Historical Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec history
(including the Cities of Ottawa and Gatineau)

This painting, which shows the head of the Rideau Canal in downtown Ottawa, Canada
was painted by Ruth McMillan (Ruth Hall-McMillan) in 1976.
It shows the locks as they were in the year 1893
"The Commissariat and Rideau Locks 1893".


Up the hill, on the right, are the Canadian Parliament Buildings.

August 5, 2022:
James Fortier is researching Peter Godchere who worked for the Hudson Bay Company in the mid-1800's.

August 6, 2022:
Lieutenant Colonel John By - in charge of building the Rideau Canal, 1826-1832

August 7, 2022:
Beginning in the 1870's many families left Ontario (Upper Canada) to migrate to the American Mid-west, especially to North Dakota.

August 8, 2022:
The Great Famine in Ireland, Migration to Canada, 1845-1854
also known now as "The Great Hunger" or 'An Gorta Mor' 

August 9, 2022:
Our First Nations History web page, including a painting of a camp on Georgian Bay.

August 10, 2022:
Two hours east of Ottawa (the capital of Canada) is the City of Montreal.

August 10, 2022:
Early Archaeology in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec

August 11, 2022:
Fitzroy Township and Chats Falls, Ontario, Canada - History, Genealogy and early settlement

August 12, 2022:
Auld Kirk Church and Cemetery in the Town of Almonte 
Ramsay Township, Ontario, Canada - A Designated Heritage Site and Pioneer Presbyterian Church

August 13, 2022:
The Orange Order in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec 

August 14, 2022:
The Canadian Forestry Corps - Persons Recruited from the Ottawa / Gatineau Area

August 15, 2022:
North Plantagenet and South Plantagenet Townships, Prescott County, Ontario, Canada, History and Genealogy

August 16, 2022:
Aylmer, Quebec, Canada, History and Genealogy

August 16, 2022:
Pontiac County, Quebec

August 16, 2022:
The French River

August 17, 2022:
Dow's Lake (formerly Dow's Great Swamp)

August 18, 2022:
Low, Quebec (on the Gatineau River) and the construction of the Paugan Dam in the 1920's

August 19, 2022:
Here are two maps of Ireland (1) A Map of Ireland in 1848 and (2) A map showing Major Landlords by County in 1881

August 20, 2022:
British Home Children in Canada, 1869-1930 in the Ottawa, Ontario / Gatineau, Quebec Region
Orphans sent from Britain to work on Farms in Canada

August 21, 2022:
Transportation by Steam Boat in the 1800's, on the Ottawa, Rideau and St. Lawrence Rivers, 
in Ontario, Quebec and the U.S.A

August 22, 2022: 
Some Business people, In Eastern Ontario in the 1830s and 1840s

August 23, 2022:
Horton Township, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada, History and Genealogy

August 23, 2022:
The Long Sault Rapids are a tough stretch at Cornwall on the St. Lawrence River. 

August 24, 2022:
The early Italian Communities in Ottawa and Toronto began in the 1890's

August 25, 2022
Peter Robinson Settlers, Surnames A to G from Ireland to the Ottawa area in 1823,
on the Ships Stakesby and Hebe

August 26, 2022:
Peter Robinson Settlers, Surnames H to N from Ireland to the Ottawa area in 1823,
on the Ships Stakesby and Hebe

August 27, 2022:
Peter Robinson Settlers, Surnames O to Z from Ireland to the Ottawa, Canada area in 1823,
on the Ships Stakesby and Hebe

August 27, 2022:
In 1912, the Steamer Mayflower, sank on Lake Kamaniskeg (in Renfrew County) with loss of nine lives.

August 28, 2022:
The Rideau Canal - We have lots on this canal ... it passes through downtown Ottawa

August 28, 2022:
Beckwith Township, Ontario, Canada, History and Genealogy

August 29, 2022:
Bibliography of Reference Material for Web Site "Bytown or Bust"
(Digital History and Genealogy in Eastern Ontario, Canada and Western Quebec, Canada)

August 29, 2022:
Bradish BILLINGS and Lamira DOW, First settlers (1813) in Gloucester Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Billings Bridge Settlement

August 30, 2022:
The Historic Madawaska River System, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada, 
From Algonquin Park to Arnprior 

August 30, 2022:
John BENSON and Mary CUMMINGS from Charleville, County Cork, Ireland to Ramsay Township, 
Ontario, Canada, Peter Robinson Settlers in 1823 on the ship Stakesby

August 30, 2022:
KELLY's LANDING on the Rideau Canal, (Manotick),Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

August 31, 2022:
Some persons from County Armagh, Ireland to the Ottawa area

August 31, 2022:
Britannia Bay in Ottawa West

August 31, 2022:
Black History in the Ottawa area

September 1, 2022:
Almonte, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada, History and Genealogy
originally called Shipman's Mills

September 1, 2022:
Oliver's Ferry, across the Big Rideau Lake (now known as Rideau Ferry)

September 2, 2022:
Quite a bit of information about Birchbark Canoes

September 2, 2022:
Brockville and Coburg, Ontario

September 2, 2022:
Some Interesting Academic Papers regarding our History

September 3, 2022:
Transcriptions of Births, Marriages and Deaths from the Ottawa Times and Ottawa Free Press, 1860's to 1880's

September 3, 2022:
Manotick and Manotick Station, in Osgoode Township

September 4, 2022:
the Lumbering and Forestry Industry in the Ottawa Valley and the Gatineau Valley

September 4, 2022:
Streetcar history in the Ottawa area, includes a picture of my Grandfather's clock

September 5, 2022:
March Township

September 5, 2022:
Maniwaki, Quebec

September 6, 2022:
Town of Perth

September 6, 2022:
Newspaper Perth Courier (Bytown Births, Marriages and Deaths), 1834-1849

September 7, 2022:
Beechwood National Cemetery in Ottawa

September 7, 2022:
Alexander Herbert and Mary Parks, from County Sligo, Ireland to Osgoode Township in 1837 

September 8, 2022:
Hastings County, including the city of Belleville

September 8, 2022:
Township of Osgoode, now part of the City of Ottawa

September 9, 2022:
Lochaber Township, in Argenteuil County Quebec, Canada,
including Archibald McMILLAN

September 9, 2022:
Bibliography for The Great Famine in Ireland
Migration to Canada, 1845-1854
September 10, 2022: Alexander HERBERT and Mary PARKS, from the County Sligo, townland of Corbally in the parish of Castleconnor, Ireland to Osgoode Township in 1837 My Herbert cousins! September 10, 2022:
Kaministiquia River, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada A Major
Fur Trade River, Also Kakabeka Falls Made this trip with my cousin, Garry Burns. Two Well-known Canadian Painters/Artists September 11, 2022: A.Y. Jackson, terrific Canadian Painter, lived in Manotick for many years September 11, 2022: William Brymner, Canadian Painter and Archivist September 11, 2022: Kansas and Nebraska - Emigration from the Ottawa, Canada area in the 1800's September 12, 2022: The Ballygiblin (Irish) Riots in 1824 in Almonte and Carleton Place September 12, 2022: The Pioneer Cemetery on Parliament Hill in downtown Ottawa September 13, 2022: Boarding Houses in Ottawa in 1881, including tenants September 13, 2022: Brennan's Hill in the Gatineau Valley and "The Battle of Brennan's Hill Song" September 14, 2022: New Pioneer Families of Hull, Quebec, Canada, and the Gatineau Valley

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