Peter Robinson Settlers
from Ireland to Canada in 1823
on the Ships Stakesby and Hebe
Surnames H to N

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

In 1823, Peter Robinson brought almost 500 settlers from Ireland to an
area just west of Ottawa, Canada. They came on two ships, the Hebe and the
Stakesby. There are many thousands of their descendants in Ottawa and the
Ottawa Valley today.

Two years later, in 1825, Robinson brought more settlers but this time to the
Peterborough area of Ontario. If you go back to my main genealogy web page,
you'll find links to lists of these settlers and their ships.
St. Michael's, Corkery, in 2010 Photo Source: 100th Anniversary of St. Michael's Church, 1824-1924 Photo by Al Lewis, October 12, 2010 By Dr. J.F. Dunn, Almonte, Ontario, Inside Cover Church at Corkery, Ontario, Huntley Township, 2010 Church at Corkery, Ontario, Huntley Township,1917
Passengers on the Hebe and Stakesby, 1823
Surnames H to N
Hanlin, JohnHebeHANLONAlias Daniel Callaghan
Hanover, GeorgeStakesbyKanturk, Cork
Hanrahan, GeorgeStakesbyMallow, Cork
Healy, Patrick, 40StakesbyFermoy, Cork
Hennessey, ThomasStakesbyCastlewrixon, CorkHennessy
Hickey, Johanna (Widow) RCStarMallow, Cork1825 PR Group
Hickey, William, RCHebeMitchelstown, CorkML# 267
Hoare, Pat, 24, RCStakesbyFermoy, Cork
Horan, Michael, 30HebeMallow, CorkWorked on Canal in 1826
Jessop, Francis, 25, ProtestantHebeKilfinane, LimerickJessup
Keefe/O'Keefe, CorneliusHebeClogheen, Tipperary
Keefe, JeremiahHebeMitchelstown, Cork
Keefe, JohnStakesbyWatersgrasshill, Cork
Keefe, Patrick, 35, RCStakesbyLismore, Waterfordsee Cornelius O'Keefe, above
Keeler, JamesHebeClogheen, Tipperary
Kelly, Christopher, RCHebeButtevant, Cork
Kennedy, Timothy, 25StakesbyCharleville, Cork
Kenny, John, RCHebeFermoy, Cork
Landrigan / Lonergan, JamesHebeClogheen, TipperaryAlias Luke McGrath
Landrigan, Lonergan, PatrickHebeClogheen, TipperaryAlias McGrath (brother to above)
Leahy, JohnStakesbyConna, CorkHuntley
Leahy, JohnStakesbyMitchelstown, Cork
Leahy, Patrick, 40, RCStakesbyConna, CorkHuntley
Leahy, William, 28StakesbyMitchelstown, Cork
Leahy, WilliamStakesbyConna, Cork
Lynch, Daniel, 20StakesbyWatersgrasshill, Cork
Lynch, Michael, 24StakesbyCastletownroche, Cork
Lynch, PatrickHebeKillarney, County Kerry
Madden, Thomas, 38, RCStakesbyCork City
Magaurin, Michael RCHebeLiscarrol, CorkMajaury?
Mahoney, Denis 23StakesbyBlarney, Cork
Mahoney, Henry, 26StakesbyMallow, Cork
Mann, Timothy RC 35HebeCharleville, Cork
Mansell, Lawrence, 26, RCStakesbyMitchelstown, Cork
Mansell, Martin, 28, RCStakesbyMitchelstown, Cork
Mantle, James, 19 RCStakesbyRathcormac, Cork
Mantle, John, 45 RCStakesbyRathcormac, CorkFather to above
Mara / O'Mara, JamesStakesbyRathcormac, CorkCanal,1826, Goulbourn
Mara, John, 42, RCStakesbyRathcormac, Cork
Mealey / Maley, Patrick, 32, RC ?Castlelyons, Corksee also McAuliffe page
Meagher, JamesHebeMallow, Cork
Meehan, John, 24, RCHebeChurchtown, Cork
Meehan, Michael, RC, 19HebeChurchtown, Cork
Mullane, Jeremiah, RCHebeBallyghiblin, Corkto USA
Murphy, Bartholomew, 22, RCStakesbyClogheen, TipperaryDrowned at Kingston 1825
Murphy, DenisHebeDoneraile, CorkGoulbourn
McAuliffe, Garret, 22HebeNewmarket, CorkSee Patrick MEALY above
McCann, JohnHebeCroom, Limerick
McCarthy, Charles, 27StakesbyRathkeale, Limerick
McCarthy, John RCHebeKilfinane, Limerick
McCarthy, MichaelHebeStayed at Montreal
McConnell, JamesStakesbyRathkeale, LimerickGoulbourn
McGrath, James RCStakesbyHuntleyCanal, 1826
McGrath, Lukesee Landrigan (brother, alias)
McNamara, MatthewStakesbyMallow, Cork
Nagle,(Neagle) Garret RCHebeFermoy, CorkML# 51
Nagle, Michael, 35 RCStakesbyMallow, Cork
Nelligan, Patrick 23StakesbyDoneraile, CorkML# 455
Noonan (Nunan), John 22StakesbyMallow, CorkHuntley

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