Peter Robinson Settlers from Ireland to Canada in 1823
on the Ships Stakesby and Hebe
Surnames A to G

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

In 1823, Peter Robinson brought almost 500 settlers from Ireland to an area just west of Ottawa, 
Canada. They came on two ships, the Hebe and the Stakesby. There are many thousands of their 
descendants in Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley today.

Here is a table showing the distribution of these 1823 settlers among our local townships: Distribution of the 1823 Peter Robinson Settlers in the Ottawa, Canada area
The following photo shows the port of the City of Cork (the Cove of Cork). This is where the Peter Robinson Settlers boarded ship for Quebec City.
The following photo shows the port of the City of Cork (the Cove of Cork)

Two years later, in 1825, Robinson brought more settlers but this time to the Peterborough area of Ontario. December 21, 2011: This winter, I'll be researching this large group settlement program. Here are the main books and articles relating to the Peter Robinson Settlers: Peter Robinson's Settlers, by Carol Bennett, Juniper Books, 1987, ISBN 0-919137-16-4 Once Upon a Country Lane - A Tribute to a Gaelic Community, by Garfield Ogilvie, ISBN 09695864-0-X, 1992, Publisher: House of Airlie, Ottawa, Canada. Almost 400 pages, this book includes many old photographs of family members of the original settlers and their log and stone homes. St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church Cemetery & Lists of Peter Robinson Settlers, transcribed by the Ottawa Branch Ontario Genealogical Society, Publication 81-4 Selecting Peter Robinson's Irish Emigrants, by Wendy Cameron, in Histoire Sociale / Social History, Volume IX, no. 17 (May 1976): 29-46 Who Killed the Franks Family: Agrarian Violence in Pre-famine Cork, by Denis A. Cronin, Maynooth Studies in Local History, #83, Four Courts Press, Dublin, 2009, ISBN 978-I-84682-190-5 "Peter Robinson's Settlers in Peterborough", by Wendy Cameron, in The Untold Story: The Irish in Canada, edited by Robert O'Driscoll and Lorna Reynolds, Celtic Arts of Canada: Toronto, 1988, pages 343-353 Old World Colony: Cork and South Munster, 1630-1830, Dr. David Dickson, Published by Cork University Press, Ireland, 2005, ISBN 10: 1859184030 / ISBN 13: 9781859184035. Here are two maps of Northern County Cork, showing the main recruitment area for the 1823 Peter Robinson Settlers:
Map Source: Who Killed the Franks Family Map Source: Extracted from a Road Map of Ireland in 1998 page 8 Published by the Michelin Company Map of North County Cork in 1821 Map of North County Cork in 1998
And here is some historical information regarding the names of some of the towns / villages from where in County Cork many of thesepioneer families originated. As we can see, the Normans who came to South Munster (from Normandy, France), to Ireland in the 13th Century had a major influence on geographical names in the area. I'll be adding more info to this section of this web page in the future. ... Al
Source for the following text is page 137 of Once Upon a Country Lane - A Tribute to a Gaelic Community, by Garfield Ogilvie. Map of North County Cork in 1821

St. Michael's, Corkery, in 2010 Photo Source: 100th Anniversary of St. Michael's Church, 1824-1924 Photo by Al Lewis, October 12, 2010 By Dr. J.F. Dunn, Almonte, Ontario, Inside Cover Church at Corkery, Ontario, Huntley Township, 2010 Church at Corkery, Ontario, Huntley Township,1917

New March 4, 2020:

