Grimes]
Catherine, d/o John Tomkins and Elizabeth Trainer
Sp: Matthew Keghoe and Mary Keghoe
Bapt. of Eliza, d/o John Tomkins and Elizabeth Treiner
Sp: James (?) Teahan(?) and Catherine Keogh
[Married in Orleans on 24 June 1863 to David Martin, dit Barnabe]
Bapt. of Catherine, d/o J. Tompkins and E. Traynor
Bapt. of Anna, d/o John Tomkins and Eliza Tranor
Sp: Wm. Keogh and Mary Keogh
Bapt. of Patrick, s/o John Tompkins and Elizabeth [blank]
[He married Mary Ford; they were having children in Orleans]
However, there was another John Tompkins in the area, and he might have been related (re those Kehoe sponsors). 
He might also have been the one on the FW list of 1842 emigrants:
20 Aug 1844
After the publication of two banns, marriage of Michael Tompkins of Bytown, adult son of John Tompkins and Mary Kehoe, to Bridget
Brennan, minor daughter of Thomas Brennan and Margaret Moony of Bytown
Witnesses: Edward Brennan & Bridget Lawler / Lawlor
D. Dandurand, P.O.M.I.

I haven't found the Tompkins in the 1851 census yet.

They eventually settled in Cumberland, Al - along with all those other Wicklow bodies: Lewis Byrne, Lancelot Jackson, etc.
According to John Tompkins Sr. in 1901, he came in 1844.
1901 Census of Canada (
about John Tomkins 

Name: John Tomkins	
Gender: Male 
Marital Status: Widowed 
Age: 83 
Birth Day & Month: 13 Mar 
Birth Year: 1818 
Birthplace: Irland 
Relation to Head of House: Chef (Head) 
Immigration Year: 1844 
Racial or Tribal Origin: Irish 
Nationality: Canadiene (Canadian) 
Religion: Roman Catholic  
Name  			Marital Status 	Gender 	Ethnic Origin 	Age 	Birthplace 	Occupation 	Religion 
John TOMPKINS		M   		Male	Irish		65	Ireland		Farmer		Catholic  
Elizabeth TOMPKINS	M		Female	Irish		60	Ireland      			Catholic  
John TOMPKINS      			Male	Irish		35	Ireland		Schoolmaster 	Catholic  
Patrick TOMPKINS     			Male	Irish		26	Ontario		Farmer		Catholic  
Ann TOMPKINS     	 		Female	Irish		28	Ontario				Catholic  

Source Information:
  Census Place Cumberland, Russell, Ontario 
  Family History Library Film 1375865 
  NA Film Number C-13229 
  District 104 
  Sub-district C 
  Division 1 
  Page Number 82 
  Household Number 323+ 
... Anne Burgess

