Bytown, Upper Canada
Now the City of Ottawa

April 11, 2021: 

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This book, written by Professor Donald G. Creighton, in 1937, is the best book of Canadian History and Canadian Economics and Politics. It was originally published as The Commercial Empire of the St. Lawrence, 1760-1850. Published in Toronto by the Macmillan Company of Canada, reprinted in 1980, no ISBN, 440 pages.
Empire of the St. Lawrence Book Cover

April 12, 2021:
Picture Source: Bartlett's Canada - A pre-Confederation journey, Introduction by Henry C. Campbell, Chief Librarian, Toronto Public Library, McLelland and Stewart, 1968, no ISBN, page 118. Note: This painting of Entrance Bay, is the original, in colour, painted by William Henry Bartlett, c. 1838.
Painting, colour, by W. H. Bartlett Entrance Bay

The following map was prepared by the men of the Royal Engineers in about 1827 when they were stationed at the construction of the Grenville Canal on the Ottawa River, in Quebec, across the River from Hawkesbury, Upper Canada. It was presented to Colonel John By. Canal Map, 1826, by the Royal Engineers from Text Book Island Queen from Kingston Whig Standard, December 7, 1972
Upper Ottawa Valley Map from the Text Book

April 5, 2021: Here is one of the best maps of the Upper Ottawa Valley. From the inside back cover of the book by Clyde C. Kennedy called The Upper Ottawa Valley, A Glimpse of History, published by the Renfrew County Council, 1970, ISBN none. This is one of the few books which documents a lot of the steamships on the Ottawa River wet of the city.
Upper Ottawa Valley Map from the Text Book

April 6, 2021:

Text from Clyde C. Kennedy's book, page 130, The Upper Ottawa Valley - a glimpse of history
Georgian Bay Ship Canal from the Text Book
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