This next publication is by the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. It is a transcript of the burials at St. Michael's RC Church at Huntley Township and a list of the Peter Robinson Settlers who were granted land in Huntley Township in 1823. Burials, Huntley Township, 2010 Conditions Applying to Peter Robinson Settlers, Bathurst, 1823 Source: OBOGS Publication Number 81-4 (above) Protocols applying to Peter Robinson Settlers, Bathurst, 1823
Passengers on the Hebe and Stakesby, 1823
Surnames A to G
Abbot, Jeremiah, 25StakesbyRathcormac, Cork
Ahern, John 28StakesbyCastletownroche, CorkAHEARN
Allen, James, RCHebeClogheen, Tipperaryto Ramsay then to Huntley
Armstrong, Robert (Protestant)HebeKilfinane, Limerick
Barry, DavidStakesbyMallow, Cork
Barry, Edmond, 26StakesbyCastletownroche, Cork
Barry, Edmond, 41, RCStakesbyMallow, Cork
Barry, JamesHebeCastlelyons, CorkAlias Patrick Mealey / Maley
Barry, John, 32, RCStakesbyMallow, Cork
Barry, John, RCHebeButtevant, Cork
Barry, WilliamHebeChurchtown, Cork
Benson, John (Protestant)StakesbyCharlesville, Cork
Boyle, Henry, 20, AnglicanStakesbyBandon, CorkML# 314
Boyle, Thomas, 32, AnglicanStakesbyBallymoden, Cork
Bresnahan, DanielHebeLiscarrol, Cork
Brown, James (RC)StakesbyLismore, WaterfordWent to U.S.A.
Brown, William, 16 (RC)StakesbyLismore, Waterfordbrother of James, above
Buckley, CorneliusHebeLiscarrol, Cork
Buckley, Daniel (RC)HebeChurchtown, Cork
Buckley, Edmond, 45StakesbyKanturk, Cork
Buckley, JamesHebeChurchtown, CorkShoemaker
Buckley, JohnHebeCroom, Limerick
Buckley, Maurice, 35StakesbyFermoy, Cork
Buckley, Patrick (RC)HebeChurchtown, Cork
Buckley, Timothy (RC)HebeChurchtown, Cork
Burns(Byrnes), George, 25Resolution (1825)Brigown, CorkPeterborough 1825
Cahill, BartholemewStakesbyFermoy, Cork
Callaghan, Denis, RC, 22HebeKilmagowan, Cork
Callaghan, TimothyHebeKilmagowan, Cork
Callaghan, William (RC)HebeKanturk, Cork
Carey, JohnHebe
Casey, Margaret, 18Stakesby
Coghlan, Jeremiah, 22StakesbyMallow, Cork
Coghlan, JohnStakesbyBandon, Cork
Coghlan, TimothyHebeDoneraile, Cork
Colbert, JohnHebeClogheen, Tipperary
Collins, Cornelius, 43 (RC)StakesbyGlanmile, Cork
Collins, Richard (RC)HebeKanturk, Cork
Condon, RichardStakesbyMallow, Cork
Connor, HughHebe
Connery, Michael, 18StakesbyDoneraile, Cork
Corbett, Katherine, 20StakesbyMallow, Cork
Corkery, Michael, 39 (RC)StakesbyCarrigrohan, Cork
Cotter, Thomas, 25StakesbyFermoy, Cork
Cronin, Jeremiah, (RC)HebeButtevant, Cork
Cronin, Michael (RC)HebeMitchelstown, Cork
Courtney, TimothyHebeButtevant, Cork
Crotty, Michael, 21HebeLismore, Waterford
Cunningham, Roger, 38 (RC)HebeFermoy, Cork
Curran, JohnStakesbyLismore, Waterford
Cusack, Anniver, 29StakesbyCharleville, CorkCUSICK
Dahill(Cahill?), PatrickHebeNewmarket, Cork
Daley, Denis??
Deleury, John, 24StakesbyMallow, Cork
Dohorthy, JoannaHebeNewcastle, LimerickDOHERTY
Dohorthy, JohnHebeChurchtown, CorkDOHERTY
Donaghue, Patrick, 44StakesbyMallow, Cork
Donaghue, PatrickHebeNewcastle, Limerick
Donoghue, JeffreyHebeBallyghiblin, CorkBallygiblin Farm
Donovan, CorneliusHebeFermoy, CorkML# 520
Donovan, MichaelHebeButtevant, Cork
Dooling, DavidHebeCharleville, Cork
Dooley, GeorgeHebeInnis, County Clare
Drake, Williamfriend of Garrett NagleOld Castle Town, CorkML# 334
Duggan, JeremiahStakesbyWatersgrasshill, Cork
Dulmage, GarretHebeCroom, LimerickPalatine
Evans, JohnHebeCroom, Limerick
Field, Patrick, 22, RCStakesbyMallow, Cork
Finn, John, RCHebeBallyghiblin, CorkGoulbourn Twp
Fitzgerald, Margaret 22StakesbyRathcormac, Cork
Fitzgerald, PatrickHebeCharleville, CorkBeckwith
Fitzgerald, William, RCHebeKilworth, CorkHuntley
Flaherty, Jeremiah, 24StakesbyLismore, Waterford
Flynn, James, 31, RCStakesbyLiscarrol, CorkRamsay
Foley, Patrick, 40HebeCastelyons, CorkRamsay
Forrest, Richard, RCHebeNewmarket, CorkHuntley
Fox, JamesLiscarroll, to Peterboro area
French, John, 24, RCStakesbyMallow, CorkRamsay
Gahagan, John, RCStakesbyRathkeale, LimerickHuntley (Geoghagan)
Galvin, Denis, 19StakesbyMallow, CorkHuntley
Gainey, JohnHebeFermoy, Cork
Gold / Gould, DanielHebeCharleville, Cork
Green, Bustard, RCStakesbyCastletownroche, CorkPakenham
Green, George, 20StakesbyCastletownroche, CorkPakenham
Green, John 32StakesbyCastletownroche, Cork
Green, John, 23, RCStakesbyCastletownroche, Cork
Green, William, RCStakesbyCastletownroche, Cork
Gregg, Michael, 23StakesbyConna, Cork
Gregg, William, 34StakesbyConna, Cork
Gubbins, WilliamStakesbyCastletownroche, Cork, CorkGIBBONS ?

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