A new page for the Tompkins would be great, Al. 
I also was looking at the Tompkins in the Buckingham area because one of them married a Lawrence Burns who lived in Lochaber, and 
they later joined the Anglican church in Buckingham.
There was a John Tompkins b c1794 m. a Nancy Hannah Bigelow, and I wondered if these were Lawrence Burns's parents-in-law. 
They had a big family in 1851 Grenville Deux Montagnes.
I've attached a marriage record for a Catherine Burns of Lochaber to a Robt. Tompkins (son of John and Hannah Bigelow, I believe).  
Catherine must be some relative of Lawrence Burns, but I don't know what. Lawrence had a daughter Catherine born in 1840, but that won't work.
... Anne Burgess
January 16, 2010: Hi Al, I have some new Irish records to add to John Tompkins's page. With that find last week of John Tompkins m. Elizabeth Traynor in Bytown, I've hit upon a thread that ties together about 10 families who came from Wicklow to the areas noted above: Byrne (a few), Tompkins (a few), O'Toole, Redmond, and Kehoe (a few). I haven't yet figured out how to detail it for you, but it began with that John Tompkins (Sr.) plus wife and family from Annette's posted list of pre-Famine FW emigrants (1841) and continued with the list for 1844, below, received from John O some time back. John Tomkins surprisingly moved around a fair distance within the Fitzwilliam Estate. He and his parents (John Tompkins and Mary Kehoe) were from Liscolman, but here is his marriage to Bess Traynor in Croneyhorn: 12 August 1840 JN. Tompkin married Bess Traynor Wit: Tom White and JS. Thompkins Croneyhorn His first child, John, was born in Carnew, but his second child was born back in his family's home in Liscolman: 7 January 1844 Bapt. of Thomas Thompkin, s/o John Thompkin and Bess Traynor Sp: Edward Kennedy and Alicia Kennedy Liscolman Poor Thomas didn't live very long; his burial record appears in ND Ottawa on July 31, 1844, probably soon after they arrived in Bytown. Here is the list of those scheduled to emigrate from the Fitzwilliam Estate in 1844, and it includes the John Tomkin family of four (John, Bess/Eliza, John Jr., and Thomas) who settled first in Bytown, as well as his presumed cousins, the Peter Kehoe family who provided all the baptismal sponsors for the Tompkins children born in Bytown: 1844 APPLICANTS John Murphy -Park-6 Patrick Gaffney -Killinure-5 Jer. Gaffney -Killinure William Sheane -Coolkenna-10 Widow Ellen Roach -Ballyconnell-5 Peter Doyle -Killinure-8 John Oates -Killibegg-8 John Tomkin -Lascoleman-4 Thomas Fleming -Coolkenna Ellen Wall -Larragh Michael and Denis Tracey Peter Keoghoe -Lascoleman-6 Robert Kidd -Bullingate-6 John Byrne -Urelands Alicde Broughan -Cronlea-5 Mary Broughan -Cronlea-5 Margaret Tallon -Kilquiggan-4 James Meagher -Killinure-4 Ellen Byrne -Killinure-11 James Byrne -Killinure-6 Thomas Trainor -Killileage-7 More to come on these families and their relatives/connections in Bytown, Cumberland, etc. Anne
February 5, 2010: Hi Al, This is a follow-up to and what I sent you the other day on the rest of John Tompkins's family. I've hit a vein of good luck in the death certificates for those Kehoe baptismal sponsors for the children of John Tompkins and Elizabeth Traynor. Three of these Kehoes came from Ballynultagh pre-Famine, and were the children of John KEHOE and Sarah JAMES. - In 1871, the widowed Sarah James Kehoe was living in Ottawa, apparently at 55 Church St. (as recorded on her death certificate) with Thomas Kehoe, b c1816. Also living with them was an Ann Tierney, 19, b. Ont. Thomas was a blacksmith (forgeron). Here's his marriage at Notre Dame Cathedral, Ottawa: Feb. 6, 1844 Thomas Kehoe of Bytown married Catherine Kilroe of Nepean (no parents' names recorded) Wit: Patrick Egan, Margaret Kearns, and others ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - William Kehoe, baptized on Sept. 3, 1835 in Clonmore parish, County Wicklow. He was married in ND Ottawa: June 3, 1856 Wm. Keogh, s/o John Keogh and Sarah James married Anna Ring, d/o John Ring and Catherine Daly Wit: William Finlay and Anna Hanley ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - John Kehoe, baptized August 7, 1827 in Clonmore parish. He was married in ND Ottawa: August 19, 1851 John Keogh, s/o John Keogh and Sarah James married Catherine McGrath, d/o Dennis McGrath and Mary Purcell Wit: William Keogh and Elizabeth Tierney -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Elizabeth Kehoe, baptized June 26, 1823 in Clonmore parish, with John James and Mary THOMPKINS as her godparents. No parents' names were recorded for the ND marriage below, but given Wm. Kehoe as witness, it seems likely that she was the d/o John Kehoe and Sarah James. Nov 6 1843 Elizabeth Kehoe of Bytown to Simon Armstrong of Gloucester Edward Brennan, Julia Brennan, William Kehoe, etc. (Edward Brennan was also best man at the marriage of Michael Tompkins) --------------------------------------------------------------------- - Catherine Kehoe and James Tierney were godparents to a Tompkins child. I'm assuming that Catherine was a sister to the Kehoes (above) because of that, and also because an Ann Tierney (a daughter?) was living with the widow Sarah James Kehoe, Thomas Kehoe, et al, in the 1871 census. Here's the ND Ottawa marriage; no parents' names were recorded: ND Ottawa January 14, 1839 Catherine Keogh and James Tierney Wit: Thomas -------, Richard McCann, Ann Morgan and others --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the FW rentals records for 1827, John Kehoe (father of those Kehoes above) was 42 and a blacksmith. He lived on 10 acres in Ballynultagh and had 2 sons and 3 daughters. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'll deal later with Matthew, Mary, and Ellen Kehoe - two of them Tompkins godparents - in another report, Al. Anne
New April 16, 2013: Hi Anne I've been browsing through your posting on John TOMKINS and Elizabeth TRAYNOR / TRAINER, from Carnew, County Wicklow, Ireland John & Elizabeth Traynor are my second great grandparents on my mother's side. I have some information on their life in Canada. I would be interested in sharing this info with you and hope you have some to share with me. Renee Cummings _______________________________ Hi Renee, The Tompkins arenít my family, but I have a fair bit on their background in Ireland, picked up as part of research Iíve been doing on emigrants from the Fitzwilliam Estate in County Wicklow. Is there anything I can give you that you didnít find on Bytown or Bust? Iíd be happy to. Anne

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